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Losing my heart to you

Losing my heart to you



Hayley's world turned upside down when someone stole her drawings and was kicked out of her job. That same day, she met with an accident and remained in coma for three months. Ten years later, she rose to fame in the fashion industry by establishing her own clothes line . However she did not forget her traumatic past in Reid Company. Hayden Heston Reid, the heir of Reid Company, successful Ceo of four companies, hot good looking bachelor, every girls' dream man, could not digest the refusal of Walson collection a third time. "Don't you have a better proposal Mr Reid?" asked Hayley daringly. "Yes, I have.... Marry Me".
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  Slamming his hand on the table, Hayden Reid shouted, "Not again."

  Scratching his head, Zichen Wu said, "Well sir, ehh she refused the third proposal also."

  Zichen quickly tossed some important documents and laptop on the couch in a fear that Hayden would break or destroy them out of anger.

  Slamming his hand again on the table, Hayden shouted, "Book an appointment with her, I want to talk with her personally."

  "But-sir, she is out of town for the time being. She went on holidays and nobody knows when she will be back."

  Slamming his hands on the table once more but with greater force,Hayden shouted, "Get out Zichen."

  "Sir, the table will break". Zichen said.


  After Zichen left, Hayden stood near the window trying to breath some fresh air calming himself down.


  Hayley Watson was all set to start her much awaited holidays. She did not even remember when was the last time she took a vacation. Attending an important client wedding was an excuse, she just wanted to relax herself on the beach, doing some shopping and give herself some time to re breath again.

  Since she created Watson Collection, she has been working hard day and night to make it on the top. Today, she is very proud of herself and her achievement which seems was impossible at the start.

  "Yes Dada, promise I will take care of myself,... I will call you everyday and I love you muah muah." said Hayley to her grandfather by kissing her phone before cutting the call.

  She could not stop smiling feeling lucky to have such a very caring and protective grandfather.

  Putting her mobile in her purse, she looks at her watch.

  "Time to board the flight, Bahamas here I come." she murmured to herself before walking to the check in counter.


  "Sir, we have arrived." the driver told Hayden.

  Getting out of the car, he started walking towards his private plane.

  As he entered the plane, he got engaged in some important talk with his crew before taking his seat. He fasten his seat belt and after a few minutes the flight take off. When the plane was in the air, he remove his seatbelt and started reading his files but he could not focus on his work.

  'Why Watson Co was refusing to collaborate with him, what went wrong in his proposal, who is the famous owner... if it was not for his father threatening him to set him up with a girl for marriage if he cannot get Watson Co on board, he would have already given up on pursuing Watson Co.... ah dad why do you need so much to have grandchildren,am I not enough for you. Because of your bet, I have to compromise. The mighty Hayden who never bend his head down, can purchase any company he wants is not able to get even the smallest information on Watson Co owner except that this company is a very honest and clean one.

  Just then an attendant interrupted his thought.

  "Mr Reid, shall we serve something?"

  Hayden told the attendant to bring some food and juice. In a minutes everything arrived.

  The table was set in front of him.

  He picked up a sandwich and started eating. He was hungry of course! He did not get time to eat anything. How could he when he suddenly got a call earlier in the morning. He was still sleeping in bed. Something really urgent crop up in his hotel in Bahamas and needs his attention immediately.

  After he was done, he just opened his files again and started working for the rest of the journey.

  When he landed in Bahamas, a car with a driver was already waiting for him to take him directly to his hotel.

  "Welcome back to Bahamas sir". said the driver before opening the back door of the black BMW car.

  Hayden nodded his head towards the driver and entered inside.

  After making sure Hayden was comfortable, the driver took his seat behind the wheel, put on his seatbelt and start the engine.