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I Got A Goddess At The Road

I Got A Goddess At The Road


The mysterious master returned to the city and accidentally picked up a goddess president as his wife. But at the home of the goddess president, there was an old-fashioned school beauty younger sister. Her sister wanted to prove that Yun Feiyang was her husband, but her sister had been trying to prove that Yun Feiyang was a fake. From then on, among the sisters, Yun Feiyang went on a road to hook up with her and make her happy.
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  "We've returned to the East China Sea. It's been three years..."

  Yun Feiyang drank a cup of strong alcohol, and a bitter smile appeared on his lips.

  Three years ago, he was forced to leave the East China Sea. Three years later, he came back.

  Yun Feiyang narrowed his eyes slightly. There was a hint of blood in his eyes, and the glass in his hand was also slightly cracked.

  He had already drunk several cups of strong alcohol in a row, but Yun Feiyang was a little excited.

  boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

  At this time, a drunk girl directly crashed into Yun Feiyang's arms. Fortunately, Yun Feiyang was quick-witted and held the girl in his arms.

  When the sweet wind blew into his arms, Yun Feiyang couldn't help but be a little worried.

  The faint touch on his arm, coupled with the faint fragrance of the girl, made Yun Feiyang relaxed and happy.

  "Get out of my way, kid. Don't disturb me in chasing after girls!"

  At this time, a very arrogant voice came, accompanied by two ruffians with yellow hair, with a disgusting smile on their faces, and came up.

  A beautiful girl, who was drunk alone, believed that any man who had a crush on her would not let her go?

  These yellow hairs were the kind of people who came to pick up drunk girls.

  Moreover, the young man in front of him looked like a dead man. He wore a pair of white jeans and a shirt. The most speechless thing was that his schoolbag had a hole, and there was a patches on it.

  This person wanted to disturb them in chasing after girls? What a joke!

  "Help me..."

  The murmur of a girl came, accompanied by a faint image, which made Yun Feiyang a little moved.

  "Come on, I'm going to be the flower protector."

  "I'd like to give you a piece of advice. You'd better stay away from me. I'm not in a good mood today! I really need to vent my anger."

  Yun Feiyang took a sip of wine and stared at the two yellow-haired men in front of him.

  "Are you trying to be rude to me? What the f**k are you doing?"

  Yellow Hair let out a strange cry and rushed straight up.

  "You don't know what's good or bad for you."

  Yun Feiyang didn't even need to do anything to deal with this kind of ruffian.

  With a casual kick, Yun Feiyang directly kicked Yellow Hair in the vital part of his body. Yellow Hair immediately knelt down with a strange cry.


  "How dare you hurt my brother?"

  Another Yellow Hair also rushed up. Yun Feiyang directly threw the wine glass out of his hand.

  The wine glass drew a small arc and hit the Yellow Hair's face accurately.

  Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

  The wine glass was smashed into pieces, and the Yellow Hair's face was also blooming.

  "Ah! It hurts!"

  Yellow Hair shouted, covering his face with his hands.

  "This is the money to smash things. You don't have to look for it."

  Yun Feiyang threw down a few hundred yuan and helped the girl walk out of the bar.

  Outside the bar.

  Yun Feiyang couldn't help but look at the woman.

  The exquisite curves, the beautiful appearance, and the absolute goddess!

  "Miss... are you okay?"

  Yun Feiyang called out tentatively.

  His face was slightly red, as if he had been drugged.

  Especially his eyes were very blurred, which made people couldn't help but fall into it.

  At the same time, her whole body was leaning against Yun Feiyang's body. With the fragrance, Yun Feiyang couldn't help but feel a little intoxicated.

  Su Zhyu's mind was not very clear now, and her body was inexplicably restless. Especially the faint man's breath from the man next to her made her chest very stuffy.

  "Take me to the hotel, quick!"

  Su Zhixuan's voice was soft.


  Yun Feiyang was stunned. How could there be such a good thing?

  "Take my brother to the hotel as soon as we meet? It's too fast, isn't it?"

  But at this rhythm, I like it...

  But anyway, was this a wife who had been picked up from a bar?


  However, before Yun Feiyang could finish his words, Su Mingyu directly rushed to him and kissed him with a "squeaky" sound.


  "Let's... let's make it clear..."

  He pushed it away.

