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Author:D’ SarZar


dilema about a mother to be a wife and mom of two kids . she either regretted to get married. but indeed lucky to have a very caring and loving husband . its just that she cant cope with the stress to manage her two kids 1& half months and 5 years old all by herself.
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  Its 1245pm now and sarah was sitting down and having her “breakfast” which was supposed to be her lunch by now.

  she sip her diet coffee which obviously doesn’t work for her to lose weight but she still took it for almost 3months . just to get a slender body and to make her husband stay loyal to her.

  while having her breakfast , memories of 6 years ago flash back in her mind.

  she met her husband on just right in front of Central Christian Church on her husband 29th birthday.

  She bought him a surprise - a couple necklace ! on their 1st date .they were actually get to know each other on Tagged social media . they’ve been chatting for three days on Wechat apps and get to know regarding each other .It was actually very quick that they fall in love in just three days!

  The two loving bird then decided to meet up on on Mr.Prince birthday -2nd April.

  on the promised date, Sarah finished her work as a cinema manager at 1am in the morning and straight away drove to Singapore which located 60km away from her work place to meet Mr.Prince for their first met. She was actually in a doubt wether she made a right decision but she still didn’t turn back.

  She live in Johor Bahru which is another country from Singapore.Once her pasport got stamp,she followed the gps to the direction . Her heart was beating fast while driving . Sher can’t believe what she’s doing.

  20minutes later she reached her destination and in a glanced she can saw a shadow walks towards her car in a grey color hoodie , a short pants, a man in medium size .She waited nervously inside her car with an awkward reaction yet charming smile.

  Once the man opened the car , he smiled and have a seat beside Sarah .They looked to each other and smile again.

  Suddenly Mr.Prince break the silent and asked “where should we go?”

  Sarah take a look at him with no idea in her head since she was not from the country so she’s not familiar with the area.

  “It’s up to you, im not familiar here” reply Sarah.

  She glanced at Mr.Prince at once and feel a bit relief in her heart as Mr. Prince looks like a good man with no bad intention. She tought and hope because this is the her first date with the man from other country. She really hope this man won’t bite her ! She smile in her heart.hahaha!