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No Way! You Are Mine

No Way! You Are Mine


In an unexpected conspiracy, she lost her virginity to a stranger. She was panic as a running rabbit, while he was fierce as a malicious demon. To control her, he forced her to be with him forever. Surprisingly, he was addicted to her and couldn't stop loving her. The man who claimed to destroy her, finally spoiled her every night. When his true love came back, she found she was a shadow of another woman. After she left, he was crazy and swore that he would bring her back anyway.
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On the annual Valentine's Day, the atmosphere was joyful and sweet. On the busy streets, couples could be seen embracing each other. The scent from bouquets of roses were everywhere, and the quiet night was intoxicating and romantic.

In a private room of a luxurious KTV called "Dreamtown",

Suzy Shane drank a little too much, and her tongue felt numb. Her pale face had already become red. Her lively large eyes seemed misty and alluring.

"Suzy, hurry up and sing another song with Director Wayne," Henin Feld said. She was the manager of the department of Public Relations, and she was drunk as she waved at Suzy. Her eyes were blinking as she tried to give her a hint.

Suzy didn't like Director Wayne very much. It was alright for her to drink and sing with him, but this old man was rude and he always touched her body deliberately. Every time Director Wayne approached her, she would grit her teeth in order to resist the impulse to push him away.

"Suzy?" Henin fixed her gaze sternly on her.

"Manager,maybe I can accompany Director Wayne?" Suzy's friend Linda Quinn said. She wanted to help her out.

Henin glared coldly at her, and Linda didn't dare to say anything else.

Suzy's eyes flashed with disgust and then became neutral in expression. She could only walk toward Director Wayne.

"Suzy, come on..." Director Wayne burped and staggered backward. He rushed to Suzy and grabbed her waist.

"You, you, don't touch me!" The high-pitched voice pierced their eardrums. With an instinctive push from both his hands, Director Wayne staggered a few steps back and almost fell.

In an instant, the expression on Director Wayne's aging face darkened, and Henin's face also fell. Suzy was stunned and dumbfounded.

She reacted without thinking!

She pouted with her red lips. Just as she was about to explain her side of the story, the phone rang.

"I, I need to take this call..." Suzy said. She grabbed her bag and ran out of the room.

Initially, she had promised to have a date with Melvin Blaine today. However, she did not expect that she would need to to socialize and network today.

She had always hated drinking and socializing, but as a junior in school, she had to prepare for her future.

Linda and herself were interns at the department of Public Relations at Innux Advertising Firm since half a year ago. Therefore, they could not escape their fate to socialize at any time.

The call was from her younger sister, Sue Shane.

"Sister, have you finished socializing? Brother Melvin booked a room at the top floor of Dreamtown and is waiting to spend Valentine's Day with you."

"Is that so?"Suzy asked.Her eyes were warm and misty, and they shined with brilliance. She bit her lips and looked back at the door of the private room. Her eyes were full of disgust and annoyance.

"I'll be right there,"she answered. It would be better to slip away rather than go in to fight against others.

She didn't care what storm she had to weather tomorrow. Today, she just wanted to act in whatever manner she wanted .

Melvin was a handsome and warm man. Whenever she thought of him as her boyfriend, she felt that it was too surreal.

After tidying up her work attire, she couldn't help showing a faint smile on her red cheeks. She looked shy and sweet, and she was lively and charming in an intoxicating manner, which was attractive indeed.

She passed through the fountain in front of the yard and two rows of neat and fragrant rose beds. When she walked into the elevator that was going to the top floor, her heart began to beat violently in an unusual manner.

Coming out of the elevator, there was a long corridor. Due to Valentine's Day, the lights had a warm glow and they decorated the place in a special way. Suzy patted her red cheeks to calm her heart that was beating in an insane manner. Her footsteps were light, and she slowly stopped at door 2013.

Her heart was beating even more violently than it had been a few seconds ago, as if it was about to leap out of her chest. Suzy fixed her eyes at the tightly shut door for a few seconds. Suddenly, an inexplicable sense of uneasiness emerged within her. She shook her head and turned the doorknob. The room was actually not locked. Was this door left unlocked just for her?

Melvin was a romantic man. Suzy thought that the room would be covered with flowers and balloons that were awaiting her arrival. However, there was only a lamp on the wall next to the door emitting a faint light, and the whole room was dark.

When she entered the room, there was no one inside. Suzy's footsteps were unsteady as she walked inside the room. She heard a rustling noise coming from the bathroom. Through the gray-white frosted glass, she could vaguely make out the muscular figure of a man who was naked.

She glanced at this person in a hurry and turned her eyes away in panic. She turned red from head to toe.

Melvin was... taking a shower! Suzy's heart felt tense. She retreated in panic and immediately fell onto the bed. She vaguely felt that something was about to happen tonight. Should she reject him?

