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Aira was born in a wealthy family and have everything anyone desires. She is known as an thoughtful, excellent and sweet lady and have a clear appearance to the world but as always everyone has a side that no one needs to know, Until one day she was caught by one of her friends.
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  Aira Lexington was born in wealthy family and have perfect image in the world. She have everything anyone could ever desire, She wanted to find a new hobby that could bring out her real emotions and just keep it as a secret. Until one of her friends Bryan Dyrinling not a good influencial introduce Aira to a habbit that he's used to and there Aira was too addicted of it that she got out of control and become a different person. Aira and Bryan have this habbit of going out every night and doing their new habbit and in the morning she keep her clean and kind image. Then one night she went out alone and one of her classmates found her.