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Congratulations! Twins!

Congratulations! Twins!


One paper contract after another, one night after another, she handed herself over to the gold man wearing the mask. "Good girl, you just relax and leave the rest to me." The man's hand touched Kang Yufei's lips. His low voice made her tremble, but she could not escape. One year later, she gave birth to a pair of twins and tried her best to avoid them. In order to leave a child behind, she secretly left the city. She thought that there would be no more interaction. Unexpectedly, a charity auction six years later, two children exchanged identities, and she was once again entangled by him.
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  "Miss Kang, we're here." Kang Yufei was in a trance. When the "driver" lawyer He spoke, she was surprised to find that he was here, so she said softly, "Oh".

  "Miss Kang, I won't go upstairs. The first room on the right side upstairs is the master bedroom..." Lawyer He said and left.

  Kang Yufei stood on the steps in a daze, looking at the three-story European-style villa in front of her, and blankly watching lawyer He get in the car and leave.

  A month ago, on the day Kang Yufei received the university admission notice, he was very happy, but when he returned home, he found his mother lying in the kitchen. He thought that she would catch a cold, but it turned out to be a short-haired one.

  After she was born, she went on chemotherapy while looking for suitable bone marrow. She saw that her mother's condition was getting worse and worse, but she didn't find a suitable bone marrow. Until ten days ago, the appearance of lawyer He brought her hope and also brought her shame...

  Hearing the sound of the car going away, Kang Yufei pushed the door open and entered the villa. They should have already prepared. The lights in the villa were all on. Looking at the house, she did not see anyone. She went to the second floor mechanically.

  She pushed open the door of the master bedroom on the second floor. The floor was covered with a pure white carpet, and the orange light filled the room warmly. She looked up to the depths of the room. The sofa was also covered with a pure white blanket, and there was a big white bed, a snow-white curtain. The curtain was slightly open, and there was a huge French window inside.

  She couldn't help but clench her hands and walked to the big glass window. Everything outside the window seemed to be mocking. The palm of her hand was sweating, and her mind was blank. Although every girl had their first time, she never thought that her first time would happen under such circumstances.

  She had just graduated from high school and hadn't had a relationship, let alone her beloved man. But she had no choice. Even if she would lose the girl's first time, she didn't regret it. It was worthwhile to exchange her first time for her mother's life. Besides, besides her precious bone marrow, she also needed a lot of money at this time.

  As long as she was pregnant, she would get two million yuan, including her mother's fee, the hospitalization fee, and the nutrition fee. If she gave birth to a girl, Kang Yu could get five million yuan if she gave birth to a boy, and if she gave birth to a boy, Kang Yu could get ten million yuan.

  During this period of time, she was busy taking care of her mother. She had no time to think about it. Why did the other party want to get the child in this way?

  At this time, some ideas flashed through her mind. Perhaps she could communicate with the gold sponsor first. If her wife could not give birth, she was willing to take the pulse and be pregnant on behalf of her husband. However, it was possible to use scientific methods to have physical contact with her.

  However, she was a little scared. She was afraid of annoying the rich man and refused to contribute her bone marrow. In this world, as long as there was money, many women believed that they were willing to give birth to children for people, but her mother's illness could not wait any longer. In the past month, there was only one suitable bone marrow for her mother. If she missed it, she would lose her mother, her only family in the world, and she could not lose her mother.

  She bit her lips and seemed to have made a decision. She took a deep breath, left the French window, and walked into the bathroom.

  It was the first time that Kang Yufei had seen such a big bathtub, but at this time, he was not in the mood to take a bath. When she heard the sound of running water, a fat middle-aged man with a wretched body appeared in her mind. She couldn't help but shiver, as if she had fallen into an ice cave. She even wanted to escape regardless of anything.

  She took a quick shower. When she was about to move, there were footsteps outside. Kang Yufei's heart was tight and his face was bleeding. She wanted to hide and even hoped that she had magic that she could disappear from this room at any time.

  The sound of footsteps got closer. Kang Yufei held her tightly with both hands. She even saw her arms trembling. There seemed to be something blocking in her throat. She wanted to scream but could not make a sound.