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My ceo daddy loves my doctor mommy

My ceo daddy loves my doctor mommy



" Please come back to me florence .i promise i wont do it again.dont you love me anymore? " " Its not about loving you zilute,its about trusting you " " Then trust me,i love you and that will never change,just hear me out " " Once trust is broken it will be hard to fix " " But it was 3 years since it happened " " That made it more harder "
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  Zilute wants to become a soldier , but his parents doesnt want it. So he made a proposal to them.

  " mom, dad , i really want to become a soldier. "

  " we told you son, your our only child, who else will manage our company, its already three generation since our company started, and in your generation you will just ruin it "

  " I will stil manage it dad "

  " Trust me son. You will not have time. You know that, and i cant give my company to anyone else to manage, since i have a competent and smart son who can. "

  " huh fine, i have a proposal-"

  " that wont work "

  " just hear me out dad "

  His parents looks uneasy but they hear him out

  " give me five years , you are still young and can still manage it, im still 19 and at 24 if i dont succeed in any high rankings in the military ill gladly accept the company"

  " hahahaha.you cant fool us son,we know your capable enough to do that.how about this "

  " okey"

  " if you have a woman until your 24th birthday then well let you go and work in wherever you want.deal "

  " Fine deal"