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The Gambler King Arrives

The Gambler King Arrives


Ervin was an ordinary graduate, with an ordinary appearance and ordinary background. One day, when he was applying for a job in an antique store, the beautiful female boss was molested by rogues. Ervin tried to stop these rogues, but by accident, he was pulled down and his head hit an ancient bronze tripod. When he woke up, he found he was possessed by a magical doctor. Since then, a series of magical things happened to him: When he met a dying billionaire, he could prescribe without making a diagnosis. When he passed by a lottery station, he could easily select the scratch card with a million bonus. Even if he ran into a beautiful lady, he could see through what under her clothes... Wow, life was sucks but enjoyable. Fortune and beauty, here Ervin came!
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"Ervin Tang, this is your paycheck for these days' work. But there is no work to do now, you'd better hunt for other jobs."

In front of a small mill, the owner, looking at Ervin with pitiful eyes, put the wrinkled 200 yuan into Ervin's hand.

"Thank you." Ervin clenched the money in his hand as he thanked the boss politely. Although 200 yuan was not too much, it might be available for his father to be hospitalized for a few more days with more medicines.

After saying that, Ervin turned around and walked away quickly. 

At present, the temporary work had expired, indicating that Ervin lost his financial source. He had to find another job as soon as possible so as to maintain medical care for his father.

Ervin hurriedly walked forward as he began to hunt for jobs on the street again.

Over a month ago, Ervin was still living a carefree life on campus. As a student in a key university, he was also full of ambition like his classmates.

However, unexpected trouble occurred, and fate was somehow as uncertain as the weather. When he enthusiastically prepared to take part in an internship, he was struck by a bad news like being hit by a lightning bolt.

His father was seriously ill and was on the brink of death.

After receiving the notice of his father's critical illness, Ervin left Kwong City and rushed back to his hometown in South Lake Province overnight.

When he returned home, he found that his father was suffering from chronic renal failure, also called uremia, which was an intractable and tricky disease.

Because of its serious condition, the small hospitals in the local county couldn't treat it at all. Therefore, Ervin could only transfer his father to the provincial hospital for treatment.

His father was soon hospitalized in a relatively larger hospital in the province. However, they had almost spent all the savings of the Tang family on tests and hospitalization before the official treatment started.

As a result, the Tang family had no choice but to borrow from friends and relatives. It took them a lot of effort to raise about 40,000 to 50,000 yuan. However, the medical expenses for treating uremia were very high. Each time of dialysis would cost them hundreds yuan, let alone the expenses on other aspects. In total, the average expenditure was more than 1,000 yuan a day.

Half a month later, the greater part of the money borrowed had been spent. However, his father's condition was not significantly improved. No sign of improvement was seen at all; instead, his condition even seemed to deteriorate. The Tang family could do nothing but being extremely anxious.

Later, Ervin got the news from a university classmate that a hospital in Kwong City had introduced an advanced medical technology from abroad, which was helpful to treat uremia. Indeed, many patients had been discharged from the hospital after treatment; at least their illness had been relieved a lot.

After hearing the news, Ervin made a decision instantly. He rushed to Kwong City with his father on his back, and then sent his father to the hospital for treatment.

After being hospitalized in this more advanced hospital for no long time, his father grew better. Ervin was happy with it, but at the same time, a heavy burden was put on him, which made him quite worried.

Although the doctors were highly skilled in the hospital, its medical expenses were obviously high. Less than a week, Ervin had almost used up the remaining 20,000-odd yuan.

In this case, Ervin could only drop out of school and start working to earn money. The more he earned, the greater hope he would have to cure his father's illness.

No matter what, Ervin would try every means to treat his father's disease. This was a pledge that Ervin had made from the very beginning. At this most difficult moment, his decisive mind was inflexible.

"Excuse me, do you still need hands here? I can do everything."

Ervin walked into a small restaurant, on the door of which had a recruitment advertisement for dishwashers as he asked.

"No, we've got enough." The store owner replied distantly as he glanced at Ervin in a weird way.

"Sorry to interrupt you." Ervin nodded politely as he turned around, and walked away. He had to ask somewhere else.

However, despite many shops along the street were inquired, nobody would like to take him at all. The owners answered either there was no job or he was not suitable.

But Ervin was not discouraged. In such a large city like Kwong City, he would find somewhere suitable for him finally. If this street won't take him, he could ask a few more shops and he could finally get one.

For the past half a month, Ervin had taken some part-time jobs and earned more than 1,000 yuan. This amount of money might mean nothing but having a meal or buying a piece of clothes for someone. But in Ervin's eyes, it was a huge sum of money as it could cover his father's ward fee for almost half a month.

Since he hadn't graduated yet, he didn't get a diploma. Therefore, it was very difficult for him to find a stable and well-paid job. Ervin could not choose jobs. He would do any job he could find, as long as he got money on time.

Ervin also wanted to go to a construction site to work as a construction worker. In that way, he might get money faster, but this kind of job was obviously not suitable for him. Because he was inherently weak and sick. This was also the reason he chose medicine as his major with no hesitation. He was determined to heal the wounded and rescue the dying; meanwhile, he took care of himself.

