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Hot Policewoman, Hot Wife

Hot Policewoman, Hot Wife


The little police officer married the richest man in Europe. That night, the man forced her into the corner of the bed. "I heard that you love money, but how do you love it? Tell your husband about it?" Her cheeks were red, and she gnashed her teeth. "Your eyes are bigger than rice, and thicker than toothpick!" He laughed in a low voice, and his breath was hot.
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  The annual Asian financial meeting was held in Lin Hai City this year!

  In this Asian financial meeting, the mysterious and low-key European financial giant Mo Luowen family unexpectedly accepted the invitation card and sent the chief chairman and president of the board of directors who held the "Emperor Hua Gentry" to negotiate cooperation.

  Once the cooperation was completed, the Emperor Hua Qian Family would invest a hundred billion yuan every year, which would bring great help to the economy of Asia.

  Therefore, this chief chairman of the Dijiang Bank was the whole Asian financial conference... No, he should be the rich man in the whole Lin Hai and even the Asia of Asia!

  For this mysterious owner, Linhai was heavily guarded. The police sent out even surrounded the conference hall, and even a fly went in.


  "An urgent notice. We've found a small group of forces gathering and fighting in Huancheng Three Road. The situation is very serious. Please gather the police nearby and go there immediately!"

  "Got it!" A crisp voice passed through the wireless microphone to the headquarters. "Ye Luoming, the deputy leader of the case group in Lin Hai Northern District, immediately goes to support him!"

  A beautiful face reflected in the mirror. Her features were very beautiful, her clear and bright eyes were full of heroic spirit, and her small face was full of seriousness and seriousness.

  "Okay, please support immediately..." After the other end of the radio reflexively answered, he suddenly realized something and immediately screamed, "Ah, wait! Deputy Captain Ye?! No, Deputy Captain Ye, don't go!!!"

  "Why?" Ye Luoming asked doubtfully.

  "... Well, Deputy Captain Ye, your task today is to maintain the safety of the exhibition center and ensure that the Asian financial meeting can be held smoothly. It's better not to resign without permission."

  The most important thing was that it was just a mass brawl. There was no need to use you, a "violent machine", at all! It was too dangerous for others!

  "I'm not interested in protecting the rich. My duty is to catch the bandits, not to be a bodyguard of a rich man!" After saying that, he hung up the radio and stepped on the gas pedal decisively.

  Ye Luoming held the steering wheel with one hand and put the alarm on the roof of the car. Ignoring the traffic lights and the dumbfounded traffic police, he flew through the city at a speed of nearly 180 kilometers.

  "He dares to gather people to fight in the Northern District?!"

  "Very good. I'll let you cry and confess right away!"

  In the meeting room of the important team of Lin Hai North District Sub-bureau, the person who was hanging up the radio looked dull, stiffed his neck, and turned his head to look at his own captain with a bad look.

  "Captain, Deputy Captain Ye went to Huancheng Three Street..."

  "What?!" Yun Feng widened his eyes. "What about the safety of the exhibition center? Today, the president of the DHua Group will come. How dare she run away for me?"

  "She said that her duty is to catch the thief, not... not to be a bodyguard of a rich man..."

  Yun Feng was so angry that his face turned pale. He gnashed his teeth and said, "Ye, Luo, Ming! Don't come back if you have the guts!"

  The roar directly shattered the fish tank on the director's desk upstairs.

  The poor fish opened its mouth wide while jumping. The fat middle-aged director calmly picked up the water glass, picked up the fish and threw it into the cup. By the way, he also asked someone to clean up the fish tank fragments.

  Since Ye Luoming entered the North District Sub-bureau four years ago, the fish tank on his desk had been killed in succession—in addition to today's one, it happened to be eighty-eight.


  He blocked it again.

  Qiu Yihan drove the car. On the way to the reception center of the northern part of Lin City, she looked at the invisible traffic in front of her with her cold purple eyes and frowned slightly.

  His slender fingers tapped gently on the steering wheel. He waited patiently for a few minutes, but the traffic in front of him had no intention of moving at all.

  The bell rang in the car, and after it was connected, it was a woman's soft voice. "I'm Linda. There are still forty-five minutes before the meeting time. Please come to the conference site as soon as possible."

  "Okay." The elegant and calm voice only answered one word, and then hung up the Bluetooth headset.

  She glanced at the traffic flow in front of her indifferently. Qiu Yihan started the car directly and slammed the steering wheel in a very narrow gap between the car and the car.

  The sports car with excellent performance rushed up to the lawn, rolled up a cloud of sand, directly turned into the alley next to the green belt, and went to the exhibition center from the third road of Huancheng, which had fewer traffic.

  However, as soon as the sports car drove into the Third Ring Road, Qiu Yihan was forced to step on the brakes. With a rapid "queaky" sound, the car steadily stopped in front of a pile of ruins.

  Several cars that seemed to have been abandoned blocked the road, as well as the dropped clothes, sticks, and even the shell of bullets...

  Qiu Yihan glanced indifferently at the things on the ground. It seemed that the security of Linhai was not as good as it was said.

  She pursed her thin lips and was about to switch another path when a police car suddenly appeared in the rearview mirror.

  That police car was just an ordinary brand, and it drove even faster than him!

  The police car stopped at a distance of 30 meters away from him, glided directly to his car, and hit the back of his car very rudely!