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Protecting Plan A

Protecting Plan A


On the other hand, the last task was to find out who was behind this! Besides, he was also worried about Su Mo! How could he manage to get out of here? He was worried that he would lose his life!
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  Tiannan City had always been the special area of China. Under the night sky, it was more prosperous, with red wine and green wine, which was fascinating.

  Standing at the door of the beautiful lady's nightclub, Ye Zhou looked confused.

  "Holy sh*t! Where's my single apartment? Where's the bikini girl next door? She hasn't come back for only five years. How come there's nothing left?"

  Five years ago, he joined the army. This was an old community, where the old man lived in a bikini lady who always picked her feet. He could even discuss with her about the body development problem if he had nothing to do. It was only five years before the building was demolished. He really felt that things were not the same as before.

  "However, this night club's girls are not bad. Even the seats outside are so beautiful." Ye Zhou looked at her lecherously and left the "forget the unforgettable memories" behind.

  " Hanging silk!" The girl ignored him and even pulled her extremely short skirt down!

  "Humph! You don't need to pretend to be innocent!" Ye Zhou curled his lips, but he looked relaxed. "It's comfortable to stay in my hometown!"

  "If it weren't for the task assigned by the organization, maybe I wouldn't be able to come back."

  When he thought of the final task, Ye Zhou felt a headache. To put it nicely, it was that he sacrificed himself for the country to regain Dragon's Blood! In fact, he was here to chase after the female president.

  However, this was the last task before his retirement, so he couldn't refuse it.

  If someone else was performing a task, he or she would directly introduce it to a bodyguard of the female president. At least, he or she would be a driver, and he or she would have a chance to get close to her!

  But he was so sad that he didn't even think about the introduction letter.

  Where was the military king of the president's personal army?

  Now, Ye Lang only hoped that the female president of the Jinghong Group was not ugly. Otherwise, he would have to take some quick-acting pills to save his heart even if he wanted to say a word of love. It would be very embarrassing.

  "Hey, you country bumpkin, why aren't you leaving yet? Don't stand here and affect our business!" The girl behind said impatiently when she saw Ye Lang staring at her.

  Hearing this, Ye Zhou looked left and right and did not understand why.

  "There's no need to look at it. It's talking about you!" She pointed at Ye Zhou and said, "Are there any other men who are even more cunning than you?"

  What she said seemed to be true.

  Her hair had not been washed for three days, a little white black denim, a yellow t-shirt, a gray coat, and a leather backpack. It looked so dirty!

  "Hey, sister, this is your fault. You can say that I am wearing mud, and I have no objection. After all, this is the clothes my boss gave me when I came out, and I also agree that he doesn't have a good taste!"

  "But what about me? I don't deserve it. Give me a glass of Lafite. I can be as elegant as the nobility. Do you believe it?"

  When Ye Zhou said this, he had already come to the front of the stage. He snapped his fingers with his right hand, and a bunch of fiery red roses immediately appeared in front of the girl.


  The girl was shocked, and her previous disgust suddenly subsided!

  Although the appearance of a person could be changed at any time with the help of the clothes and the golden clothes of Buddha, the temperament could not be changed.

  When Ye Lang squinted his eyes and said this magnetic word, the girl had already fallen into his trap!

  "First— sir, we don't have any money here, we can't—"

  Before the girl could finish her sentence, Ye Zhou had already gotten close to her.

  Using her left hand to support her shoulders and her right to support her waist, she could not help but push her body backward. Her breathing was rapid!

  "You can't go in without money!" The girl's tone was a little polite. Looking at Ye Zhou who was so close to her, her heart began to beat faster!

  It seemed that she hadn't had this feeling for a long time since her first love!

  Although this man was wearing earth-made clothes, his charm was really amazing!

  "Beauty, I'll correct your two mistakes first!" Ye Zhou stroked her hair with his right hand. "First, I'm not penniless. Second, I don't want to go in either. It's my honor to meet you tonight. Even if there're other beautiful women crying and begging me, I won't go and take a look!"

  At the end of his words, he gently blew a breath and blew it on the girl's ear.

  "I... I!" The girl was stunned. Although she was experienced, she didn't expect that someone would tease her.

  Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

  Suddenly, there was a pain in the back of her body. The girl screamed and looked back. Not only was she not angry, but her eyes were burning.

