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My Sweet Twins, My Twists And Turns

My Sweet Twins, My Twists And Turns


Katharine was a poor girl with a single mother who had leukemia. She was desperate but she had no money to save her mother. That was when a man came to her and offered a deal. Her mom's life, or giving birth to babies for the master Calvin. She agreed to the deal. The master Calvin slept with her every night, but always with a mask on. She never saw his face. Finally, she conceived two boys, a pair of twins. She hid the truth, and only gave one of the boys to the master, while the other boy was brought up by herself. Six years later, the twins met each other and switched their clothes. But Katharine and Calvin didn't know their sons were already swapped.
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"Miss. Cowell, we're here." Katharine Cowell had been in a trance when the "driver" Mr. Foster spoke, and was a little startled by him. "Oh!" She responded softly. 

"Miss. Cowell, I won't go upstairs. The first room on the right side is the master bedroom." After these words, Mr. Foster left.

Katharine stood dazedly on the steps of a three-story European-style villa in front of her, and watched Mr. Foster driving away.

A month ago, on the day that Katharine received her university admission notice, she had been very happy on the way back home. But when she returned home, she found her mother lying on the kitchen floor. Her first thought was that her mother had a bad cold, but then it turned out to be acute leukemia.

While her mother was undertaking the chemotherapy in the hospital, Katharine was busy looking for a suitable bone marrow for her. Her mother's condition was getting worse and worse, but she hadn't found a suitable bone marrow. Until 10 days ago, Mr. Foster came to her and brought her both hope and shame.

Seeing the car going farther and farther away, Katharine pushed the door open and entered the villa. Everything should be prepared now. All the lights in the villa were on. There was no one else in the room, so she directly went to the second floor.

She pushed open the door of the master bedroom and saw that the floor was covered with a pure white carpet, and the orange light filled the room warmly. Then she looked toward the depths of the room. There were a sofa covered with a pure white blanket, a big bed covered with a white sheet, and a snow-white curtain. Through the gap of the curtain, she could see a huge French window.

She couldn't help clenching her hands and walked to the French window. Everything outside the window seemed to be mocking her. Her hands were sweating, and her head was blank. Although every girl would have their first time, she had not expected it to be like this.

She had just graduated from high school and never been in a relationship, let alone find a beloved man, but she had no choice now. She wouldn't regret it as long as her mother could be cured. Moreover, besides the precious bone marrow, she also had an urgent need for money.

Once she was pregnant, she would get two million dollars, which should be enough to pay the service charge, the hospitalization fee, and the nutrition fee. Then, they would further give her five million dollars if she gave birth to girl, and 10 million dollars for a boy.

During this period of time, she was busy taking care of her mother, and had no time to think about why they wanted to have a child in this way?

Some ideas had flashed through her mind. Perhaps she could talk with her savior first. If his wife was infertile, she could be a gestational surrogate in a scientific way rather than having sex with him to get pregnant.

On the other side, she was also afraid that her savior might become angry with her and refuse to contribute his bone marrow. For rich people, it was not difficult to find a woman to bear a child for them at all, but her mother was running out of time. For the past month, this was the only chance for them. If she missed it, she would lose her mother, her only family in the world. She just could not let that happen.

She bit her lips and seemed to have made up her mind. She took a deep breath, and then walked into the bathroom.

It was the first time that Katharine had seen such a big bathtub, but at this moment, she was not in the mood to take a bath. Hearing the sound of flowing water, a wretched middle-aged man with a fat body appeared in her mind. She shivered, as if she had fallen into an ice cave. She even felt the urge to escape regardless of anything.

She took a quick shower. When she was about to get out, there were footsteps outside. Katharine was so nervous that her face was turning pale. She wanted to hide or even wished that she could have some magic power to make her disappear from this room at once.

The sound of footsteps was getting closer. Katharine held herself tightly with both hands. She even saw her arms trembling. She was choking now. She wanted to cry out, but could not make any sound.