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Dear Wife, Too Late to Leave

Dear Wife, Too Late to Leave


After a holiday, she was taken as a young lady, and when she returned home, she saw her fiancé's affair. She disappeared in anger. Five years later, she returned with the genius treasures. Xiaobao took part in the piano competition. Unexpectedly, her son even had the intention of looking for her father. "Go here and take a good picture of me! My name is Tang Bao. My mommy is called Tang Siyu. She is super beautiful! I am four and she looks like me. And she may be my father's man. Please contact me!" After that, she looked at him with anger. "After a tall and arrogant man, After a few days, I'
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  In a luxurious villa.

  The young and handsome man had just taken a bath out of the bathroom. His strong waist was only wrapped in a bath towel, full of strength and beauty, like the coming of Lotus in the west.

  "Damn it." With a low curse, the man lowered his head. Looking at the reaction of his body, he looked annoyed and annoyed.

  He picked up his phone and dialed the assistant's number. "Find a clean woman for me."

  "Young master, why are you interested tonight?"

  "I drank the wrong thing at the banquet, hurry up." The low voice was already annoyed.

  "Okay, right away."

  In front of a landscape lamp sign, the girl in cool clothes raised her head and looked at the snake-line-like route picture. She felt quite speechless.

  She was obviously here for a trip, but she lost her way.

  What was even more annoying was that her cell phone was out of power, and she didn't even see a ghost on the halfway.

  She did not know that she had entered the luxury private villa area.

  She could only continue to choose a way forward. Finally, a magnificent villa appeared under the night sky. She was happy that she could be saved.

  Although this villa looked high-end and generous, she had to take risks to return to her hotel.

  She rang the doorbell.

  The door opened with a click.

  She was stunned for a moment, feeling that the owner of the door was too kind to her.

  Stepping into the palace-like luxury hall, Tang Siyu asked the quiet hall, "Is anyone there?"

  No one answered her. It was impossible! She turned on the light and obviously opened the door for her. There must be someone in this villa!

  Could it be upstairs?

  Tang Siyu stepped forward step by step. She saw the direction of the main bedroom where the light was on. She swallowed hard and her heart was tight. She was so nervous that she kept swallowing.

  She had lost her way for half an hour. If she didn't find someone to ask for directions, she would have to spend the night in the open tonight.

  "Is... is someone there?" She asked in English while stepping into the half-open door of the bedroom.

  Suddenly, on the ground.

  A strong force suddenly pulled her wrist, and her whole person was pulled into the room.

  The next second, the lights in the bedroom were turned off.

  "Ah... who are you? What are you doing?" Tang Siyu screamed in panic and asked in Chinese.

  "Shut up." The man's rough voice sounded cold.

  The man said it in Chinese.

  "Why did you turn off the light?" Tang Siyu asked in extreme panic. Did you meet a perverted killer? Did you want to kill her?

  "I don't want to see you like this." The man's tone was cold and disdainful.

  Apparently, the man regarded her as the vent-out woman who sent her to the door as an assistant.

  Tang Siyu was at a loss of what to do. The man grabbed her waist and threw her hard on the bed. She screamed again. Tang Siyu felt dizzy, and the man's handsome body went straight down.

  "Ah..." Tang Siyu pushed him desperately. "Bastard, let go of me... Um..."

  Her screams and panic were blocked by the man in the next second. Her open lips and tongue made it easier for the man to invade.

  Because this man hated noisy and disobedient women the most.

  As a plaything sent to the door, what right did she have to refuse him? She wouldn't give him less money.

  However, this random girl's breath was damn sweet, which made his originally somewhat annoying mood become greedy and constantly wanted to explore more.

  Tang Siyu's eyes were wide open, and she pushed away the man who was bullying her with her little hands, but it didn't work...

  A pain that went straight into her body caught her. She sobbed in his deep kiss, and tears rolled down from the corners of her eyes like broken beads.