  "I wonder if this money is enough for us to discuss life?" Ye Zhou said with a smile as he held a stack of 100-dollar bills in his hand.

  "Handsome—I love you so much!" The girl couldn't hold it in any longer! Regardless of the others around her, she hooked her arms around Ye Zhou's neck.

  "You are an unfaithful man!" Before the girl could kiss him, a scream came from the door of the nightclub!

  Everyone was stunned. When they turned around, they saw a woman in standard workplace oil suit staggering over, with her target pointing straight at Ye Dan!

  Her black hair stretched to her back and was unkempt, making her look more at ease under the light.

  Her red lips with a faint sense of alcohol made her look extremely charming. She was about 20 years old, and the buttons on her chest had been undone, and her slender legs were wrapped by the threads of meat!

  The high-heeled shoes were like a soul-stirring music. All the men present were attracted by her!

  "F*ck! What the f*ck!" Ye Zhou was stunned and covered her mouth with his hand before the girl kissed him.

  The girl glared at the beautiful woman walking out of the office with a resentful look.

  "Beautiful lady, do you want to date me?" Ye Zhou put on a posture that he thought was still handsome and quickly came to her.

  "You b*stard!" The beauty stared at Ye Zhou for a while and cursed again.

  Ye Zhou was stunned. When he was about to speak, he saw that the woman actually took the initiative to throw herself into his arms.

  "What the f*ck! Is there such a good thing?" The fragrance filled her arms, which was so soft.

  "We've made a fortune! The boy, who has been conservative for 20 years, can finally break into pieces tonight!"

  Ye Zhou was so excited that he completely ignored the eyes of the many men around him who wanted to kill him!

  "I don't care who you are, and I don't care if you have the ability! If you do as I say, I will give you 100,000 yuan after you succeed!"

  Just as Ye Zhou was still immersed in his first shyness, a cold voice came out of his arms.

  He looked down and saw that although this beauty was very drunken and charming, her eyes were very cold, even a little desperate!

  Yes! Despair!

  "Um, this isn't going to be a good thing. This is the first time that I've seen someone like you. I'll have to do as you say. I'll be shy!" Ye Lang was stunned and then he looked shy.

  "You—are shameless!" The beauty was speechless and was about to break free from Ye Zhou's embrace. Originally, he was the only one who looked more pleasing to the eye and felt a sense of security around him. She did not expect that he would find an old hooligan!

  But when she looked back, she saw that four strong men in black had already chased after her at the door of the nightclub.

  It was too late!

  An anxious look appeared on her face. Once again, she hugged Ye Zhou tightly and said, "Take me away. You can go anywhere you want!"

  He had seen the initiative, but he had never seen such an initiative! The key was that she was a rare beauty. Ye Zhou felt that his thinking couldn't keep up with the pace of the times!

  Five years ago, he secretly looked at the next door, which was even harder than a bikini paper shower. Now he could pick up girls on the street?

  "Then what are we waiting for? Every minute of the spring night is worth a thousand pieces of gold!" Ye Lang chuckled and was about to leave with the help of the beauty in his uniform. After taking two steps, he seemed to have thought of something and hurriedly turned back to the girl sitting on the stage.

  "Brother, I know that you are not the kind of man who will give up at the end of his life!" She looked at Ye Zhou with a tempting posture.

  "Sorry, I'm really!" As he said this, he reached out to pick up the red wine in front of the girl and drank it up.

  "I won't take back the money I've given, but I, Ye Lang, have never suffered a loss! Therefore, I have to drink back this cup of wine!"

  "The mountain is high and the water is long, and we'll meet again in the future!"

  With this, he flashed back to the beautiful woman in uniform and took her directly to the taxi.

  "Oh my god, who on earth did I find to be a life-saving straw? Am I going to be destroyed here tonight?" Qin Mengi, who was holding the beauty in her hands, looked desperate.

  "Master, are there any quiet and exciting places?" After getting on the car, Ye Zhou immediately asked in a low voice.

  "Ha, ha, you young people... sit down!" The driver glanced at Qin Mengi next to him and smiled meaningfully. Then he drove away!

  "What a man with a personality! The moment he turned around, I already fell in love with him!" The girl sitting on the stage looked at Ye Dan with a look of infatuation!

