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Liana who never met her parents have been living in mystery until she met business mogul pharrel on his business trip to spain. He made her fall inlove with him making her believe that he will take her to USA and make her life better. He left at the end of his three months trip with saying a word to Liana. What will she do when she found out she has conceived and how will she find Pharrel with little or no details about him. Shocking of all how will she react when she found out that the love of her life is happily married.
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  Pharrel's POV

  "Welcome Mr. Smith, you are early."

  "Yeah my flight here was early so I just decided to come right away. You know when it's business and it concerns more money, I can't wait."

  "That is good. Let me inform Ms. Brown that you are here."

  I watched her sway her hips as she made her way to Caroline's office. I had worked very closely with Caroline since I started my firm. She had been of great help both at work and in bed. Too bad she didn't accept to marry me with reasons best known to her.

  "Hey stupid stop pretending that you don't know why she turned you down." My mind scolded.

  "Mr. Smith she is ready to see ....."

  "Franca! I'm here with your orders. This, she said, is for Ms. Brown, this for Mr. Ashorne and this for you."

  "Ahhhh! Lia you scared me. How many times will I tell you to always get close to me before you speak. We need the peace and quietness here."

  She placed her hands over her chest to gesture how startled she was.

  "I am sorry Franca, you know I'm always excited to enter into this beautiful building."

  I watched with awe as this awfully beautiful young lady held excitement just for entering a building she thought as beautiful. Truly her beauty was not anything I have seen before. And her wild blond hair was made specially for her. Oh her shape could bring any man to his knees just like it's doing to me right now. This girl will be very good to bang. Can see she is made to be banged hard.

  "Whatever. Now give them to me."

  Franca's annoyed voice brought me out of my day dreaming, forgetting that I am to be in Caroline's office.

  Ignoring Franca's sour reply, she excitedly turned humming on her way out.

  "Is anything wrong Mr. Smith?"

  Franca asked with a grin.

  "Who is that girl?"

  "That is Liana. She works in the cafeteria."

  I smirked leaving her in confusion then walked past her desk to Caroline's office.

  "What kept you out there. I have been waiting for you for the past couple of minutes."

  "Is that how to greet a long time friend you have not seen in almost six months?"

  I asked, planting a kiss on her lips.

  "I have missed you Pharrel and I have been waiting to see you for so long."

  "I have missed you too. But remember we could have been together forever but you refused to marry me."

  "I know and I regret that now."

  "Why wouldn't you when I am getting richer everyday." I intentionally said, my words hitting her hard.

  "Since you are here let's get started."

  She said ignoring my earlier statement.