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His obsession

His obsession



Mandy is the daughter of world’s most deadliest hitman. The Russian Mafia killed her mother and her little sister, Molly. They are looking for the revenge, but Mandy also get involved with the Italian Mafia boss. Will she survive the war, or will she find the love and a happy ending that she deserved?
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  “No! That hurts! Please stop..” Mandy Reilly screamed in pain..

  “Please relax, Miss Reilly. Because you moving way too much, it will only make the pain worse.” Nurse Sue warned Mandy.

  “They f*cking killed my mother and my little sister! They left its mark on me and my brothers, too. What would you do if you were in my shoes?” Mandy screamed at the doctors and nurses that surrendered in her hospital bed.

  “Miss, please..” Nurse was so afraid of Mandy

  “See? You don’t know what to say so stop sympathize. I knew you would be screamed, too. Oh, and I hate being pitied. Just do your f*cking job!” Mandy was so mad, she hate people being so pretending that they understand how she felt.

  “Have you contacted my father, Sue?” Mandy was curiously.

  Mandy’s father is the most feared hitman in the world, Sonny O’Reilly. He wasn't home because he was working all night when that happened.

  Mandy felt like her heart was stabbed by a sharp knife. She was so afraid to tell her father that his wife and daughter was murdered. She do not know how to explain it to her father.

  Mandy’s eyes fill with tears now as she think how her mother and her little sister screamed in the fire and yelling for the help. And she couldn’t protect them because she was unconscious.

  Only this short one night memory will definitely haunts her forever.

  “Noona!” Mandy’s little brother, Juri cried like a baby.

  He’s a computer geek, known as “Ghostbuster” because he’s one of the best hacker in the world. He began hacking at a young age, managing to hack into several commercial and government networks. He also collected more than 170 million credit card and ATM card numbers over a period of two years. And he’s only eleven years old!

  “I want to go home.. I’m scared, noona.” Juri cries

  “The house is burnt down, we lost everything. They’re gone, Juri..” Mandy was being straightforward to her little brother because he wasn’t stupid.

  Juri hate being treated like a child so that’s why Mandy has always been so honest with him.

  “Where is bampas?” Juri frowned

  “Why hasn’t he been informed, noona?”

  “We have been contacted your father. He is on his way right now. If he has arrive here first, please inform him that I will be waiting for him in the office. And I’ve been call the police, they need to ask you a few questions, is that ok?” Doctor Harry has been O’Reilly’s family doctor for the past ten years.

  “I don’t want police involved, Doctor..” Mandy frowned at Doctor Harry. She never like the police and how can she supposed to answer the questions if her family are also criminal?

  “It’s my job, I am very sorry but it’s because you all are under age, I have to contacted the social worker if your father hasn’t come.”

  She took a long deep breath..

  “No need for social worker. I’m here.” Mandy open her eyes wide, her father has just arrived.

  “What’s the f*ck are going on? Are you ok, Princess? Let me take a look..”

  Sonny couldn’t believe his eyes, he saw his daughter’s shoulder with full of third degree burns on her skin.

  “Why don’t you give her something to numb the pain? She’s only fourteen!” Sonny screamed and he gave vent to his anger on everyone in the room.

  “Bampas, it’s okay. They just gave me some before you arrived.” Mandy tried to calm her father down.