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Oh, my beloved is a vampire.

Oh, my beloved is a vampire.



She's a pretty and slender simple girl. He's cold, intimidating and the handsome CEO of the XXX group. Her life is more complicated than it looks like, her boyfriend suddenly braking off with her and her Dad's sudden death only leaving her with a conffesion that would change her entire life..... He keeps a secret that nobody knows.....
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  This is when it all started, when my world started to crumble and fall.

  - "Let's... Break up."

  - "WHAT? Why? What's going on....?"

  Startled, every kind of thought went through my mind at the moment, was it my fault? What it his foult? After all Lucas was the first and only man I've ever loved but I never imagined that what we had could have ended just like this....

  -" I am sorry I just can't be with you anymore."

  - "WHY? the only thing I've ever done is love you... "

  - "You did nothing wrong the problem is that... I like someone else now and...... she is pregnant with my child and I cannot leave her alone, I need to take responsibility for what I did. Listen I'm sorry, I really am but-"

  Not only he's braking up with me, he cheated on me and on top of that got someone else pregnant, without letting him finish his words I interrupt him and asked---

  -"Who is it?! " I said

  -"who?....." He said and his facial expression changed, he looked ashamed as if what he was going to say was going to get the situation even messier.


  -" It's.... M.. M... Melissa."

  A that exact moment my world completely crumbled , tears started to drop down my cheecks, I could help it, after all Melissa was supposed to be my best friend and the person I trusted the most. I fall the ground and he tries to help me up but my legs just won't respond.

  - "5 years..... For 5 years we have been dating.... But Melissa has been my best friend for 12 years, how? .... How could you? With my best friend? IT COULD HAVE BEEN SOMEBODY ELSE SO WHY HER? why?...... So it was you, the guy Melissa has been talking about and saying she has fallen in love with... Now I see why she said she couldn't tell me whom it was, of course, it was my boyfriend... "

  -" I... don't know what to say I just----"

  -" Don't touch me" I said



  I can bear that he cheated on me, but I can't bear that he cheated with my best friend.

  -"Please calm down"

  -"Let go" I repeat.

  -"CALM DOWN" he yells

  -"For God's sake... Please..."

  -" I think she said to let go" A deep and commanding voice, only by his voice I can tell his intimidating. And there he is, I could say that he's the most handsome man I've ever seen, he looked at me as if he could read me as an open book. He helps me up which makes it clearer for me to see him, his gray eyes were intimidating also, he was huge, I would say around 1.96 which made Lucas Look like a baby next to him

  -" Excuse me sir" said Lucas "we are in the meddle of a conversation.... "

  -"I've seen and heard enough to know that you don't deserve her" he looks at me and says "From now on you are the woman of Logan Johnson, so you don't need this type of person in your life anymore" He takes his jacket off and puts it on me, holding me from my waist and shoulder and walking towards a luxurious car where a chauffeur is waiting next to the door, I was left speechless by what he.

  -"Thank you" I say but he doesn't say anything back. He briefly looks back at Lucas and gives him a stare, I don't think he knew that I saw that but that look gave me chills, at least looking at him made me forget for a moment what I was going through but as we get on the car I suddenly star crying which I try to stop doing but it was impossible, my body wasnt listening to me at all.

  -"where are u going now" he asks

  -"to the nearest bar"

  He looks at me and ask "so now you're going to drink your sorrows away?"

  -"I---" ' riiiiing ' my phone ring and interrupts me.

  -"Hello?" I say

  -"Hello, is this Miss Caily?"

  -"Yes, I am"

  -"I am a nurse from XXXX hospital, I want to inform that your father has suffered a heart attack and is in the intensive care unit, we recommend you come as soon as possible-----------" She hangs up.

  I dropped my phone from the shock, he looks at me and asks " what's wrong? "

  -" My...dad... can you please take me to XXXX hospital.... Please?

  -"To XXXX hospital" he tells the driver right away "Yes, sir "answers the driver in the most polite manner. He hugs me tight as if he knew what was happening, even though he was a total stranger, his hug gave me a feeling of belonging and a warmth that calmed me down.

  After we arrived at the hospital the nurse said that my dad had another situation got worse si they had to go into the OP

Operation room

right away. After 5 hours of waiting the doctor finally comes out and tells me about my father situation.

  -"His situation is very serious, he doesn't have much time left so u might want to be with him in his last moment, you might as well go in with your husband"

  -" Oh, we're not---" he interrupts me and says

  -"Thank you doctor" he looks at me and says "what we are is not important, let's go see your dad"

  Is true the only thing I want to do is see my dad right now.

  My dad is now coming out of operation room and is been driven back to intensive care unit. We follow them to the room where my dad is when the nurse stops us and says

  -" Sorry, only one person at the time"

  Immediately I answer "Me, Me, I am his daughter" then I follow the nurse to the room where I saw my dad laying on the bed, defenceless.

  Too many things happened today and now my day is... here.... I don't even know when when he'll wake up.

  I wait for an hour next to my dad's side when wakes up and asks "where am I? "

  -"In the hospital,you had a heart attack" dad looks at me and gives me a gentle smile "Dad I'm so glad you're----"

  "shh" he says "I don't have much time left"

  -"Dad, don't say that you'll get better an----" he interrupts me again and says "there is something I need to tell you... You...I am not... Your real...-----" this time I interrupt. "save your energy, please---"

  -"I'm not..... your real... father.... the Smiths, read my diar.. - - -"


  -"NO, DAD, PLEASE WAKE UP" The nurses and doctors come into the room running and try to bring him back, the the doctor looks at me and lowers his head apologising,at that moment everything went dark.... "MISS!" "miss!"

  I woke up and I saw him next to me "Mr Logan?" I said. He turned his head and looked at me saying "Oh, you're awake" I look around, confused I ask "what happened?" he looked at me with a sad face and said "you....you fainted when your dad.... I'm sorry" oh right my dad just....left me, I can't help but cry, I see some medical utensils connected to me and takes it off, when some blood suddenly comes out, he sees the blood and rapidly turns around. "Are you all right I ask?" but I have no response at all, the I use my strength to turn him to face me when I see his eyes.... They've gone completely red and he's still trying to turn away from me, I hold both of his hand and see... Fangs?

  I retreat, "just... What... Just what are you?" I said

  He looks at me and murmured "what? Why? You... You smell Sweet, that blood.... How come?

  He gets closer to me and sniffs the part I bledded, he licks it, somehow it calms him down as his fangs dissappear along with his red eyes, he looks at me confused, we stare into each others eyes for a while.

  I break the silence and ask

  You..... you are a.. a v.. vampire?

  Thanks for reading!