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Extraordinary Dumb Son-in-law

Extraordinary Dumb Son-in-law


Others thought that he was crying because of the disappearance of his parents, but only he himself knew that he didn't speak because of the ten-year agreement! At the end of the ten-year agreement, he turned from a mute who could be bullied by everyone into a billionaire, attacked the beautiful wife, and pushed down the sexy goddess...
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  "Drive, dumb."

  Qin Yi started the car silently, and Chu You's chest in the back seat was still heaving violently.

  "Hurry up, are you waiting for your death? I don't know which part of my sister's story is wrong. She even married a loser like you. You can be a burden to her. You don't even know how to say anything. Why are you still alive? Just let it go if you die."

  She roared as if she was going to vent her anger, but Qin Yi still did not respond.

  "Forget it. It's boring to be angry with you, a mute." Chu You turned her head and looked out of the window.

  Qin Yi, who was driving the car, slightly moved his eyes. "Is he mute?"

  This address seemed to have lasted for almost ten years, didn't it?

  Thinking of the old man and his inexplicable request, he couldn't help but show a bitter smile.

  "He hasn't been allowed to speak for ten years. How can he agree to this kind of thing?"

  Everyone thought that he was crying because of his parents, but they didn't know that this was just one of his conditions.

  However, a smile appeared on his face again. Today was the deadline of the ten-year contract!

  The car stopped in the courtyard of the Chu family. Chu Youye got out of the car as fast as she could, as if she was a dog. She couldn't wait to get away from Qin Yi for tens of thousands of miles.

  His eyes flickered slightly, and he felt the surging breath in his body. Then he went upstairs.

  The ten-year agreement had come to an end!

  Sitting cross-legged on the bed and taking off his clothes, Qin Yi mobilized all his energy to break the barrier.

  Just as Qin Yi was breaking through the checkpoint, a guest came out of the gate of the Chu family.

  Qin Yi's mother-in-law, Han Xia, came out to greet him in person with a smile on her face.

  It was Han Xia's best friend's son. His name was Liu Canglong. He was handsome and had a bright smile.

  "Auntie, I just came to say hello and take a look at Yunxi by the way." Liu Canglong took the cup with a smile and said half-jokingly, "If I hadn't gone abroad to study, maybe we would have been family."

  Han Xia smiled awkwardly. Liu Canglong was also raised by her. He was her favorite son-in-law.

  But she didn't expect that her daughter would get married to a mute.

  It was better not to mention it. When she thought of that useless wastrel, she was angry.

  Comparisons were odious. Liu Canglong, who was standing in front of him, felt comfortable.

  "By the way, where is Yunxi?" Liu Canglong pretended to look around and then asked.

  "He hasn't come back yet," Han Xia said.

  Liu Canglong showed an embarrassed look. "Auntie, it's said that your son-in-law is at home? Can I see him? I'm curious. Who on earth is the person who moved Yunxi?"

  "Coincidentally, the district mayor will visit my house in two days. Can I help him find a job?"

  He said it very kindly, but there was a hint of mischief in his words.

  Han Xia was not a fool. Hearing this, she became more and more annoyed. Then she frowned and said to the second floor, "There are guests at home, why don't you come out?"

  The more she compared with him, the more Han Xia felt disgusted with his son-in-law.

  But at this moment, Qin Yi was in his closed-door training with all his strength, so he didn't hear it at all.

  But Chu Youye heard it. When she came out and saw that it was Liu Canglong, the disgust in her eyes was even worse.

  Seeing Chu Youye, Liu Canglong was about to stand up and say hello, but Chu Youye didn't give him the opportunity to go straight to the second floor.

  "I'll call Qin Yi."

  Although she hated Qin Yi, she hated Liu Canglong more.

  Although Qin Yi was a coward, he would not talk nonsense. But Liu Canglong was like a fly. She felt that Liu Canglong was a hundred times sicker than Qin Yi.

  "You stay in your room all day long and don't do anything. Are you waiting for death?" Han Xia scolded.

  "Auntie, don't be angry."

