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The Queen with Seven Kings

The Queen with Seven Kings

Author:Kesong Natunaw


The Queen with Seven Kings is a story about love, regret, power and tragedy. It revolves around the life of a hidden Princess who was forced to hide from danger and it narrates everything that happened before her reign as Queen. In this story, our heroine; Wan Mingee (Princess Hwa Tzutsin) will go through many hardships in life and looks forward to having a happy end, but fate is unpredictable and will bring her an unexpected ending...
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This book is a work of fiction. The characters, names, incidents, dialogue, and plot are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual person's or events is purely coincidental.


While the book itself is purely fictitious; readers, writers and other people who visit Wattpad are not allowed to copy any part, dialogue, excerpt, etc. of this story without the author's permission.

  Any production of this story unknown to the writer is illegal and is considered a violation of Copyright law, all offenders will be notified and persecuted by Law.



  ©Kesong Natunaw

  Chapter 1: "Making of a Queen"

  In 657 A. D, the Prince of Xining province, Wing Fan Hsin married the Princess of Chengdu, Xiao Ming Bei.

  The marriage was done to strengthen the ties of Xining and Chengdu, those unification ties were done by their ancestors for the sake of larger land mass, more manpower, more resources and to let peace among all prevail.

  After two years, a baby girl was born to the King and Queen; she was named Hwa Tzu Hsin. But she won't be with her parents anymore:

  "Who are you? why are you here? "

  "I am Yin-Ji, captain of all imperial guards; His Majesty King Wing Fan Hsin and Her Majesty Queen Xiao Ming Bei sent me here to escort you to the Dhaoxi palace—You are Kak Min Gee, am I correct? "

  "Why yes.. "

  "Then come with me, your carriage is waiting.. "

  The journey took three days before Kak Min Gee reached the Kingdom of Dhaoxi; it is the capital's name when Xining and Chengdu's kingdoms became united.

  Kak Min Gee finally reached the palace, the whole sky was graying by then:

  "I have come Your Majesties because you asked of me.. "

  "Please stand, soothsayer.."

  When Kak Min Gee rose, she first saw the Queen; Xiao Ming Bei always had an expression filled with wisdom and serenity but right now, the Queen's eyes looked as if it was on the verge of tears. King Wing Fan Hsin sits straight on his throne while trying to maintain his serious, unprovoked aura and then he spoke:

  "Kak Min Gee, soothsayer from Tianshui; do you have any idea as to why we appointed you here? "

  "Forgive me for I have no bearing of that matter, Your Majesty.. "

  Just then, a woman came out of the right door from one of the Palace's corners.

  ©Kesong Natunaw