  He rushed up to her...

  He pushed it away again, and then pounced on her again...

  "Do I make you dislike me just like that?"

  At this time, Su Zhiyu softly stared at Yun Feiyang with her hazy eyes, and her resentful voice directly melted Yun Feiyang.

  This was a self-inflicted demand.

  "No wonder it's me."

  I'm going to get a room...


  Yun Feiyang opened his eyes.

  His head hurt so much.

  It seemed that he had drunk too much yesterday.

  Yun Feiyang put his head on his hand and felt a splitting headache. He casually put his hand on his shoulder, and Yun Feiyang was shocked.

  It was soft, and it was a living person.

  Yun Feiyang had no time to worry about the headache. He turned his head and saw a girl in a thin blouse lying beside him.

  With snow-white skin and a delicate nose, the girl's hair was slightly messy at this time.

  It was the girl from last night.

  Could it be?

  Should I be responsible?

  "What should I be responsible for? Yesterday, it was the Young Lady who came up to me first."

  "Hey, hey, wake up!"

  Yun Feiyang pushed the girl and asked tentatively.

  But at this moment, the girl suddenly moved her body and opened her eyes while whispering.

  Her ears and hair were casually draped over her shoulders and slowly propped up her body. The exquisite curve of her body, though sleepy, was hard to cover her beauty.

  He looked at Yun Feiyang with his languid eyes full of affection. His gentle eyes were like water, which almost made Yun Feiyang fall into it.

  "Look at your expression, did you feel wronged?"

  Su Zhiyu's voice was cold, which swept away her charm when she was drunk. Instead, she was as cold and noble as a female president, as if she were a high queen.

  "Well, I'm a little wronged..."

  Little did he expect that Yun Feiyang's mouth was flat as if he had been taken advantage of.

  "You... You, you..."

  Su Zhiyu was instantly choked with anger. As a female president, and a beautiful one, she was simply despised.

  "Get lost!"

  Su Zhiyu kicked Yun Feiyang off the bed.

  "Hey, why did you kick me?"

  "Don't turn your head away!"

  Su Zhiyu gave orders to Yun Feiyang coldly, showing her strong character.

  "Why did you turn around?"

  "Brother Su Mo, do you have any suggestions for me?" Yun Feiyang asked.

  "I want to change my clothes! Why do you think so?"

  Su Zhiyu's pretty face was slightly flushed. With a cold look, her cool and beautiful CEO's temperament was undoubtedly revealed.

  "What's the matter with you?"

  "Shut up!"

  Su Zhiyu said coldly with a red face. "This person is really indecent. It's really annoying!"

  "Hey hey, we drank too much yesterday. Why don't we have a good try now?"

  Yun Feiyang smiled evilly and was about to pounce on Su Mo.

  "How dare you?"

  Su Zhiyu coldly took out a fruit knife from her bag.

  "Hey, hey, hey, you asked for it yesterday. You can't blame me!"

  "Sister, let's have a talk. Don't use a knife!"

  "If you dare to come up again, I will cut you to see your growth ring!"

  Su Zhiyu even waved her hand for a while.

  "What the f*ck!"

  Yun Feiyang quickly jumped away.

  Why did he have to use a knife?

  "And he even cut the Spring Festival. Do you think I'm a big tree?"

  "Okay, okay, okay, let's have a talk. Don't be impulsive."

  Yun Feiyang crossed his legs in fear that someone else would cut the growth ring.

  "Turn around! I want to wear clothes."

  Su Zhiyu held out her knife, exposing her snow-white arm. Although she was trying to flirt with others, it was still a frightening danger.

  "Come on, I have a knife in my hand, so I have to listen to him."

  Although he was reluctant, Yun Feiyang turned his head away.

  "All right."

  When Yun Feiyang turned his head, SuZhiyu was wearing a coat.

  Yesterday, Yun Feiyang was a little drunk, so he didn't appreciate the girl's figure. Now, Yun Feiyang couldn't help praising Su Zhyu.

  She wore a clean white shirt and went to wear it. The small suit couldn't even cover her figure, which made people feel suspicious.

  After putting on her clothes skillfully, Su Ziyu opened her bag and took out a stack of money from it. Then, she returned it to the bed.

  "The money here is at least 2,000 yuan, which is the reward I gave you last night."