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Be Your Pet: My Charming Young Wife

Be Your Pet: My Charming Young Wife


Sevenna Xavier went on a vacation to celebrate graduation from college, but was targeted by a disgusting foreign man. He drugged Sevenna and sent his men to catch her. Sevenna got nowhere to hide in the hotel but a private presidential suite with the door not closed tightly. She sneaked in quickly and found another blonde who had been drugged as well in this room. Sevenna wanted to help but the drug got her. At this moment, a handsome and domineering man came in and found her after she hid that blonde on the balcony. Sevenna gave her first time to that man under the influence of the drug. She then ran away and called the police to rescue that blonde. "Dig up the identity of that girl. I want all her information!" That man’s lips slightly raised. "Don’t let me catch you, little girl..."
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Dorsett Hotel.

"Quick, stop that woman!" someone yelled.

A man was roaring behind Sevenna Xavier. She ran to the upper floors of the hotel in no time without looking back.

It was really d*mned. In the first place, she was here for a vacation to celebrate her graduation from college. However, she had never known she had to flee miserably from a disgusting man who coveted her in the hotel now.

However, that foreign man seemed to have a accomplice. After he failed to talk to her, he stealthily poisoned the champagne she was drinking. If she had not kicked the man's crotch and got the opportunity to escape, the consequences would be unimaginable!

Sevenna ran all the way to the stairwells on the top floor, panting. Her ears pricked up to the vague sound of footsteps after her, so she did not dare to stay any longer. Panicked, she fled into a room with an open door.

Despite closing the door and hiding in this room, she could still hear that the men was searching for her outside. Knowing that she could not stay in the room for a long time, she ran out of the window without a flicker of hesitation.

Sevenna did not dare to look down and stuck close to the wall. When she looked up, she saw a huge balcony not far away from her. After taking a deep breath, she carefully moved her feet and climbed straight over to the balcony.

It was not until she climbed onto the balcony that Sevenna let out a sigh of relief. She crept into the room from the balcony and looked around subconsciously.

Both the gorgeous setting and the magnificent-looking living room implied that this was a presidential suite.

Upon realizing that there was an exclusive elevator in the presidential suite, she knew that the man definitely had no access to the suite. After taking a short rest, she planned to look for a phone to ask the front desk to call the police.

However, before she could find the phone, she caught sight of a blonde woman laying on the bed in the room. She laid there motionless as if she was unaware of Sevenna's arrival.

Sevenna quietly walked over and saw the woman lying on the bed with a flushed face. She felt that something was wrong. She checked her breath only to see her letting out a soft moan and subconsciously pulling open her skirt.

This golden-haired woman was also drugged!

Sevenna frowned upon realizing this.

She resented the men who did such obnoxious deeds. She thought that she had just escaped from all these men, but she did not expect that this woman to also fall prey to the man's tricks. To make matters worse, the man who drugged her happened to be someone capable of living in a presidential suite.

"Wake up!" Sevenna said as she patted the face of the blonde woman. Seeing that the woman was disoriented, she could only hoist her up from the bed, planning to drag her away.

When Sevenna was dragging the blonde-haired woman out of the room, she heard some noises outside the room and was startled.

It was impossible to escape. She could only hide the woman in an unnoticed side of the balcony, while she hid herself behind the high-backed sofa.

The door of the presidential suite slowly opened. Sevenna held her breath and she heard a group of people flattering someone. She vaguely heard something like "Young Master Fynn". Then, a man responded in a displeased tone, slamming the door and leaving that group of people outside the room.

Sevenna could only hope that the man who came in would leave soon so she could escape with the woman who had also been drugged. However, even before she could plan her escape, the man spoke in a deep and husky voice. 

"Get out." he said.

Sevenna's froze. By logic, the sofa had blocked her entire body, so it was impossible for the man who had just entered the door to know where she was.

"I'll count to three. If you don't come out on your own, don't blame me for being rude." he said. The man's voice was getting closer and closer. Before Sevenna could think of a way to flee, a pair of Italian hand-made leather shoes appeared in front of her.

Immediately, a large pair of hands dragged her out from her hiding spot.