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Only Hooked by You, Husband

Only Hooked by You, Husband


When she woke up, she found that she had lost her memory. A handsome man who claimed to be her husband took her home. The handsome man was expressionless and looked cold and difficult to get along with. After returning home, she found that he was a spoiled wife crazy! "Honey, this woman bullies me." A few minutes later, the man who bullied her disappeared in A city. "Honey, this man molested me." A few minutes later, the man got into the ambulance. "Honey, let's divorce." The Enchantress smiled evilly and said, "Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to sign the agreement. A fly can't be so stupid. It's useless."
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  The First Hospital in the capital.

  In a VIP VIP ward, there was a mess at the moment.

  Seven or eight specialist-level doctors surrounded the bed for diagnosis. After the examination, all of them were excited.

  "There's a response, there's a response."

  "Yes, her pupils reflected light."

  "I'll wake up soon."

  "Go and inform Mr. Jiang."


  At the same time, the well-known first-known company in the capital, the Hurricane Group, was located at the center of the city.

  In the rigorous and solemn meeting room, it was so quiet that even the sound of a fallen needle could be heard.

  Suddenly, the door of the conference room was pushed open from the outside, and a voice, panicked and a little anxious, said, "Mr. Jiang, Mrs. Jiang is awake."

  The handsome man sitting at the head seat heard the words and sat there as if he had heard nothing. His surrounding momentum was like that of an emperor, which made people bow to him. His deep eyes were as deep as an ancient well, which made people feel scared at first glance.

  Jiang Weifeng's face was impassive, and a charming face flashed across his mind. Before he could recall, the sound of cold air whistling in his ears pulled him back to his senses. When he came to his senses, he saw that everyone was shocked and... the look of constipation on their faces.

  Everyone looked at each other, and no one dared to say anything. Everyone knew that Mr. Jiang, who was going to shake a little with his foot, married a wife... that kind of woman.

  Not only did she not go home at night, but she also gave Mr. Jiang a cuckold hat.

  Just when everyone thought that the man in the chief seat would not respond, the next second, the man's tall and straight body moved.

  Just the movement of getting up could make people feel the majesty and nobleness of him, but no one saw that his hand on the side of his body clenched in an instant.

  "Get ready for the car. Let's go to the hospital." Jiang Wei said in a cold voice, and then he strode out, as if someone was chasing him.

  Everyone was surprised. They didn't expect that the woman was so sorry for Mr. Jiang, and Mr. Jiang would go to see his wife.

  Du graduallywei, who was sitting on one side, bit her lip, and her eyes were full of hatred and regret.

  How could that woman wake up?

  He quickly stood up and announced, "The meeting is over today. We'll talk about the following contents later."

  He also hurriedly raised his feet and followed the man, leaving together...

  Half an hour later, three black extended Bentley arrived at the First Hospital in the capital.

  The Director had been waiting respectfully at the gate of the hospital. After Jiang Wei Feng got out of the car, he consciously caught up with him and reported the situation in detail.

  "Mr. Jiang, I found something wrong with Mrs. Jiang's brain this morning. I didn't expect her to suddenly wake up."

  "How is her condition?" Jiang Weifeng kept walking and asked.

  The dean immediately answered, "After the examination, Madam's body function has recovered very well."

  "What sequelae?" The man continued to ask.

  "There's no aftereffects."

  He asked the dean all the way with sweat all over his head. When he was exhausted, he finally arrived at his destination... at the door of the VIP ward.

  The dean finally breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly said, "After Mr. Jiang meets Mrs. Jiang, you will understand."

  The man stopped at the door and looked at the delicate white door in front of him. There was a flash of deep light in the bottom of his eyes. The assistant beside him said coldly and carefully, "Mr. Jiang."

  Jiang Weifeng came to his senses and raised his hand.

  Without further ado, Leng Yaru reached out and pushed the door open.

  As soon as the door opened, the woman, who was eating a lot, appeared in the room.

  Su Dingning's spoon was still in her mouth, because the sudden appearance of a group of people stopped eating.

  She turned her head and looked at the door with a confused look.

  When he saw Jiang Weifeng, who was the leader, there was a look of surprise in his eyes. He was shocked by the man's appearance, and then he felt puzzled.

  "Who are you?" Su Dingning blinked his smart eyes and asked curiously.

  Hearing this, Jiang Wei Feng's expression froze in an instant.

  The woman looked at him, and suddenly there was no disgust and hatred in her eyes. It seemed that time suddenly returned to the clean time when they first met three years ago.

  Suddenly, a sharp cold light flashed in his eyes. He turned his head and asked the dean, "What's going on?"

  Only then did the Director remember that he had told him everything about Mrs. Jiang's physical condition, except for the most important point.

  That was, "Mr. Jiang, after Madam woke up, we found that she lost her memory."

  "You lost your memory?" The man's eyebrows tightened, and these two words turned back and forth in his mouth.

  "Yes, Madam has indeed lost her memory. As for the reason, we are still looking into it." The dean wiped the cold sweat on his head and was so scared that he was choking.

  "Losing memory?"

  Was the person they were talking about... her?

  When Su Dingning heard this, he raised his hand and scratched his head in confusion. He opened his big round eyes and looked expectantly at Jiang Wei Feng, hoping that he could give her an answer.

  When Jiang Wei turned his head again, he met her eyes.

  Their eyes met, and he almost couldn't bear to look away. He uncontrollably raised his stiff feet and walked toward her step by step, looking at her clear eyes.

  She hadn't seen him like that for a long time.

  "Who are you?"

  Su Dingning opened his mouth again and suddenly woke him up like a signal. He stood three steps away from the bed.

  "Who the hell are you? Why don't you speak?" Su Dingning was a little annoyed.

  When she woke up suddenly, she found that she was in the hospital, and the people around her did not know her. This feeling was very bad, as if she had been abandoned by the whole world.

  "Just say it coldly." Suddenly, the man spoke. His voice was magnetic and piercingly cold.

  The man behind him immediately stepped forward and replied respectfully, "President."

  "Let the hospital arrange a thorough examination."


  The director also quickly stepped forward and promised, "Mr. Jiang, don't worry. The experts in our hospital have been responsible for Madam's condition and will soon get the result."

  "How fast it will be," the man said in a deep voice. Before the dean answered, he ordered, "I want to know the result half an hour later."

  His tone was arrogant and domineering.

  "He's too arrogant." Su Dingning looked at the man in front of him in surprise, and he couldn't come back to earth.

  "Wait, can you let me understand what's going on?"

  Throwing her aside and looking at them discussing her things like a fool, this feeling was really bad.

  Her voice attracted Jiang Weifeng's attention. The man's deep dark eyes finally fell on her. His eyes revealed exploration, and his expression was gloomy.

  His relationship with her must be very bad.

  This was Su Dingning's first thought. He nervously swallowed his saliva and carefully asked, "Who are you?"

  "You don't know me?" Jiang Weifeng stared at her and asked.

  Did she really lose her memory?

  "Didn't you all say that I lost my memory? How could I know you?" Su Dingning rolled his eyes and felt that the man in front of him, who looked smart, was actually an idiot.

  Jiang Weifeng's eyes turned cold. He was now sure that she had really lost her memory.

  In the face of this unexpected result, he suddenly did not want to stay here anymore. He turned around eagerly and was about to leave, but when he quickly walked out of the door, he was stopped by the woman behind him. "Wait, you haven't told me who you are?"

  "I'm your husband." After a pause and leaving this sentence, Jiang Weifeng left in Su Dingning's shocked eyes.