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The Forgiven

The Forgiven



In this novel a young girls life is flipped upside down after the murder of her parents. Legacy Seales moved to the city to hunt the creatures that were responsible for the death of her parents. Little did she know she was in for a surprise when the worst kind of man takes interest in her. Legacy will be forced to choose between her instincts and her heart.
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  The world is silent.

  Legacy Seales hides behind a pile of stacked lumber watching as two men negotiate a deal. She is dressed in all black leather. Her hair black as night hangs below her shoulders in a braid. She wears a black mask around her mouth covering most of her face. Her bright blue eyes catch the moonlight beautifully.

  Legacy notices the tall man pulling out a briefcase full of cash. Immediately after the younger man signals and a man carry over two girls over his shoulders. Both girls looked lifeless. The man carried the unconscious girls as if they were weightless, slinging them around to show them to old man holding the briefcase.

  The deal was a slave trade.

  “You did good Malcolm. I think these two will make perfect additions to my collection.” The older man with the briefcase states.

  “I think so too. The tall one is a fighter though. She scratched up my trunk pretty bad.” Malcolm said with a wicked grin.

  “The more she fights the better she’ll taste.” The old man said licking his lips.

  Legacy knew the old mans intentions were to use the girls as his personal slaves and blood banks.

  It was time for her to intervene.

  In a flash Legacy was already on the man holding the girls. Quickly he dropped the girls but Legacy sent a 14 inch wooden dagger straight through his chest before he had a second to react. The younger man shifted immediately.

  His eyes turned bright red and his teeth extended into fangs.

  He immediately lunged at Legacy targeting her throat. However Legacy blocked him and he tripped over the unconscious tall girl on the ground. The older man grabbed the briefcase and began to run away from the scene. Legacy attacked the fallen man with her dagger out sending it straight into his throat.

  “Bet that’s disappointing huh?” She said as the red left his eyes and his body shriveled up.

  The old man was already out of sight.

  “Damn it!” Legacy yells in frustration

  She turns to the unconscious girls.

  She knew if she left them there in this condition they could still risk the same fate. However it was a risk she was willing to take. Human lives didn’t matter to Legacy. As far as she was concerned they were just collateral damage anyways. Besides the girls put themselves in that position. Meeting a devilishly handsome man with a good personality is almost always too good to be true. It’s natural selection.

  Legacy smirked under her mask thinking of the final look in the young mans eyes before he died.

  She was a predator and her prey was clear.


  It was fall.

  The leaves had just started changing. A cool wind blew through the night as Legacy finally reached her parked car.

  It was about a mile and a half from the spot where she had attacked the vampires. Her car was inconspicuous and fit in well with the neighborhood. The neighborhood was mostly abandoned warehouses and back alleys. The streets were empty and the night was still silent. The moon beamed down on her beautiful black hair. She looked elegant. The way she carried herself was almost perfect. Like a cat on the prowl she held her head high.

  Human men always tried to get her attention. Buying her drinks and cheesy pickup lines, Legacy ignored them all. She had no interest in relationships. All of her time was dedicated to one thing.

  The hunt.

  She trained by day and hunted by night. Her goal was to wipe out the entire species.

  While vampires were Legacy’s main target she never hesitated to pick off the other Night People as well.

  Witches were harder to spot so she didn’t have much experience with witches, however she could spot a werewolf or shapeshifter from a mile a way. Her ability to pick out the Night People gave her a great benefit when picking her targets. Legacy was extremely good at killing them as well.

  The entire trunk of her car was a monsters worst fear. She had fourteen different size wooden stakes. All different sizes but all uniquely hand carved. Also she had three different handheld guns with multiple boxes of handcrafted silver bullets.

  She was a true hunter.

  Legacy climbed into her car and sped off.