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My Great CEO Husband

My Great CEO Husband



‘Don’t mess with me, you know who is my husband!’ Jenny was sold by his father to the Chong family to replace her step sister, Connie Shoo, as the bride. It was rumoured that the son of Chong family is an evil person who kill people that go against him. Jenny was in tears begging for her dad not to send her over but it was ignored. She thought that her life will be miserable but things changed when he meet Calvin Chong.
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  ‘Miss Jenny, please take off your clothes!’ The old servant of Chong clan ordered with cold expression and without respect.

  Jenny Shoo was surprise with his attitude and asked: ‘why do I have to undress?’

  The old servant replied with her back facing Jenny: ‘Our old lady spent so much money to purchase you as the bride for our young master, don’t you think we have the right to inspect.’

  Jenny felt humiliated, grabbing the hem of her dress reply to the old servant: ‘I don’t have a boyfriend....’

  The old servant does not heard Jenny’s reply and impatiently raised her voice: ‘hurry up, old lady is waiting for me to tell her the result!’

  Jenny is angry standing there without expression.

  Jenny was the second daughter of Shoo clan, although she is not the favourite child in the family but he never face this type of insults. She knew that her family does not like her due to her illegitimate status, but she never imagine that her dad will sold him off in order to get the money to save his company.

  Before leaving home to Chong clan, Jenny’s half sister, Connie Shoo came to meet her and described to her who is her future husband. It was rumoured that her future husband, the young master of Chong clan is a devil person and will kill whoever go against him.

  Chong family is famous in the city, in business Chong family is in control of the country’s economy. Calvin Chong, the young master of Chong clan are known to the world that he is ruthless, deceitful, mischievous, arrogant and cruel. People will try to avoid going against Calvin in fear of their business and safety.

  With all these rumours the old lady was worry that Calvin not able to look for a wife to produce a heir to inherit the family business. Recently Calvin meet an accident this is why old lady make an offer to ‘buy a bride’ to the wealthy class for Calvin, in fear of Calvin not recovering from the accident. Jenny’s father Albert Shoo accepted the offer, hoping that the money is able to save his company.

  The old servant is impatient looking at Jenny not responding to her order,: ‘Miss Jenny, out of respect I greeted you as the young lady but we both known that you are bought back for our young master. Please do not show us your princess attitude!’

  ‘Stop it’ Jenny speak in a low tone, ‘I will undress’

  Upon the reply, the old servant sneered at Jenny.

  Jenny’s looks are very pleasant, a 18 years old lady with a pair of charming eyes, fair skin, rosy cheek without make up and peach blossom lips.

  When Jenny was going to unzip her dress, someone outside knocking on the door: ‘Aunty Lin, old lady is asking for you. Young master seems to be unwell, old lady ordered you to send him to the hospital’

  Aunt Lin the old servant, stunned and replied: ‘I’m have not started inspecting.......’