Even though, he had still tried on a construction site while gritting his teeth; but less than a day, he had become exhausted. He had no choice but to give up and find an easier job.

Now he was the only man in the family who could still work. He was the backbone of the family. He should never fall; otherwise, the last hope of his family would be lost.

After asking all the shops across the street in vain, Ervin came to another street immediately.

It was an old street teemed with people and cars. It was very boisterous.

Ervin trotted through the bustling crowd, searching for the recruitment advertisements pasted on the shop doors on both sides of the street.

As long as he saw this kind of advertisement, he would brave his way to inquire whether he was suitable or not. Although he was turned down all the way, he was still optimistic and was confident to find a new job soon so that he could solve the temporary financial crisis, even if it was a 2-hour part-time job. Because even such a bit of money could maintain his father's treatment for a while.

"Eh, there is a shop recruiting people." Ervin suddenly glanced at the door of a shop with a recruitment advertisement on it, saying, "A male assistant wanted-age under 30, with a monthly salary of 3,500 yuan, meals, and accommodation provided; no requirement on educational background."

The requirements on the notice were not very high as Ervin could meet all the requirements. Additionally, the salary was not low, which was just what he wanted.

When Ervin saw the advertisement, he was overjoyed.

He immediately paced up as he trotted towards the shop, as if he was afraid that someone else would take such a good job first.

When Ervin came to the front door of the shop, he instantly entered it.

Standing in the shop, he noticed that it was an antique shop as there were all kinds of ancient porcelains on the shelves of both sides. At a glance, they were dazzling and pretty beautiful.

"Hello, what can I do for you?"

As soon as Ervin entered the shop, a saleswoman came to him as she greeted him enthusiastically.

It was a young woman in white Han Chinese Clothing. She was well-rounded with fair skin and charming appearance, seeming only a little elder than Ervin who was in the early twenties.

The first impression to Ervin was that she was dignified and elegant, almost like a lady from a rich family.

"What would you like, sir? I have all kinds of antiques here, including jade wares, copper wares, and other antiques." When she walked slowly towards Ervin, the woman asked him with a smile.

Ervin quickly shook his head as he said, "I'm not here to buy antiques. I just want to ask, do you still need an assistant?"

"Oh, you're here to apply for the position of shop assistant?" The woman suddenly understood as she replied.

Ervin nodded as he responded, "Yes, I'm here to apply for a job. I wonder if you still need an assistant or not."

The woman answered, "Soon after the advertisement was present, you have arrived."

"That's good." Ervin said happily, "Let me introduce myself first. I’m Ervin Tang, twenty years old. You can call me Ervin."

The woman nodded politely as she said, "Come in and take a seat. We do need a fellow. I think you'll be okay. Let's have a chat.”

"Thank you." After hearing her words, Ervin couldn't help feeling a little excited. Then, he followed the woman inside and quickly sat down in front of an antique teapoy.

The woman made a cup of tea for him before sitting down and starting a talk, "My name is Breanna Fu. To tell you the truth, our shop has just opened. Our family used to do business in the Antique Market in B City. We returned to our hometown and began to develop in the Antique Row this year. Mr. Tang, we need an ordinary assistant who can help us collect and deliver items. Did you do this before? Do you know antiques?"

Ervin shook his head as he replied honestly, "I didn't do it before, so I know nothing about antiques. But, trust me, I can do those things. I will finish the job carefully."

It was not easy to find a job that was suitable for him, so he certainly had to try his best to get it.

"You never know antiques?" Breanna asked. There was a hint of hesitation in her eyes as she continued, "In fact, I want to recruit someone who knows something about the business. If you don't know anything about antiques, I'm afraid it won't be easy to do it."

Ervin said in a hurry, "I can learn it. When I get to know it, I will gradually understand it."

Of course, Ervin had the perseverance to learn what he had just known. 

As long as he could earn money to treat his father’s illness, he would determine to try no matter how difficult it was. In the worst scenario, he would fail. If he failed, he would try again.

Breanna replied with a faint smile, "I'm glad that you're so enthusiastic, but it's..."

It seemed that she was going to refuse Ervin's request. Suddenly, several people swaggered in.

"Here come the guests. I've got to greet them first. Just wait here. We'll talk later." Breanna stood up as she said.

Ervin also stood up as he replied with a nod, "Sure."

Then, he took a glance at the guests who just came in. They were three young men.

Among them, the two younger men had long hair. One's hair was dyed red while the other's was green. They were very eye-catching.

The other man was a little elder, about 27 or 28 years old. He had a crew cut, a big head, and big ears. He looked strong.

Ervin knew that the three men were ruffians and troublesome at the glance of them. However, Ervin did not think too much about that as such people were not rare on the street. There was nothing to be strange about.

"Yo, new store, beautiful boss. There's fun!"

When coming in the shop and seeing Breanna, the crew-cut guy who took the lead opened his mouth with a brilliant smile.