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Medical Farmer

Medical Farmer


Du Jin, a young farmer from the countryside of Huanxi village, got the three impartations of the ancestral jade pendant of Hua Xia when his childhood companion was about to be forced to marry. From then on, he mastered medical skills and obtained a large amount of knowledge about agriculture and calligraphy. He also had the powerful cultivation method of Hua Xia's five birds drama, salted fish turned over! He planted some rare flowers and rare herbs, raised some rare animals, and had a look at the Tibetan mastiffs in the mastiff garden with the girl. He had a happy and leisurely life. "Miraculous medical skills. I'm holding hands with countless beauties." She was a neighbor girl who was proficient in animal language, a simple and capable female university student, a grassroots singer who was versatile and versatile, an infatuated female writer in a mountain village, and a beautiful girl who loved to live an idyllic life...
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  On a summer night, a pair of young men and women were tightly hugging each other in a dark forest on the hillside outside the village.

  "Jin Shan, take me away! I want to run with you like the girls in the city!" Tang Xue said excitedly, lying tightly in the arms of Du Jin Shan.

  "Xue, have you thought about it?" Du Jin held Tang Xue in his arms and he was also excited.

  "I've thought it over!" Tang Xue nodded. "Jin Shan, even if I can't marry you aboveboard, I will run away with you and stay with you forever! I really can't care about anything else!"

  Feeling Tang Xue's passionate affection, Du Jin's heart was burning.

  "Don't say that, Xue. You can go now."

  Suddenly, Du Jinzhu gently pushed her away and said with a calm face.

  Tang Xue was stunned and asked, "Golden Mountain, don't you take me with you? Isn't it better for us to leave Happy Village together and live in a place where no one knows us?"

  Seeing the tears in her beautiful eyes, Du Jin shook his head and said, "Xue, eloped, it's not the solution! Your parents have to pay for seeing a doctor, and your brother Tang Jiang needs to pay for college. Li Changhua forced you to marry him with money, relying on his family's wealth. Even if you don't want to marry him, we can't leave without you!"

  Tang Xue silently shed tears. She also knew that it was easy for her to elope, but what about her parents and younger brothers at home?

  "Besides, Xue, you know the personality of me, Du Jinzhu. If I have the ability, I will marry you aboveboard! If I don't have the ability, I can't take you away like this and waste your life!"

  Du Jin said word by word with a serious tone.

  "Good! It's indeed Du Jinjin. I didn't misread you!" Tang Xue bore the tears in her eyes and nodded. "Jin Shan, even if we don't leave, I won't marry Li Changhua! My people and my heart will always belong to you, Du Jinjiang!"

  After saying this, Tang Xue covered her mouth tightly to prevent herself from crying out loud. She trotted away from the woods.

  Du Jin stood where he was, clenching his fists as hard as iron. He raised his head and looked at the stars in the sky, murmuring, "Why can't we be together when we love each other?"

  Du Jin and Tang Xue were both from Happy Hill Village. They had been playing together since childhood. They were childhood sweethearts.

  At the moment, both of them were already in their early twenties. They were at the age of discussing marriage, but they were disturbed by Li Changhua, the only son of a rich family in this village.

  The Li family, as early as ten years ago, was tens of thousands of dollars. After Li Changhua's father Li Siao expanded the establishment of the chicken farm, the Li family even earned a lot of money every day.

  Li Changhua was not only ignorant when he was young, but also very amorous. After he fell in love with Tang Xue, the village beauty, he asked his family to propose marriage to the Tang family and vowed to marry Tang Xue.

  Tang Xue's father was ill, so she couldn't do heavy work. She didn't make much money, and her mother had been sick in the bed for the past few years because of brain fractures. Her younger brother, Tang Jiang, had been admitted to the provincial university of sciences and was waiting for the tuition fees.

  Tang Xue couldn't afford the medical fees of her father's mother and younger brother's tuition fees.

  The meaning of the Li family was also very simple. As long as Tang Xue agreed to this marriage, the medical fees of the two elders of the Tang family and the tuition fees of Tang Jiang would not be a problem at all.

  If Tang Xue didn't agree to this marriage, even if the Li family didn't do anything bad, Mr. Tang and Mrs. Tang would be guilty, and Tang Jiang, a college student, would be wasted for nothing.

  "Money, money, I, Du Jin, really need money! If I also have 100,000 yuan, I can treat Tang Xue's parents and help Tang Jiang go to college. Tang Xue will never marry into the Li family!"

  Du Jin was very clear in his heart, but he still had no way to make money. He planned to go home immediately and discuss with his father. Maybe he could make a small fortune within two months.

  Because Li Changhua had already announced that he would get engaged with Tang Xue within two months, and they would get married soon after the engagement.

