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My Dear Cute Twins

My Dear Cute Twins


With a baby and drawing, Su Jinyan thought this was her life. But it turned out that there was a man breaking into her life like a bolt of lightning. "I already have two children. Do you really want to be a father?" The man looked at the two cute kids and said, "These two... seem to be a little less. I can't afford to have ten or eight more more!" Until one day, the truth was revealed. Su Jinyan blinked her eyes. "I... Can I confess now?" "Okay, I'll wait and see, but now, let's change the occasion!" After that, the angry man picked up the little woman in front of him and went straight to the bedroom on the second floor. Downstairs, the two cute treasures looked at each other, and finally threw up their hands and shouted to the upstairs, "Daddy, please be gentle. No matter what, she's your woman. Don't scare her away!"
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  Su Jinyan stood outside the box with a bunch of delicate red roses in her arms. She knocked on the door of the box several times, but no one came out. The deafening music kept hitting her eardrum. The environment made Su Jinyan frown.

  Su Jinyan had no patience to wait any longer. He raised his hand and pushed open the door of the box.

  The private room was completely different from the other world.

  The light was dim and there was no noise. The whole room was quiet except for the strong smell of alcohol in the air and several empty bottles on the table, announcing that there had been a party here before.

  Looking around the whole box, there was only a man lying on the sofa. The man was very tall, and the sofa was not enough to accommodate him. One of his legs was hanging on the edge, and his slender fingers covered most of his face. It seemed that the noise outside the door bothered him. The man frowned.

  Su Jin turned around and closed the door, isolating the outside world.

  Standing in front of the sofa, Su Jinyan looked at the only man in the box. She was a little cramped. She had never sent flowers, and today she came to deliver them on behalf of the class.

  The man seemed to have fallen asleep, and Su Jinyan didn't know whether she should go forward and wake him up.

  After hesitating for a few minutes and seeing that the man had no signs of waking up, Su Jinyan took the courage to come forward and was ready to wake him up.

  "Hello, sir. The flowers you've ordered have been sent here."

  But the man on the sofa seemed to be in a deep sleep. He didn't wake up, but his frowning eyebrows seemed to be deeper.

  "Sir?" Su Jinyan moved a few steps forward.

  "Get lost!"

  The man's voice was so cold that it was bone-chilling. Even if there was only one word, he was still scared back a few steps.

  Su Jinyan was shocked by this sound for a long time.

  When she came to her senses, she saw that the man was still in his previous position. He didn't open his eyes, as if the sound of rolling just now was just her hallucination.

  But Su Jinyan knew that the man was awake now.

  No matter how much he rejected it in his heart, Su Jinyan still went forward again.

  "Sir, I'm just here to send the flowers. I'll leave as soon as the flowers arrive. Please take a few seconds to collect the flowers."

  She finished what she wanted to say in one breath without pause. Su Jinyan was afraid that she would be beaten up, so she couldn't say it out.

  Although she lowered her head at this moment, she felt a sharp gaze at her as soon as she spoke. There was no doubt that it must be the man on the sofa.

  Su Jinyan did not dare to look up at him. At this moment, she looked calm on the surface, but in fact, her heart was beating.

  It was said that the rich were difficult to serve. She was afraid that if she met his eyes, she would run away.

  Qi Ling didn't look at the woman in front of her. She lowered her head and half of her body was hidden behind the bouquet. Although she couldn't see her face clearly, her whole temperament was very quiet.

  "Well, since you don't want to get out of here, then... you should bear the consequences left behind." The man's voice was still cold, but obviously with anger.

  "What?" Su Jinyan was shocked. The moment she looked up, she met the cheetah-like eyes, as if she was his prey.

  Somehow, Su Jinyan felt an unprecedented fear, which came from the depths of her soul.

  As he stared at the man with wide eyes, he slowly stepped back to the door.

  When they were three steps away from the door, the man suddenly got up and came to her.

  Su Jinyan put down the bouquet and hurriedly turned to the door handle. She didn't know why, but her intuition told her that at this moment, she must stay away from this place, from this man!