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First of Many More

First of Many More

Author:Vipul Newaskar


Jina Ray is a young lovely women, who is out of her comfort zone trying to explore the World and trying to figure out her First of Many encounters. Soon she knew the world is not as beautiful as she had hoped for, the only silver lining in her world is Robb Hunter.
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  Jina Ray was really happy today as its was her graduation day. It was 5 years when she had promised her mother, that she was going to study hard and rank top in her college. It was a proud moment for her.

  Dean of the College Mr. Matthews was giving a honorary speach "It is that time of year when a young generation of students passes out of college and into the world. You will work, you will earn, learn life lessons, have a family and lots of other things, but always remember one thing be proud of who you are and enjoy life to the fullest".

  Hearing what Dean said, she recalled similar words that her Mother said to her "Enjoy your life to the fullest". Jina was still think about how she would enjoy her life, suddenly her name called out for receiving degree.