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Innocent Love

Innocent Love



A mountain far away from the city surrounded by unknown dangers hidden among the greedy eyes of those cultivators arround the world lie a goddess like beauty Daniella keeper of the treasure wanted by many -----------------****----------------- "Hi" Daniella said to a stranger wearing black robe happily. The black robe man who had just bought a pork dumpling from a stall looked at her coldly. "Want" Daniella said and quickly snatched the pork dumpling from the stranger's hand and ate it "YUMMMM..." The black robe man suddenly turned gloomy and tried to snatch his dumpling back but... "Whhhaaaaaaaaa thief, thief, thief Whhhhhhhaaaaaaaah" Daniella suddenly cried out loud with teary eyes looking innocently aggrieved to the black robe man "Mine" The stranger said coldly "No, Mine, Mine, Mine, Whhhaaaaaaaaa" Daniella retorted while crying even more loudly
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  "Ella, Ella, hurry up, come on" a little bird said

  "What is it now Maya?" Daniella said boringly

  "The City of Wealth has many people today, I've heard that they are celebrating something, come on Ella can we go ppppllllllleeeeeeaaaasssse" the little bird said pleadingly

  "The City of Wealth? you mean the north city?" Daniella questioned

  "Yesss, yess, yesss the City of food" the little bird replied quickly

  "Eh, city of food hmmmm, then what are we waiting for let's go, CITY OF FOOD HERE WE COME" Daniella shouted

  *Fast Forward*

  "WOW" Daniella happily expressed her feeling at the moment and run arround happily

  "Eh Ella wait for me" the little bird shouted