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Curse of love

Curse of love



The princess who is daughter of king and queen of United States of America which is divided and ruled into two halves called Upper States and Lower States. Due to a tragedy end of the king and queen the princess suffering starts at age 4. Where she has a hardest life in restricted Intensive Care Unit for four years until she starts a new life. What was cause of tragedy to king and queen?. Why did the princess suffer of a lot?. Who rescued the princess?.
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  In New York

  At night 11.50 PM , with a blessing of God a cute little angel was about to come to the world. Charles Norwell who is a crown prince and also the future King of Upper States. Erica Cornika who is princess of Lower States. And the love of their life is about to come to the world. Charles Norwell who was anxiously waiting outside the ward to hear his child cry. When Erica Cornika had a hard time while giving birth to a baby in the City hospital.

  At 12.00, the sound of the child coming from the ward can be heard in the whole corridor. The doctor came out of the ward to inform Mr. Charles the child and mother is safe. When Mr. Charles entered the ward he can hear the child giggling sound near his wife Erica. Charles was happy to see the love of their life . Their little princess with cute small blue eyes which was like a sea, her facial features where similar to Erica who is well named for beauty. Her cute little pink lips , black hair and the small finger that was trying to grab something in her hand.

  Five year later.

  A sweet voice which was like a bird song, Mommy find me where am I ?.This voice is belong to Zahera. Zahera Norwell Cornika who was four years old can cover the people heart with her cute appearance and intelligence. She had high skilled IQ and EQ at the small age. It was a blissful evening where the family of three where playing hide and seek in the garden. After Zahera's birth both king and queen led a normal life with common people with hidden identity as Medical scientist to create a new world in medicine. With this identity no one knows they are king and queen and Zahera doesn't have an idea that she is a princess of the entire country.

  As they where playing happily the danger started to approach. Charles and Erica where not aware of the dangerous situation and enjoy their weekend with their daughter Zahera. When Zahera was hiding under a roof top she can see the everything clearly, she was happily giggling for her parents to find her. Suddenly a shadow appeared in front of her , when she raised her head she heard a shout of her father who is stabbed with knife.

  A woman said that," Charlie you chose Erica instead of me so you deserve death". She had a evil smile on her face with a blood knife in her hand.

  The woman stabbed Charles again and again in front of Zahera who was paralyzed in front of her.

  Hearing the Charles shout Erica urged upstairs to witness her husband corpse lying covered with blood. Erica was about to fight but the knife pried her heart. Zahera who was under the roof witnessed everything. She was denched with her parents blood coming from their boby. She hear the women voice speaking to her mother. "Erica I told you I love Charlie why did you take him away from me" she asked.

  "Nancy, Charles never loved you. We both love each other. So let us go. You already killed Charles if you let us go. Me and child will never apper in front you in this life".Erica was pleaseding Nancy Smith.

  Nancy eyes fell on Zahera who was in paralyzed state under roof, "oh so this your love seed between two , don't worry Erica I won't kill your daughter but she'll not have good ending because she is your daughter".

  " You took away my love, shattered my dreams so I'll punish your daughter for what you guys did to me". When Nancy said an evil smile appeared in her face.

  Erica was begging Nancy, "Please let her go "," You can do anything to me".

  " Yes my dear I can do anything to you because you don't have any choice" said Nancy.

  " But that doesn't mean I'll let go your daughter", with that she slit the neck of Erica with her knife.

  The blood splashed on the child face, " Oh little girl ready to face the worst of your life", with that Nancy will pull Zahera who is entirely covered with blood.