  Liu Canglong comforted her, and a trace of disdain flashed in his eyes.

  It was fine if he didn't say it. When it came to Han Xia, her face became more serious, and her only good impression of Qin Yi disappeared without a trace.

  Liu Canglong saw all of this and was delighted in his heart.

  Chu Yunxi was his woman, but he did not expect Qin Yi to take advantage of her. If he said that he was not angry, it would be a lie.

  Of course, he came here to disgust Han Xia.

  "Look at the son-in-law you've chosen. Compared to me, it's the difference between gold and shit."


  "Qin Ya, why do you close the door in the daytime? Are you sick?" Chu You looked at the locked door and then pushed it open.

  The tender skin, the bulging muscles, the lines of the sense of a stream, and...

  Chu Youye was stunned, so was Qin Yi.

  He didn't expect that his sister-in-law would suddenly break in. The key was that he didn't have to hang up at all!


  Chu You scolded and her face turned red. She turned around and her heart beat faster.

  "Qin Ya, are you out of your mind? You don't wear clothes in broad daylight. Get out of here. There's a guest coming."

  Chu You stamped her feet with hatred and rushed downstairs.

  However, Qin Yi's body and something unknown emerged in her mind unconsciously.

  Chu You shook her head violently, and then she calmed down a little.

  When Chu You came downstairs, she glared at Liu Canglong, who wanted to stand up and greet him, and then sat down.

  "Auntie, is he so impolite at home?" Liu Canglong couldn't help sneering.

  Han Xia's face was livid. Although Liu Canglong's words didn't appeal to her, she couldn't help but think too much.

  A son-in-law still gave his mother-in-law's face back. Where could she put her face?

  At this moment, Qin Yi went downstairs.

  Seeing Qin Yi, Liu Canglong's heart was calm. At the same time, he couldn't help but despise. "What do you think of this kind of person?"

  "Stop." Just as Qin Yi was about to sit down, Han Xia flared up.

  Qin Yi was a little stunned, and then he stopped.

  Seeing that Qin Yi was obedient, Han Xia's face turned a little better.

  However, before she could speak, Liu Canglong had already stood up and walked over.

  The mute son-in-law was obviously not pleasing to the eye, but now he was standing with people like Liu Canglong. How could he still beat Liu Canglong?

  Could it be that he had seen wrongly?

  Chu Youye was even more shocked. At this moment, Qin Yi exuded an aura of confidence and calmness!

  Even if she hated Liu Canglong very much, she had to admit that Liu Canglong really had a temperament and a strong aura.

  But he was still overshadowed by the mute brother-in-law.

  "I thought that Yunxi was married to a handsome man, but to be honest, I'm disappointed to see you." Liu Canglong took off his disguise.

  Qin Yi's face was full of astonishment. "Where did this guy get the confidence?"

  Han Xia was also slightly uncomfortable. Anyway, this was the Chu family's own business, and Liu Canglong was a little too much.

  Of course, if Qin Yi was clever enough to get out of the Chu family, she would support him.

  "You are unqualified." Liu Canglong shook his head, and his eyes were full of disappointment.

  "What Yunxi needs is someone who can help her and help her to reach the peak, not someone like you who can only hold her back. If you are still a man and know the word shame, then leave her. It's good for both you and her!"

  Qin Yi looked at Liu Canglong calmly, as if he was looking at a fool.

  "It's one hundred thousand yuan. You can live a good life without her."

  He looked proud and proud.

  He believed that a mute would be moved when he saw 100,000 yuan.

  Of course, if this guy still had blood Qi, he would be angry. In this way, there was also a reason for him to make a move.

  However, the strange thing was that Qin Yi did not move at all, and he was extremely calm.

  "Auntie, how can such a coward bring happiness to Yunxi?" Liu Canglong looked at Han Xia with confidence. "As long as you ask him to leave, I will marry Yun Xi in a large sedan chair carried by eight people tomorrow."

  When Qin Yi saw that Han Xia's body was trembling, he was slightly concentrated. Would his mother-in-law promise him?