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Mr. Right, How Unexpected!

Mr. Right, How Unexpected!


Jian Zhiyan is the granddaughter of General Jian, who is powerful in the capital. She is bullying, arrogant, and her petite and venomous little three are famous both inside and outside the capital. Her grandfather vomited blood angrily, in order to maintain the reputation of the Jane's family, just found someone to marry her. She was anxious and corrupted, and when she saw the handsome man, who was full of nobleness and filled with the breath of the upper class, it was said that she was a man of ‘poor background’. The man's unpredictable eyes glanced at her, "Marry me, wronged you?" She wanted to cry: "No, no wronged..." Soon she also found out that this man had more than just a face and wrists for the victims of the country He is also an extraordinary person who has become a thriving upstart in shopping malls, which has caused countless big figures and famous ladies to rush. As a result, women constantly came to poke her nose and scolded her, "Why are you a vicious woman, marry him?! Are you worthy of him?!" "..." She can't laugh and want to say this man Her grandfather found it for her casually. But now it seems that this is really casual enough! !
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  In the early spring, the temperature in the capital city was still cold, and the rain was pouring down. People came and went on the street.

  "Hiss—" A red Sushi quickly stopped at the gate of the most luxurious hotel in Jingcheng City. A slim figure calmly got out of the car, followed by two strong men in black.

  Pushing open the heavy glass door of the hotel, the warm and honey-like light in the resplendent European crystal chandelier in the hall softly fell on her face, reflecting her delicate and beautiful face that made people unable to breathe.

  With a meaningful smile on her lips, she directly pressed the elevator and went to the eighth floor.

  "Ding!" As soon as the elevator door was opened, the joyful music was lingering in the ears. Accompanied by the pleasant sound, the exciting praise and blessing of the host of the banquet came into his ears.

  "Miss, do you have an invitation?"

  When she was about to step into the gate of the banquet, she was stopped by two guards outside the door.

  She rummaged through her pocket and blinked innocently. "Invite? Oh, I forgot to bring you in. Can you let me in?"

  When the two sturdy guards saw her smart and clear eyes, their hearts immediately softened. "You can go in, but the two men in black behind you—"

  Before the guard finished his words, the man in black behind her knocked everyone out with lightning speed and dragged him aside neatly.

  She stuck her tongue out and looked at it. She put her hands together and said apologetically, "I'm sorry."

  As she spoke, she walked into the banquet hall with a smile. Of course, the two men in black followed her into the banquet hall.

  She glanced around casually. The guests in the hall were all dressed up, and she was probably the only one who didn't wear a gown.

  But even so, almost as soon as she went in, she attracted everyone's attention, causing a large number of exclamation, and even most of the people's eyes turned from the host on stage to her.

  Not because of the men in black behind her, but because of her exceedingly beautiful face and her fresh and unique temperament of naughtiness and nobility, which was also with a naughty and charming temperament.

  "Who's that woman? She's so beautiful, but... why didn't she wear a gown?"

  A male guest couldn't help but ask excitedly.

  "She?" Someone responded with a sneer, "Jian Zhiwei is the granddaughter of General Jian. She is an angel and a vicious woman. Don't rush to her when you see a beautiful woman, or you won't know how to die!"

  The man's eyes were filled with disappointment. "Is she the mistress of the third generation, Jian Ziyan, who deliberately pushed Shi Ran downstairs to the miscarriage last month, according to the newspaper?"

  "Isn't it? She bullied people everywhere because of her powerful grandfather and her father who held the governor's position. I heard that she won the first prize in the school because she seduced teachers. She was bold and forthright, and her private life was not well-behaved."

  It seemed that Jian Ziyan didn't know that everyone was so excited to gossip about her " glorious deeds", so she went straight to today's protagonist.

  He Shishi, who was dressed in an expensive dress, pretended to be sweet and lovely. When she saw her, she was shocked and happy as she walked toward Jian Zhiwei. "Xiaoyan!"

