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Blue to camo

Blue to camo

Author:Dirty boots.


Akshat is a mediocre guy with high ambition of becoming an army officer. The story revolves around his starting days of preparation, then getting selected and the training In academy... Will he be Able to survive the tough training.. Let's c..
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  Morning 0630 am, a thin guy in jeans and t shirt dragging his bag towards the bus stop, a voice came from behind.. Akshat wait m also coming. Akshat looked back,, it was his friend Anurag.

  So akshat Wat u gonna do now as the college is over " Anurag asked.

  Don't know but I will try for army as an officer, akshat thought.

  Hey r u sleeping.. Anurag sneered.

  Nothing bro, I will join my father's school, as he keep on insisting me to back him with family business ,akshat said.

  Ohh you don't have to worry about ur future then, u r already settled . I will be trying for Every govt exams. Anurag said in a low voice as he was jealous of akshat's reply.

  As they were walking they saw their many collegemates passing by. It was a chilly morning in dharamshala, though it was April but still the air was cool and there was snow on the mountains, indeed dharamshala is a heaven in the bosom of Himalayas.

  Anurag and akshat reached the bus stop.anurag went to a shop nearby and brought some snacks to eat... He offered some to akshat, akshat took a chocolate and start eating it.

  In akshat 's thoughts he can still hear his father's words of condemning army and forces that u won't have a life there, u will be away from ur family, that much of discipline and physical and mental stress u won't be able endure. You may become an officer but still u will be a

  public servants if u join me u will be the boss here. Though he was right somewhere. Akshat knew it that joining his father means no struggle and he will sail easily in his life.

  Akshat had been a lean, thin guy throughout his life, His parents, teachers, friends everyone used to look down on him as he has no physical strength and can't do much physical work. This thing had already sprouted in his heart as a cactus and he had that urge to prove himself. Which he thought could only be done if he become an army officer. Suddenly Anurag woke him up out of his thoughts.

  And shouted on him.. We will lose this bus, if we don't hurry up. Akshat and Anurag ran and boarded the bus.

  They tried to find seats but there were none so they sat on their luggage.

  Anurag slept while sitting. Akshat start looking at passengers to see any familiar face. Meanwhile the

  Bus conductor came and said in an Indian fashion

  Ticket, ticket .

  Akshat took out a note of 500 and said 2 tickets of palampur.

  Conductor took the money and gave him two tickets,

  And said to him, those two passengers will deboard at yol cantt so you two can sit there.

  Akshat smiled and said thanks, as he didn't want to fair the journey sitting on his own luggage.