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I'll Remember

I'll Remember



"No one you love is ever truly lost." -Ernest Hemingway Troian Nevarez likes to keep her true feelings to herself. She doesn't like to open up to others. She built walls strong enough not to let people in. Life played with her and the world had left her gray. However, Skandar Saavedra created an alternative route to her heart. From the boy who showed her the beauty of childhood to the man who made her feel how great it is to be loved. It's Sky. Sky, her first love. Sky, who painted her world with colours. And she remembers him. Always.
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  There is beauty in all our firsts. Yung tipong kahit ilang taon na ang lumipas, babalik balikan mo yung ala-ala ng una. You will surely remember the persons, the feelings and that freaking moment. Our firsts are simply unforgettable. May kinalalagyan siya sa puso at isipan natin.

  Sabi nga nila, hindi mo makakalimutan ang una.

  I can clearly remember our first meeting. We were so young. I'm that timid and quiet kid who have poor social skills. Ako yung tipo ng batang mas gustong magkulong na lang sa kwarto at magbasa ng libro buong araw kaysa lumabas at makihalubilo sa ibang batang kaedaran ko. I don't know. Talking to other kids exhaust me lalo na hindi naman ako bubbly and cheerful noong bata.

  But you're my complete opposite. You're full of confidence and have a way of carrying yourself with other people. They can be easily drawn to you. Your presence demands attention. You're very sociable too. People love you. You're that charming.

  And I hated it.

  We're just seven when we first met. Mom wanted me to meet you and your siblings. Hindi ko alam kung anong gagawin ko nang tumapak ako sa mansion niyo. I even practiced my smile. Hindi naman kasi ako palangiting bata. Again, I was never bubbly. Ako yung batang nakasalubong ang kilay at laging mukhang iritado.

  And I never really interacted with other kids before. I'm an only child. Well, my cousin Giannis is an exemption. He's different. Pareho kami ng hobby which is reading. So, I enjoyed his company. While other kids are too lively for my liking. And the fact that I was homeschooled back then was another reason.

  You were the first kid to notice my presence. Even though I was nervous, I didn't let it show. I tried concealing it by having a confident smile plastered on my face. But the moment that I realized na puro kayo lalaki, hindi ko na nagawang ngumiti.

  Lahat kayo nasa pool side, enjoying the summer heat while swimming. I blushed profusely kasi ang ilan sa inyo ay mga nakatopless pa. You flashed me with your dashing smile then you start raking you wet hair bago lumapit papunta sa gawi namin.

  Auntie Glenesis, your mom, introduced you to me. She's a very pleasant and elegant lady. Just like my mother. No wonder they're best friends.

  "Troian hija, this is my son, Skandar Amos."

  Your physical appearance is no joke. Even at a young age, kitang kita na gwapo ka. Yung maraming papaiyakin paglaki. Yeah, you're like that. Your eyes are hazel brown. Sobrang ganda ng mata mo. And nagiging chinky yung eyes mo kapag nakangiti.

  You have long lashes and thick arc brows. You have narrow nose and pinkish thin lips that looks so soft. You look strikingly handsome

  And you're also topless.

  Naglahad ka ng kamay sa akin. My heart hammered. You were looking at me like I'm the most interesting thing in the world. And the fact that you're smiling is not helping.

  "You can call me Sky." You winked. I lost it.

  Siguro nainip ka dahil hindi ko inaabot yung kamay mo kaya ikaw na mismo yung kumuha ng akin. You shook it gently.

  "Wanna swim?" You're still holding my hand.

  Mabilis akong umiling at inalis ang kamay sa pagkakahawak mo. You slightly chuckled. You were so amused.

  "Alright. Ang sungit."

  That's our first meeting. Yeah, hindi man lang ako nakaimik kahit isang salita. I was too speechless. Hindi ko alam ang nangyayari sa akin nung araw na nakita kita. My heart's betraying me with its unusual rhythm. I can't even look at you straight in the eyes kasi your stares can melt the hell out of me. But my innocent and young self didn't understand what's happening. Ang alam ko lang noon, I hate your presence. You're making me nervous. Hindi ako komportable.

  I didn't get the chance to meet your siblings that day, they were out with your Dad. But I've met your cousins instead. Yung mga lalaking free spirited na kasama mong magswimming. I couldn't help but laugh when you threw someone in the pool. Hindi muna siya umahon. Inuna niyang inahon yung middle finger niya sa inyo. That's funny.

  They were nice. Ikaw din naman. Naging komportable akong kasama sila. Lalo na nang lumipat kami sa village niyo. Mas lalo akong napalapit sa inyo. But I just can't bear to be near you.

  I hated you for that. You're nothing but nice to me. And I don't even understand myself. I just know that your presence is not healthy to my system.

  And that I don't like you.

  As I look back now, I can say that I will always remember what I felt that day. The butterflies in my stomach. The unsual beat of my heart. The weakness on the knees. The electricity when you held my hand. It's so vivid. My young heart didn't understand all of these things before. But you made me realize what I feel. Hindi ko namalayan, you're slowly making your way to my heart.

  I will never forget.

  The memories when we first met.

  The beginning of something special.

  The hope of something ideal.

  My first love.

  I'll remember.