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Invincible Warlord

Invincible Warlord


After getting tired of the fighting on the battlefield, Wu Kedi, the Soldier King, chose to return to the city. From then on, there were always beauties coming to him. The next-door Keren's eldest sister, the cold and noble female president, the charming social butterfly, and the popular policewoman. In the colorful world, Wu Kedi said he liked the sea. In fact, he liked the waves...
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  In the capital, when they came to the first floor of drunkenness, the lights were flashing.

  Wu Kedi was sitting in the corner, quietly drinking a glass of spirits and whiskey. His eyes glanced forward from time to time, because an underground black boxing was being held on the high platform in the middle of the bar.

  Chen Ba, the Gold Medal Boxing Queen in this bar, was still invincible. Every challenger on the stage was punched down by him in three minutes. All his bones were broken, blood scattered all over the floor, and his life was uncertain.

  This kind of boxing competition was above the law and above life and death.

  Every boxer who came to the challenge must sign a letter of life and death with this bar. The final winner could get a million yuan as a reward, while the loser might be either permanently disabled or lost his life here.

  Wu Kedi came here for the one million yuan. He had just retired. He planned to take the one million yuan back to his hometown and give it to his comrade-in-arms Sun Fei's sister. Sun Fei died for saving him. As for Sun Fei's most beloved sister, he couldn't sit by and do nothing.

  "Come up if you're going to die."

  Chen Ba shouted coldly, and his voice was like a ringing bell, deafening and deafening. Immediately, his eyes swept across the whole place with a trace of bloodthirsty light. Some timid people were sweating at the sight of Chen Ba's knife-like gaze.

  There were only one young woman who came to watch the scene of bustle, and they all cheered happily.

  However, under the premise that ten challengers were bombarded away in succession, no one dared to go up to the high platform to compete with Chen Ba, even if there was one million naked temptation.

  When Wu Kedi saw that no one came up, he finally stood up.

  It was time!

  After picking up the last glass of whiskey on the table, Wu Kedi was ready to drink it up. Immediately, he went on stage to take down the one million dollars.

  At this time, a group of young women came from the front. Each of them was around eighty points in terms of fat, Yan, and thin appearance. They had a high waist and short skirt, and even their stockings had several colors. It was full of scenery. Looking at them, holding a goblet, it was obvious that no one was on the stage at this time, so they gathered together to drink.

  "Beauty, have a drink."

  Sometimes, drinking alone was somewhat lonely. Looking at this group of beautiful women holding wine glasses, Wu Kedi wanted to drink the last glass of wine together.

  Wu Kedi's voice shocked the group of beautiful women, who were dressed in colorful butterflies. They all looked at him, but when they saw Wu Kedi's simple white short sleeves and slightly white jeans, they lost their interest in Wu Kedi.

  The clothes were cheap. Her belt was not Hermes, and she didn't see the Audi's key at her waist. Obviously, Wu Kedi was a poor man.

  Although he was thin and handsome, his face could never be paid on the ATM machine. What's more, he left a good impression in the hearts of these women who had been active all the time.

  "Go go go go go, go, go, go, go, poor man, who wants to have a drink with you?"

  "Poor man, have you ever seen a toad eat a white swan?"

  "You want to drink? I suggest that you drink with your left hand?"


  These women were bold and bold. When they saw Wu Kedi was a loser, they sneered, sneered, and mocked him. They didn't hide from him at all and showed their ugly looks.

  Wu Kedi shook his head and sighed. He was not interested in these old women at all. He picked up the last glass of whiskey in front of him and drank it up.

  After drinking up the wine, Wu Kedi finally stepped onto the high platform with steady steps.

  "I'll do it." Wu Kedi stood in front of Chen Ba and shouted coldly.

  Chen Ba looked at Wu Kedi in front of him. He was thin and had a delicate face. He didn't look like an underground boxer. He immediately grinned and stretched out a finger to shake in front of Wu Kedi.

  Wu Kedi was stunned. He looked up and asked, "What do you mean?"

  "Can you hold on for a minute?" Chen Ba looked at Wu Kedi scornfully, with a hint of mockery in his voice.

  And because of Wu Kedi's appearance, all the audience looked at him. When they saw Chen Ba and Wu Kedi on the high platform, they all sneered.

  Chen Ba was fat and wide. He was two meters tall and looked like a big black bear. He wore a loose pair of big underpants, revealing his upper body. His muscles were as strong as mountains. His big fists were clenched, and his bones collided with each other, making a crackling sound like fried soybeans.

  On the other hand, Wu Kedi, with a white short-sleeved shirt and a pair of white jeans, stood in front of Chen Ba like a white lamb standing in front of a big black bear. He was 1.8 meters tall, slightly thinner, and a handsome face.

  Everyone could tell that Wu Kedi was definitely no match for Chen Ba. However, it was Wu Kedi who went up to challenge Chen Ba. Such an idiotic behavior added a bit of a joke to these spectators.

  The group of girls who had refused to drink with Wu Kedi just now were all laughing and bending forward and backward, with tears in their eyes. Their breasts were fluttering lightly, snow-white and slightly exposed, and all over the place was the scenery.

  "You really have great courage. Hahaha, you're laughing so hard."

  "It's not that he has great courage. I guess he must be crazy about money. One million yuan made him red-eyed."


  All of a sudden, there was a lot of discussion under the stage, and the audience burst into laughter one after another.

  Wu Kedi stood on the stage with a smile on his face. He calmly looked at Chen Ba and shook his head.

  "Can you hold on for thirty seconds?" Chen Ba looked at Wu Kedi with a bigger sneer on his face.

