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The Hidden King

The Hidden King


When the peerless military king returned to the city, he practiced the "Nine-death Mystic Skill" and saved a beautiful woman once, he needed to have a close contact with her. After nine close contact, his cultivation was promoted to a higher level. The stunning female president, the arrogant young lady, the beautiful campus belle, the best girl, the pure twins, the seductive nurse, the charming policewoman... All of them asked Yuan Ning to protect him. Yuan Ning shouted, "I was forced to do this too... After many years, Yuan Ning got two titles, one of which was "Super Protector" and the other was Super King-Hunting."
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  At the end of spring and early summer, it was supposed to be a good time for crops to grow well. In the suburbs of Jiang City 20 kilometers to the north, fertile fields were all deserted. Since last year, people had been recruited here to build factories. Unfortunately, the funds were not in place and the factories had not been built yet. It had been deserted here all the time.

  As the spring rain passed, weeds of half a man's height grew in the field.

  In the wasteland, a desolate grave was piled up alone.

  At dusk.

  Yuan Ning squatted in front of the grave, took out a copy of the "Huaxia Military newspaper" and burned it seriously.

  "Old man, I, Yuan Ning, am here to see you!"

  "Two years ago, you asked Grandpa to send me to the army. I didn't expect you to forget it. You are almost a hundred years old. If you don't keep me by your side, you will send me to the army. You died less than two years after I left, and there is no one wearing mourning clothes around you..."

  Yuan Ning said, his face sad.

  "Old man, in the army for the past two years, I finally did not embarrass you. With the national martial arts skills you taught me, I joined the Kirin Special Team. I would have another chance to become the leader of the Kirin group after another two or three years. Unfortunately, luck No, in a counter-terrorism operation, I gave the Suzaku group boss "Suzaku" a strong kiss. That girl, her father was actually the commander-in-chief of the Southeastern Military Region of the five major military regions in China. She gave me a private vendetta and gave me a Discipline, pushed me out of the army..."

  "However, the little girl 'the Suzaku' usually looks like a tigress tiger, but she is also very soft and cute when picking up a kiss..."

  Yuan Ning smacked his lips, as if he was reminiscing about it.

  "When I come back this time, I'm going to develop in Jiang City for the time being. In the army, I'm the king of the kylin, the king of the army. When I come back to Jiang City, I can't do nothing. After all, I have to do a good job!"

  "You are always in heaven, and pray to your disciple that I will realize my ambition in the future. Don't be like you. You only have the cultivation of national martial arts, but you stay in the small village and live a good life. You are an old drunkard..."

  "I'll burn more paper money for you... that... the hurry this time, without paper money, you can make use of these newspapers first!"

  "There are two beautiful pictures in the newspaper. You are so lucky!"

  After saying that, Yuan Ning took out a copy of the Jiang City Entertainment Company's newspaper and spread it on the fire.

  After several newspapers were burnt, Yuan Ning clapped his hands and got up.

  Looking around the desolate fields, Yuan Ning felt a bit dazed.

  I lived for nineteen years. Except for the past two years in the army, I spent the first seventeen years with the old man.

  An old drunkard, an orphan, can also count on each other.

  Although the old man was a drunkard, he finally raised Yuan Ning and taught him all kinds of martial arts of the country. At the same time, the cultural class did not fall behind. Although Yuan Ning's degree of college degree was bought when he joined the army, in terms of literary level, Yuan Ning was at least better than a third-year-old graduate, barely reaching the level of "high-grade".

  He joined the army for two years. When he came back to have a look, the old man actually hung up...

  Although Yuan Ning looked careless on the surface, in fact, his heart was still a little empty.

  Standing in front of the grave, Yuan Ning was in a daze for a long time.

  After an unknown period of time, the sky was completely dark. Yuan Ning came to his senses, picked up a traveling bag he was carrying, and walked toward Jiang City.

  "When I retired, Rat said that he helped me contact a job, which seemed to be a bodyguard for a high school lady in Jiang City. Now that the old man is dead, I have nothing to rely on. Why don't we go to Jiang City and have a look?"