  "My family is poor, and I don't have much food or livestock to sell, but how can I make up 100,000 yuan? How about selling this ancestral jade pendant?"

  Du Jinjun took off the jade pendant from his neck.

  This jade pendant was green and antique. It looked like it had a history of at least a thousand years. There were many tiny Talisman inscriptions on both sides of the jade pendant, which made it look very mysterious.

  According to his father, the Du family was a family of medicine, and there were dozens of imperial physicians. However, the further the rumors spread, the worse the family's path would be. When it came to Du Jinjin's generation, the medical skills had not been passed down, but this jade pendant had been passed down.

  "Even if this jade pendant is sold as an antique, I'm afraid it can't sell for ten thousand yuan."

  Du Jinjin was worried. All of a sudden, he slipped and fell to the ground, and then he rolled down the hill.

  "God! You don't want me to make a fortune, and you don't want me to make a fortune..."

  Du Jinjin wanted to stop the tumbling body, but the slope was relatively steep. There was nothing he could grab in his hand, so he couldn't stop at all.

  If it went on like this, even if he didn't become disabled in the hospital, he would still have to take a needle and take medicine to make a small fortune.

  Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

  More than a dozen bones were turned over. Du Jinjin held his head with both hands and slammed into a stump on the slope. Blood immediately flowed from his forehead, and the jade pendant in his hand was broken. The jade pendant was dyed red with blood.

  "My jade pendant."

  Just when Du Jinjin was heartbroken, the pieces of broken jade on his hands suddenly flashed red light.

  Then, a burst of red mist rose. In the midst of a large amount of mist, an old man with white hair and a drug bag on his back stood in the air like an immortal, looking at Du Jinjin with a kind face.

  "The Du family's younger generation, from now on, you are a senior disciple of my Hua Tuo. I will teach you the skills of agriculture, agriculture, wood, medicine, and medicine, as well as the five birds show. In the future, you will be a pot in the air to support the world, for the sake of the people..."

  As soon as the old man finished his words, his whole body turned into patterns of exotic flowers, grass, birds, and beasts, swirling into Du Jinjin's head.


  Du Jin held his head with both hands, and a lot of information was poured into his mind forcibly, all of which were about agriculture, animals, medical skills, martial arts and so on.

  With a huge amount of information filling in his mind, Du Jin felt so painful that he fainted.

  It didn't take long for him to wake up again. He only felt that his mind was very full of energy and he was full of energy.

  "Just now, I got the three impartations of the highly-skilled doctor Hua Tuo and became his disciple?"

  Just as he rolled down the hill, Du Jinjin's arms and forehead were injured and stained with blood. However, he received the three impartations of the highly-skilled doctor Hua Tuo, including medical skills, the planting and breeding of animals and plants, and the art of Hua Tuo's five birds.

  "I've got the 'Green Pouch Method' passed down by Master Hua Tuo in my mind. I don't know how effective it is. I'll have a try on myself!"

  Du Jinjin's arms and forehead were bleeding, and the wound was burning with pain. An idea came to his mind, and he immediately pinched his arms and forehead with the delicate technique in the "Green Sack Sutra".

  Immediately, the bleeding stopped. The two wounds were healing magically at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the pain was gone.

  "Haha, it's true that the book is true. Now I, Du Jin, have the right to make a fortune. Thank you, Master Hua Tuo!"

  Du Jin Shan was so excited that he slipped under his feet and was about to roll down the hill.

  "The show of Hua Tuo and the show of Five Birds, the show of A Bird!"

  At this critical moment when his body lost its balance, Du Jin's heart skipped a beat. Naturally, he opened his arms and imitated the state of a big bird spreading its wings and flying in the air.

  With a gorgeous flip, Du Jinzhu landed steadily on the slope, crushing a stone under his feet into powder.

  "This set of skill is considered first-class Lightness Skill in martial arts novels, isn't it? If not for the impartation of Hua Tuo's Five Birds drama in my mind, I would've been in a tragedy just now!"

  Du Jin smiled and knew that he was reborn. He hummed a tune and flew to the home of Happy Village.

  They went down the hillside and walked to the top of the road at the entrance of the village. They saw the lights of a car on the opposite side of the road coming straight at them, which made Du Jin unable to open his eyes.

  And just in front of the car, a girl riding an electric car came here with a frightened look.

  Obviously, the car behind her was chasing after her all the way.

  "Isn't this Sister Lotus?" Du Jin recognized the girl. "Sister Lian, what's wrong with you?"

  "Jin Shan? The car behind me is chasing after me. Get out of my way. Don't be hit by the car!"

  Sister Lotus, who was riding on an electric vehicle, was extremely anxious, just like a rabbit being chased by a wolf.