  Wu Kedi shook his head again and said coldly, "One second."


  Whether it was Chen Ba on the stage or the countless audience under the stage, they all raised their heads and laughed. The laughter was like tides, wave after wave.

  The previous tense and exciting atmosphere gradually dispersed because of Wu Kedi's appearance on the stage. Instead, it was filled with joy everywhere.

  "Are you done laughing? Do you want to fight or not?" Wu Kedi stood on the stage and looked at Chen Ba, who was laughing happily. He frowned and asked, "If you are done laughing, then let's start. Let's fight as soon as possible."

  "Okay, I'll send you to Yama in a second. I'll let you understand that not all the cats and dogs can challenge me, the boxing king, Chen Ba."

  With a sneer, Chen Ba punched toward Wu Kedi's chest with his big fist, which was like a lion crossing the river.

  On this high platform, he was called Yama from hell, and his fists were called scythe of death. Again and again, he used this brutal method to hit the opponent's chest with fists one after another.

  Some of them were able to withstand dozens of punches, and then they were sent flying by him.

  Some of them were able to withstand several punches, but they were sent flying by him.

  It was obvious that he didn't know if Wu Kedi would be able to block his punch tonight.

  Everyone started to witness the miracle of this second with their eyes widely open. They witnessed that Wu Kedi was blown away by Chen Ba, the King of the Boxing in a second.

  Wu Kedi looked up at Chen Ba's fist, which was getting bigger and bigger and was pressing toward him like a mountain.

  However, Wu Kedi remained unmoved and did not flash. Instead, he also raised his right hand, clenched his fist, and rushed toward Chen Ba's big fist in the air.

  "You're courting death."

  Chen Ba snorted coldly, and his eyes were even colder. Although the opponent in front of him was very weak, as the most excellent boxer, he did not hold back a bit of strength.

  boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

  The two fists collided with each other in the air, making a loud thud.

  A shadow quickly flew out in the air. As expected, he saw who was stronger in the blink of an eye.

  "Say it for a second, and you'll do it." Wu Kedi stood on the high platform, his voice sonorous and powerful, and he landed on the ground with a loud sound.

  "He must be drunk." Everyone looked up at Wu Kedi, who was standing on the high platform, and all of them were stunned. They opened their eyes wide in surprise and wiped their eyes with their hands. Only then could they be sure that Wu Kedi was really on the high platform, not an illusion.

  Then, they all looked up at Chen Ba, who was flying out.

  He lay on the ground like a dead dog, and the blood in his mouth flowed to the ground. His whole body involuntarily began to twitch.

  Under the gaze of a pair of eyes, the invincible Fists King could no longer stand up again.

  Gradually, the spectators in the bar all figured out what had happened just a second ago.

  Each of them was like a wooden sculpture, motionless. They just mechanically and numbly raised their heads and looked at Wu Kedi on the high platform. Their mouths were wide open, as if their chins were dislocated.

  This invincible Chen Ba, who could tear the big black bear with one hand, was defeated in a second. This young man was so horrible that even Chen Ba was not his match. It was simply incredible and horrible.

  For a moment, the bar was so quiet that even the sound of a fallen needle could be heard.

  Wu Kedi stood at the front desk and looked at Chen Ba, who was like a dead dog. He shook his head and said coldly, "I really don't know what you were laughing at just now."

  After a pause, Wu Kedi looked at the crowd of watching guests in the bar, raised his head and asked, "And you guys, can you tell me what you were laughing at just now?"

  The whole audience was speechless, and the scene was even more embarrassing. They all blushed with shame and lowered their heads. They wished they could dig a hole and get in.

  Wu Kedi stood on the quiet bar and high platform. He looked at the time and asked loudly, "Anyone else?"

  Once again, the audience was silent and speechless. No one had the courage to come up and fight against Wu Kedi. After all, Chen Ba was still the next person on the stage, spitting blood and twitching.

  Time passed by. This time, the underground black boxing was finally over. Wu Kedi finally got the prize of one million yuan as he wished. He moved like the wind and walked through the crowd with steady steps toward the exit of the bar.

  The group of beautiful women at the beginning of Wu Kedi's drinking party were all standing at the door of the bar like anthomaniacs. Their eyes were flowing, and their eyes were shining. When they saw Wu Kedi walking past them, their eyes couldn't move anymore.

  "Handsome, wait a minute."

  Finally, the group of beautiful women shouted together.

  Wu Kedi turned his head and looked at the girl from the first group of forces. He asked in confusion, "What's the matter?"

  "Do you have time later?" A beautiful woman with a slender waist and long legs shook the killer weapon in front of her chest with great strength. Her voice was greasy and soft, and it was wonderful beyond words.

  "What are you doing?" Looking at the beautiful woman, Wu Kedi became more alert.

  "Handsome, let's make an appointment." Among them, a beautiful woman finally opened her red lips and said boldly.

  And because of this beauty's boldness and generosity, all the beauties blinked their peach blossom eyes and said in a greasy voice, "Handsome, make an appointment. You can do it at any time and at any time."


  Wu Kedi's face darkened. He couldn't accept the heroicness and attitude of these beautiful women for a moment. He was stunned, shook his head, and said rashly, "I just want to have a drink with you. As for other things, I'm sorry, I'm not interested!"

  Afraid that the beautiful women from these forces would continue to pester him, Wu Kedi quickly went out of the bar.

  One of the beautiful women shook her head, sighed, and said with some regret, "Hey, I ignored you just now, but now I can't catch up with you!"