  Yuan Ning thought to himself.

  There are five major special forces teams in China, namely Qinglong, White Tiger, Suzaku, Xuanwu and Qilin.

  The members of the Azure Dragon Squad were all superpower holders. The members of the White Tiger squad were good at assassination, the members of the Rosefinch Group were all women, and the members of the Xuanwu Group were responsible for the chief defense work. As for the members of the Kylin Squad, they were known as "all-around warriors", who were good at fighting, assassination, sniper, investigation, and so on.

  When Yuan Ning was in the army, he was specially recruited to join the Kylin Group.

  As a member of the Qilin's team, Yuan Ning asked Yuan Ning to be a bodyguard and do the work of Xuanwu Group, which was more or less of a big and small use.

  However, Yuan Ning had just returned to Jiang City, and the old man who had raised him for more than ten years had died again. It happened that he didn't settle down, so he decided to go to Jiang City first.

  "It's easy to be a bodyguard."

  If Miss Elder was not easy to serve, she might as well pat her butt and leave.

  "I don't even have a black car in this wilderness. Do I have to run twenty kilometers to Jiang City?"

  When his destination was locked in Jiang City, Yuan Ning found that he didn't have a means of transportation.

  Here was in the wilderness. It was getting dark and there was not even a black car. Since Yuan Ning was going to Jiang City, he could only walk.

  Fortunately, Yuan Ning came from the army, so he finished his twenty-kilometer long training. Taking a deep breath, Yuan Ning prepared to " march at a high speed".

  But he didn't wait for Yuan Ning to take action...

  A dazzling car light suddenly lit up.

  "Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

  A black and shabby Sang Tu drove into the field. With a squeak, it stopped more than ten meters away in front of Yuan Ning, and then the lights went out.

  "A Sangnan? From the looks of it, it's probably a black taxi!"

  Yuan Ning's eyes lit up.

  Just as he was about to go to Jiang City, he came to a black taxi in a blink of an eye.

  Yuan Ning was in a good mood and immediately stepped toward Sang Tu.

  "Uncle, please, let me go..."

  "My mother was hit by a car in Jiang City. I have to go to the hospital to see her. Please let me go..."

  Before he walked to the front of the car, Yuan Ning suddenly vaguely heard that there was a girl's pleading voice coming from the front car.

  "Hey hey, little sister, it's fate that we meet uncle today!"

  "To be honest, I've played with a lot of girls. It's my first time to meet a girl as pure and tender as you. Hey hey, let's play with uncle first..."

  "Don't... help..."

  "Hey, hey, hey, in the wilderness, it's useless for you to shout out loud. You'd better follow your uncle obediently..."

  The obscene laughter came out of the car and clearly entered Yuan Ning's ears.

  The driver of the black car was a beast! He was a pervert!

  These two words subconsciously popped out of Yuan Ning's mind.

  Yuan Ning subconsciously thought of those women who were kidnapped and killed by the black driver in the news. His blood rushed directly into Yuan Ning's mind. Yuan Ning did not expect that such a thing would happen to him today.


  Without hesitation, Yuan Ning rushed to the left side of Sang Tu and pulled the door violently.

  Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey

  The old Sang Tu was extremely fragile, and the plastic door handle was suddenly broken by Yuan Ning.

  Sang Tu's car swayed and the car door didn't open.

  Yuan Ning took advantage of the situation and lowered his body. He bent his left elbow and leaned his body on Sang Tu's car.

  It was the Eight Limits Boxing of the National State, the Killing Move of Iron Mountain!

  Yuan Ning had practiced the national martial arts with the old man since he was a child, such as the big whip hammer of Tai Chi, the spiral force of form and will, the Eight-apex Iron Mountain and other killer moves, all of which were quite outstanding. If he used this move "Iron Mountain Wing", even a fierce tiger would have broken bones and tendons!

  boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

  Sang Tu shook violently. The entire car door caved in, and the glass broke into pieces!

  Yuan Ning reached out and grabbed the car door. With a forceful tug, the whole car door flew out.