  He's mother gritted her teeth and pulled He Jiran. She stared at them with a smile and said, "Jian Zhiwei? How dare she come here?"

  "Mom, don't do this. I'm the one who called you."

  "Why did you ask her to come? Didn't she make you miserable enough?"

  "Mom, Xiao Yan didn't mean to..."

  Before He Ji'an finished her words, Jian Zhiwei had already walked to the front of them. She casually looked around with one hand on her chest and interrupted He Ji'an.

  "Uh-huh, it's a good arrangement. It's quite lively."

  "These... were personally arranged by Yan Ting."

  He Jiran's face was full of shyness but also happiness.

  She came forward and took her arm intimately. "Xiaoyan, I didn't expect you to really come. I'm very happy. I thought you wouldn't come..."

  Jian Zhiwei raised her eyebrows and took a step back. She pulled out her arm and patted the place where she was held as if there was something dirty sticking to it.

  Then, she smiled and said in an interesting tone, "Why wouldn't I come? I'm going to give you a big gift."

  "I'm so happy that you're here. You don't have to..."

  Jian Zhiwei touched her fingers with a smile and interrupted her. "I heard that your miscarriage last time almost killed half of your life. I wonder if you can still have a baby?"

  He Shi Ran was stunned and her eyes dimmed. She looked pitiful. "Yes, but the chance of miscarriage is very high..."

  Jian Zhiwei's lips twitched and her eyes were filled with disappointment. "Oh, what a pity. I thought you wouldn't be able to give birth to a baby again. It's a waste of time to be happy!"

  He Mu's mother was furious and trembled with anger. "You! You vicious woman, you caused my daughter to lose her baby. Today, on her engagement with Yan Ting, you even came to curse her. You are so vicious. Your heart—"

  Before she could finish her words, Jian Zhiwei's face turned cold and she slapped He Jiran hard when everyone was caught off guard.

  Jian Zhiwei sneered. "He Shiluan, I won't pretend to be pitiful like you. Now I admit that I'm inferior to your dirty tricks, but... someday, we won't be able to see each other. I warn you that when you see me in the future, don't show such a disgusting look in front of me again, or I will beat you up every time I see you!"

  "Xiaoyan, what are you talking about—"

  He Shi Ran bit her lower lip, covered her swollen little face, and looked at her at a loss. She looked so strong and tolerant with tears in her eyes, which made people couldn't help but hold her in their arms and cherish her.

  "You, Jian Zhiwei, you've gone too far!"

  At this time, the crowd was surging. Everyone stared at her with hatred and disgust. Some people couldn't help but want to stand up for He Jiran, but they were stopped by two angry men in black behind her.

  On the other side, Lu Yanting received the news and rushed over. When he saw Jian Zhiwei, he was stunned. "Xiaoyan—"

  Before he could finish, Jian Ziyan clenched her fists and kicked Lu Yanting's handsome face with her long legs, which had grown up in the military compound with General Jian since she was a child.

  "Since your career is so important, don't call me that. I'll vomit for your sake!"

  Lu Yanting covered his painful face and staggered back a few steps. He lowered his eyes and his eyes were dim.

  Jian Zhiwei looked away and shot a cold glance at He Jiran. She smiled and said, "Today is the happy day for you b*tch couple. Since you're here, I wish you a happy life... until you're old, and you'll have no children!"

  After that, he strode away.

  He Mu's father's face turned livid. "Stop. Do you want to leave after beating him?"

  Jian Zhanyan ignored him and directly handed over the rest to the two men in black who had called her to deal with it.

  As soon as she walked out of the noisy crowd, her cell phone rang in her mobile phone pocket.

  Seeing the caller ID, she guiltily stuck out her tongue and picked it up.

  The one on the other side asked coldly, "Jian Zhiwei, what did you take my people to do?"

  Jian Zhiwei giggled and shrank her neck to wait for the elevator. "Rude and overbearing..."

  "What?" Su Mo was surprised.

  "Ahem... hit..."