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Saving her

Saving her

Author:Charisma Evans


Becca was a 24 year old woman who lived with her mother. After her moms illness she became the Andersons maid in replace of her mom. They had escaped the grips of her stepfather. But would they be able to forever? Alexander Anderson was the 27 year old only child of the Andersons. Avoiding him has become harder than the maid job.
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  My name is Becca Johns. Im 14 years old. I live with my mom Elizabeth and my step dad Sam. My real dad died before i was born so i never got to meet him. I do have a gift from him, just one. He gave it to my mom when they found out i was a girl. Two weeks later he was killed in a accident. Sam is abusive, we've tried to leave so many times. Each time we try the bestings get worse. Mom protects me as much as she can but she cant even protect herself. He knocked her out last night when she stopped him from beating me more. Ive missed more days of school than ive been this year. He used to only hit where it couldnt be seen but this year he lost control a lot.

  My mom met Sam while she was still pregnant with me. They married soon after. He didnt like me at all. I tried to stay out of his way but it seemed i always got in his way. Last night was the worst. He came in yelling for me..hey whore bag, you little bitch wheres my money! I worked part time after school at a local diner although he took all my money i was happy..i had time away from him. This week i had a bill deducted from my pay from a dine and dash. He counted the money. Wheres the rest? His eyes were red with anger. I had a pay deduction this week thats all of it. Bang! My head hit the wall! He grabbed my throat and i struggled to breath. With his other hand balled into a fist he pounded my side. My vision started to blur when i saw my mom walk in. Sam stop stop she yelled! He backhanded her as she grabbed his hand on my neck. He turned his attention to her as i slid down the wall coughing curling into a ball. I was in so much pain.

  He hit her a few times until she fell to the floor unconscious. He then turned back to me. He lifted his leg and kicked my stomach. You bitch tomorrow you have a knew job. Your going to bring me the money you owe me and then some. You start working for Rex tomorrow..he laughed that laugh sent fear to my bones. What was he talking about? Whos Rex? He slapped my face making my mouth bleed then he left.

  Mom woke up a few minutes later. Becca she crawled to me grabbing my face crying im so sorry baby im sorry! Mom? He said i go for a new job tomorrow. Whos Rex? Moms eyes grew big. Rex? Did you say Rex? Yes mom who is he. She jumped up grabbing my hand. I thought we had time but we have to go now she said quickly. I could tell she was scared. Ive never seen her like this before. Mom? She looked at me and said in a low voice Becca Rex sells girls to different men over and over again. We need to leave now! Go get your book bag for me. For the first time i obeyed without questioning. I ran to my room got my book bag and two outfits. I crawled to the back of my closet lifting up tge carpet and pulling out my necklace. I had to hide it from Sam. Mom said he could never know my dad gave it to me. I ran downstairs to see my mom flipping over the couch cutting the bottom liner off. Mom?!! Help me Becca hurry grab the money. I looked in the bottom of the couch to see money. Lots and lots of bills. Mom? Its my little jobs and she smiled. She did alterations and made infant clothing and would make a little extra money. I thought she gave it all to Sam. I was wrong. Shes been hiding some of it. I grabbed the money. She held a plastic bag. Put it in and seal it. We need to protect it from the water. The water?! Mom?! Becca your sounding like a broken record. Yes the water its our only escape. The guard at the gate wont let us leave. We have to go to the water! Sam moved us here because of the water. We couldnt swim and it was the only way out besides the road. He threw me in the water to threaten my mom when i was 8. Then after getting me out right before i drowned he threw her in. He did this to let us know we could never escape. We feared the water and he knew it and used it. What a bastard!

  Mom grabbed my face in her palms. Her hands were steady as she said Becca we will make it. Its not going to be easy but please trust me. I nodded my head. We ran out the back door. It was already dark outside. We headed for the woods. Mom went in first. Follow me Becca this way. We didnt stop until we reached the water. Mom looked around until she saw the tree she was looking for. It had a hole in it about 5 feet up. Mom got on her til toed and reached in the hole. She pulled out 2 life jackets. Put it on she threw one to me. Mom took my bookbag and put it on her chest before putting on the life jacket. We slowly waded into the water. She really had a plan? How long was she planning this? Although it was summer the water was cold. I shivered and my teeth started chattering. Mom grabbed my hand and pulled me further in the water. She layed me on my back..its ok Becca you float ill hold on to you. Sge pulled me further and further out. When she got tired she locked arms with me and we both floated. It was actually calming out here. The adrenaline left my body and i started to hurt. It didnt hurt long before i was so cold that i was numb. I wanted to just go to sleep. Becca you cant sleep..move your legs for me. I tried but couldnt. We had been in the water 6 hours already. It was still dark out when i heard a loud motor. Then a bright light flashed on my face. Mom he found us I cried. We were brought on the deck of the boat. I looked at the boy standing over me. He appeared to be a few years older than me. He had the brightest green eyes. I started to fade out of consciousness. I felt like i was lifted up and something warm wrapped around me. I gasped in fear and tried to struggle. i felt a warm breath on my face and heard a whisper in my ear...its ok i got you. Your safe now.