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Without My permission, Don't Marry My Mommy

Without My permission, Don't Marry My Mommy


Sheng An'an was framed by his half-sister, who was his half-sister. He spent the night with a stranger and was pregnant! She went to the hospital, but she told someone that she was not allowed to lose her life. During the ten months of pregnancy, Sheng An'an gave birth to a child with a narrow escape. In the end, he watched helplessly as the child was carried away. Several years later, she returned to China and held a beautiful little boy in her hand. She didn't expect to meet the legal copy. The man grabbed her arm and said angrily, "How dare you steal my child?" The little boy pushed the man away and said coldly, "Don't you touch my mommy. She's mine!"
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  Hot, so hot...

  Maybe it was because he drank too much, Sheng An'an felt hot and dry all over.

  Vaguely, she seemed to hear that the door was pushed open.

  He barely opened his eyes and looked in the direction of the only light source. Sheng Anran saw a few people respectfully standing straight in front of the door, welcoming a tall and straight figure coming from the other side of the red carpet.

  The man's slender legs stopped, and his voice was cold. "Are you sure it's clean?"

  "Yes, Young Master."

  What are they talking about?

  Who was that man? Was he Qiao Ze?

  Sheng Anran wanted to open her eyes wide to see clearly, but the door was closed. At this time, she could not see clearly. She could only feel footsteps walking toward the bed.

  Suddenly, a cold skin leaned over and she couldn't help but hold him up.

  The man tightened his body and his eyes were full of lust. In the darkness, he accurately caught her red lips, turned over, and pressed her down, turning her into the host.

  "It hurts..."

  The pain made Sheng An'an utter a sound, and his whole body was bent up. "Ah Ze, I feel so painful... Ah Ze... Can you not be with her..."

  The man was stunned. This was the first time that a woman called out another man's name on his bed.


  The man's strange voice gave Sheng Anran a sense of reason.

  This was not Qiao Ze! Qiao Ze was already with her so-called best friend, how could he appear in her bed!

  "Who...who are you?! Don't touch me..."

  Sheng Anran waved her hands to resist desperately. Her sharp nails seemed to grab the man's neck. The man groaned. It seemed that she also dragged something down from his neck.

  As the pleasure came, the pain faded away little by little.

  The sounds of men and women constantly came out of the luxury suite, and their voices became more and more passionate.

  The bodyguard and guard outside the door were still standing there with a serious expression, as if nothing had happened.


  "Ah!" Sheng Anran suddenly woke up, sweating all over.

  It was already sunny outside, and her slender back was actually covered with cold sweat.

  She, she dreamed of that night again!

  Taking a deep breath, Sheng An'an wiped the sweat off his face. He recalled the man's deep voice, his cold chest, his deep eyes staring at her, and...

  The night two months ago was the most shameful night in her life.

  Because she saw the adultery between her boyfriend and her best friend, she ran to the bar to compete with others. As a result, someone drugged her wine. She was brought into a luxurious suite in a daze and was ruined!

  Her cheeks were burning hot. She didn't dare to think about it any more and hurried to change clothes.

  In the lab, Sheng An'an was busy making a report. Her junior sister brought her lunch back. The faint fishy smell of fish made her stomach surge.

  "Ugh!" She threw away the unfinished experiments and went to the bathroom to vomit for a long time.

  "Senior, look at your reaction. Are you pregnant?"

  These words seemed to have touched Sheng An'an, and her face turned even paler.

  Was it so coincidental to... be pregnant? Did she get sick at the first time?

  But it was a slap in the face!

  In the hospital, a female doctor handed over a test report and specially pointed out the location of the fetus. "Miss Sheng, congratulations, you are indeed pregnant! The fetus is about 70 days old, and the fetal image is relatively stable."

  As soon as she said this, Sheng Anran felt like a bolt from the blue sky. Her body shook. It took her a lot of effort to support herself against the wall to maintain her balance.

  She was pregnant... She was really pregnant!

  But she didn't know who the child's father was at all!

  Who was the man who had sex with her that night!?

  She wandered in the corridor of the hospital for a long time and finally rushed into the doctor's office again. "I, doctor, I don't want this child. I want the crowd."


  The doctor's smile seemed to freeze. He didn't expect this young and weak girl to be so cruel. He couldn't help saying, "Miss, the baby is pregnant. It's a pity that you give it away..."

  "I... I don't want this child!" Sheng An'an clutched the doctor's arm tighter and begged as if he was praying. "I want people to come and go, just now!"