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The Legend Of A Magical Hero

The Legend Of A Magical Hero


Lewis Wong was a poor teenager, whose mother died. And his father was seriously injured, leaving him in huge debt. Lewis was at his wits' end. He found a small tripod at home and wanted to change some money. On the bus to the antique market, a beauty mistook him for a pervert and slapped him, causing him to nosebleed onto the tripod. Surprisingly, Lewis's blood was the code to activate the tripod which was a treasure left by a medical saint during ancient times. Hence he got inherited all the magical skills and knowledge from it. Later, he accidentally cured a big shot with the skills gifted. From then on, he began his journey from a nobody to a legend! He used all the skills to heal people, which made him achieve his integrity as a doctor. However, to himself, he still had other great ambitions...
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It was middle of summer, and the sun was scorching hot.

On Highway 107, the billowing heat waves made it difficult for people to breathe. Without the air conditioning, the bus that traveled between urban and rural areas was like a steamer. Everyone was sweating!

A 17-year-old teenager, who sat on a window seat, was playing with a small-sized devine cauldron in his hand. He was tossing and turning it with a worried look on his face.

The young man was tall and thin, with a delicate appearance. The tanned color of his skin indicated that he was healthy. He wore a red vest, big pants, and a pair of worn-out leather sandals. He looked very shabby and poor.

"God bless me, please let this be an antique!"

The young man stroked the rust on the small cauldron with his fingers and muttered to himself.

The teenager's name was Lewis Wong. He was from the Green Mountain Village in Colina City. Two years ago, he was in his senior high school year. His mother had died of an illness, and his family had accumulated a big debt.

In order to pay off the debts, he could only give up taking the college entrance examination and moved bricks on construction sites with his father. For this family, he and his father worked hard to pay off the debts little by little, but unfortunately, things changed in the family.

Three days ago, the building that was under construction had suddenly collapsed, because the developers had cut corners in buying building materials. His father was seriously injured at the site and was sent to the hospital. After more than four hours of first aid, his life had been temporarily saved, but the cost of the later treatments would cost at least 200,000.

The unexpected disaster made his poor family worse, as they immediately fell into a desperate situation.

He went to the construction site to ask for compensation. On the grounds that they had not signed a labor contract, the developer and the contractor not only did not pay a penny but instead found a group of hooligans to beat him up and threaten him that if he dared to make trouble, they would kill his whole family.

Lewis really wanted to fight to the death with these scumbags. However, taking into account the safety of his family, he could only swallow his anger. He had no choice but to borrow 80,000 from his relatives and friends. As for the remaining 100,000, it was impossible for him to obtain.

While he was feeling hopeless, Lewis had suddenly thought of the small cauldron he found when he was working in the mountains a year ago.

The small-sized devine cauldron was the size of a fist. He did not know what material it was made of. It was heavy and there were some delicate dark green patterns on the surface of the cauldron. It looked very old.

"If it's an antique, selling it for tens of thousands of yuan shouldn't be a problem!"

Lewis was thinking about what price he should sell it for at the antiques market when the bus suddenly stopped.

After the doors opened, a beautiful woman in her twenties got on.

The woman was extremely beautiful and elegant, no worse than those movie stars. She wore a white cotton T-shirt with a light green gauze skirt, and a pair of ultra-thin and transparent flesh-colored stockings on her long, smooth legs.

This kind of superb beauty was obviously born in a rich and noble family. She was extremely out of place on this old bus.

Because the weather was too hot, the beautiful woman was sweating all over her body. A large part of her white shirt was soaked, as it stuck to her smooth back. Her beauty and sexiness exuded a temptation that made people's heart beat faster.


She was so beautiful!

For a moment, everyone on the bus were attracted by her.

The beautiful woman was unaware of this. She wiped the sweat from her forehead, then took out a 100-dollar bill from her bag and stuffed it into the coin box. After glancing at the crowded bus, she walked to the available space next to Lewis and stood there.

She held the handle and looked out of the window. It seemed as if something was on her mind.

The bus started and the heat waves poured in. The beauty couldn't help but move closer to Lewis.

"So strange. A beautiful rich woman is also taking the urban-and-rural bus!"

Lewis took a deep breath, smelling the faint fragrance of lime on the beautiful woman. While looking at the sweaty flesh-colored stockings and beautiful legs under the white skirt, he couldn't help feeling a bit restless, as his blood surged.

The beautiful woman seemed to have noticed Lewis' fiery gaze and glanced at him. She couldn't help but frown and snort coldly.

Hearing the cold snort from her, Lewis suddenly came to his senses and smiled at her with some embarrassment. He lowered his head and continued to play with his small cauldron.

The bus constantly stopped and started again, as several people got on halfway. It had become even more crowded.

When Lewis was about to put away the small cauldron, he saw an extremely filthy scene—

A big, fat hand stretched out towards the buttocks of the beauty, unknown if it was intentional or not.

Lewis was slightly stunned. He suddenly looked at the owner of the hand and saw that it belonged to a wretched and bald middle-aged man with a greasy face, who was pretending to stand casually beside the woman. His eyes was twinkling with a nervous and excited expression.

Bus pervert!

Lewis instantly understood what was going on. Light flashed in his eyes, as he did not hesitate to grab the hand.


At this moment, the bus made a sudden turn.

Due to the sudden change in direction, everyone's body had tilted.

The Baldhead's hand, which was originally stretching towards the beauty's butt, had also been unconsciously withdrawn to maintain the balance of his body. Lewis' hand, however, was not affected as it violently grabbed forward.


A light sound was heard.

Lewis' hand had fiercely grabbed the beautiful woman's butt.

All kinds of wonderful feelings hit Lewis' brain nerves. For a moment, he even forgot to move his hand away.

"Have you felt enough?"

The beautiful woman suddenly turned around and saw that it was Lewis who had touched her butt. Her pretty face instantly turned cold.

At this moment, the beauty's mood could be described as terrible.

Recently, she had been forced by her family to get married. She almost went crazy and ran out for a drive to calm down. However, the car had broken down halfway and her mobile phone was out of battery. She wanted to take the bus back to the city first, but she didn't expect to meet a pervert.

As soon as she had gotten on the bus, she felt that there was something wrong with this guy's eyes. Seeing his honest smile, she thought she had misunderstood him. She didn't expect him to show his true colors so soon!

"Uh... No."

Lewis subconsciously replied while still being immersed in a wonderful feeling.



The beautiful woman was absolutely furious. She raised her hand and slapped Lewis on the face.


A crisp sound that was particularly ear-piercing could be heard in the suddenly quiet bus.

Lewis instantly came back to reality and withdrew his hand, as if he had been electrocuted.

"What the f*ck!"

"I was catching a pervert, but instead of catching one, I have now become a pervert instead!"

"And I was caught in the act!"