  The people around them all looked pity. After all, Qin Meng'er's appearance was too attractive!

  "Mr. Zhou said that the little girl must be taken back! Chase her!" The four men in suits looked at each other and drove after her.

  After a while, the car had been driven to the side of the city road. There were some tall trees around, which looked like a small forest!

  "Young man, here we are. This is the quiet and exciting place you are looking for!" The taxi driver smiled obscenely.

  "Holy sh*t, the deep mountains and forests are really exciting!" Ye Zhou quickly got off the car and thought that the driver knew how to play!

  After Qin Meng'er got off the boat, she pushed Ye Zhou away and pointed around, asking, "Where is this place?"

  She had drunk a lot of wine before, but after getting on the car, she had been in a groggy state. She thought that this guy would go to a street or a place like this. Now let's see where it is!

  Surrounded by the chirping of insects and birds, it was so gloomy that it was horrible!

  "Well, the quieter you are, the better," Ye Zhou said with a grin.

  "Ye Zhou, right? I warn you again. If you want money, behave yourself!" Qin Mengi glared at him.

  "What the hell? You're giving me money? What's wrong with the world now?" Ye Zhou sighed with emotion. "Come on, I'm willing to do it!"

  "Get out!" Qin MengNini was speechless and couldn't help but say, "Time is tight, I'll make a long story short!"

  "I'm being targeted now! I can't run fast alone after drinking. I've already sent someone to pick me up. I just need some time!"

  "I found you in a hurry, so you take me to the destination immediately. As long as you're safe, I'll give you 100,000 yuan immediately!"

  Hearing this, Ye Zhou's joy in his heart immediately turned into nothingness. "What the f*ck, Big Sister, you're playing with me!"

  "I thought you were hungry and eager, and are ready to get out of bed with me or something! Do you want to use me as a shield?"

  "You should be glad that your whole worth is not enough for me to drink coffee for a day. You can't earn more than 100,000 yuan a year!" Qin Mengi said in a cold voice.

  "Ha ha." Upon hearing this, Ye Zhou laughed in a completely out-of-the-world manner.

  This time, it was Qin Mengi's turn to be stunned. For some reason, she saw contempt in Ye Zhou's smile!

  He immediately said in a bad mood, "What are you laughing at?"

  "No, no, I just thought of something funny. Since you're so good at it, you can solve it by yourself! I'm leaving!"

  "Hey, where are you going?" Qin Mengi's face changed immediately when she saw that he was about to leave.

  Not to mention that there were still four strong men staring at her fiercely, she just said that the surrounding was the forest road, which was very gloomy. She had been afraid of the darkness since she was a child. Wasn't she going to die?

  "Go back and look for that chick! I don't know if she's giving me a break right now! Sigh—what a mistake! She's always unable to move her eyes away from beautiful women," Ye Zhou said self-reproach.

  Upon hearing this, Qin Meng'er was really anxious. She stepped forward and stood in front of him without saying a word.

  "What are you doing? If you don't get out of the bed, aren't you going to forbid me from leaving?" Ye Zhou curled his lips.

  "How are you willing to help me?" Qin Mengi gritted her teeth and asked.

  "Why should I help you? Aren't you at least a few hundred thousand per second?" Ye Zhou continued curling his lips.

  "If they catch us, Jinghong Group will be in danger! I beg you!" Qin Mengi finally lowered her noble head.

  Jinghong Group!

  Isn't that what I want to do with that beautiful president's company?

  Ye Zhou immediately pretended to be embarrassed and said,

  "Alas, I can't stand the pitiful look of a beautiful woman the most. Well, I'll give you a hand!"

  "Really? I'll give you the one hundred thousand yuan I promised!" Qin Mengi's face was full of joy.

  As soon as she spoke, there was a flash of light behind her, and faint voices of discussion could be heard!

  Four men in black suits had already found him.

  "They're ahead!"

  "Damn you! You can really run! Fortunately, I've installed the location! Otherwise, I won't be able to find the black-light and blind-fire people!"

  "She has been poisoned by the knockout powder in the wine, and it is going to take effect now! Hurry up and catch her and go back to report. Maybe after Big Boss has played, we can also have fun!"

  The several strong men behind him chased forward as they spoke!