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The bestest love story ever

The bestest love story ever



June was an independent woman who thought she didn't need anyone until she met Paul the love of her life. She never questioned her love for paul until she met Danny. Danny was very handsome and charismatix. He was everything she wanted in a man, looks, personality and successful. She was intimidated by his mere presence. She thought, ",He could dominate me anytime."
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  She walked into the room, making his heart jumped. Paul didn"t know who the woman was, but knew he had to have her.

  She was the most gorgeous thing in the room. She had long fliwing blonde hair and big beautiful blue eyes. Paul couldn't take his eyes off her.

  June was oblivious that someone was watching her. She was there to meet to meet a blind date. She had just got out of a bad relationship. Her fiance had cheated on her with her own mother. She never felt so betrayed. Hiw could her mother do this to her. It had been minths ago, but it was still fresh in her mind. Her friends thoughr it would be good for her to go out.

  She was approached by a gentleman that was slightly taller than her and handsome.

  "Hi. You lust be Jane?," the man asked

  Jane responded, "Yes. Are you Mark?"

  "Yes. Nice to meet you. Let's grab a table."

  As they continued to their table, Paul kept his eyes on her. His friends had noticed thay he seemed a little distracted.

  "Paul, you bastard. Are you even listened to word I said?"

  "Oh sorry," paul said.

  "What is so important that has you distrated?", George asked

  "If you must know, the woman who is going to be my future wife just walked in."

  "Thats impossible. You don't even know her. Besides she's already taken," jacob said.

  "So. It'll be a challenge getting her."

  As the night continued Paul and his friends celebrated his success in landing his first big account at work. He had been working in advertising since graduation in May. It took him several weeks of hard work to get this account and he was wanting to let loose.

  On the other side of the restaurant, Jane sat through her date with Mark. All he talked about was himself, he acted as if he wasn't really even interested in her. She was thinking of excuses to leave. About that time, a woman had approached the table

  "Mark, what are you doing here with this whore?"

  Mark looking surprised. "I thought you didn't get back until tomorrow."

  "I came back a day early to surprise you for your birthday," said the very pregnant woman. "I thought you wasn't going to cheat anymore, after i got pregnant."

  "......" ,Paul couldn't get anything out before she slapped him

  Jane was mortified. How could her friend set her up with a married man . As if that wasn't bad enough, his wife was pregnant with their first child.

  As she was about to walk away from the table, the woman had thrown a drink on her.

  Mark and his wife were screaming at each other by this time. They were getting a little heated. The next thing that happened was a punch had been thrown and hit mark in the nose. He was stunned. He stood up and grabbed Vivian proceeded to the door.

  Jane had pulled out her phone on the way out to her car. She dailed her friends number.

  "I can't believe you set me up with a married man."

  "Huh. I didn't know he was married. All George had said was that the guy was looking for a good woman," said Sarah

  "Lole George is a completely honest guy. He's as sleazy as his friend is. Why do you stay friends with him?"

  "I kinda feel bad for him. He has no one else."

  "Well Sarah, i am completely done with dating and men. I'll stay single for the rest of my life." Jane said disappointingly.

  "What are you going to do? Give up on love because of a few bad experiences.

  Jane had hung up with her and thought about what Sarah had said. She drove to her empty apartment.