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Let's start the Journey

Let's start the Journey

Author:Abitha Sri


"Love never fails , only the person who loved will fail from their promises . We always have a true love after our failure" I'm waiting for the Changes whole heartedly with lots of love . But Waiting is not a easy one for me because many are waiting to stab me for their happiness. But I'm going to overcome everything in my life and hold my man's hand with true love and happiness . It will be a special day for me , from that moment I will start my journey.........
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  It was a breezy morning in the July the winter is going to start in A city , all the nurses and doctors are ready for the operation in the eason hospital , Doctor said it is a girl to sahil after one hour of operation . Sahil's is mind is with full of happiness and finally Pranavi gave a birth to girl child as her second doughter . Pranavi and sahil already have two kids Akira and Akish . The new born named as Anaya

a girl of boldness