The French windows seemed to reflect the light from the room. Although the light was dim, her panicked and shy expression was clearly visible. Her cheeks were red and attractive. Her eyes, which were translucent and lively, seemed to shimmer with a blurry light, and they were alluring indeed. At this moment, she was beautiful beyond comparison.

She shook her head and she felt dizzy. Therefore, she leaned on the headboard and narrowed her eyes.

Melvin was too good to her.She didn't have much time to be a good girlfriend and show her love for him, but he still stood silently beside her. His presence seemed to permeate her life in every way. She was really much happier because of him.

She was grateful yet she felt guilty. She always wondered how she should repay him. She didn't like to owe others too much. This was one of the principles of her life.

The sound of flowing water in the bathroom suddenly stopped, and the door opened. A tall and handsome man appeared at the door of the bathroom. The outline of his face was noble and aristocratic. His features were racially ambiguous and his gaze was fierce and penetrating, like a deep ancient ocean. His eyes seemed to possess a mysterious charm, and his thin lips were red and appealing.

He had just taken a bath, so steam was still emanating from his body, and the water droplets on his hair slid from his neck onto his chest. However, his eyes had an indifferent yet slightly intoxicated expression, which added to his seductive demeanor.

In the dim light, the man walked toward the bedside. He staggered and almost tripped over his feet. He quickly supported himself against the wall, closed his eyes, and opened them again. His vision became blurry. He must have been drunk .

When he moved to the large bed again, the woman on the bed had already fallen asleep. She wasn't aware at all that someone was approaching her. Maybe because it was too hot, the button of her shirt was pulled open,revealing the top of her chest slightly.

When the man came to the bed, he didn't expect that there would be another woman there. He pounced directly onto the large bed.

"Mm..." The woman groaned in extreme discomfort when she felt the sudden pressure of the man's body. At the same time, she wanted to push him away.

Hearing her voice, the man frowned slightly. The soft thing under his body, which was twisting continuously, caused the blood in his whole body to circulate quickly.

The heat that he had gotten rid of in the shower just now was suddenly back, and the temperature of his body rose.

He opened his gleaming eyes slightly, and he couldn't help but hold up his arms. In the dim light, he actually spotted a large expanse of female flesh at a glance. He gulped and his mouth was instantly dry. The woman's body seemed magnetic, and it was impossible for him to take his eyes off her.

As he shifted his gaze upward, the woman's oval face was small and delicate, and her cheekbones were flushed from nervousness. She had dark hair that was floating around, and her hair and pale face seemed to form a distinct contrast. At this moment, the woman opened her sleepy eyes, and her vision was blurry. She bit her red lips lightly and whispered, "So heavy... Melvin..."

He didn't hear what she was muttering. He only realized that there was a seductive woman on the bed, and that soft voice was giving him an invitation .

He always thought that his self-control was unassailable, but today, he had no strength at all to resist her.It was as though he would break down in a second. Suddenly, he realized that he was trapped!

There was a drunk woman, with a pair of charming eyes and a coquettish look on her face.

She didn't seem to sense any danger at all around her.

Hmm, are there two Melvins swaying? The woman's tiny hand seemed so soft like she had no bones. Her hands reached out in curiosity and caressed the man's handsome face, as if she was exploring a work of art.

The icy cold sensation pricked him and the man's body shivered in response.

"Melvin..." The woman couldn't speak clearly. She cried out in a low and feminine voice and felt that there was a weight on her body. Subconsciously, she tried to push the man away, but she was drunk and weak. She didn't know how to push such a heavy thing away, and she couldn't see the man's face in the dark.

How heavy he was!

She felt wronged and she pouted, raising her tiny mouth. Her eyes were filled with tears and she looked pitiful. Seeing her expression, he had a reaction like a bomb exploding.

Some of his cells were activated, and his blood seemed to flow in a different direction. He touched the woman's soft and fragrant lips instinctively, and his blurry eyes were fixed on the woman's smooth and pale neck.His whole body seemed to transform and react.

The two rascals had forced him to drink too much. More importantly, they had actually dared to scheme against him!

"No, they wouldn't have done that!" He thought to himself. He firmly believed this fact.

Therefore,someone else must have drugged him?

His dark eyes turned blood-red due to anger.

His blood seemed to boil, and it was difficult for him to control his excitement. He was already struggling and on the verge of collapsing.

"Oh... So heavy..." The woman's voice was soft and deadly.

The man's body, which he found difficult to control always, was trembling violently. Sweat began to drip down his handsome face.

In the next second, he collapsed, held the woman in his arms and rolled on the large bed. The dark room seemed to have an atmosphere of romance.

The man suddenly became ferocious and powerful. The woman was so frightened that tears suddenly flowed from the corner of her eyes...

The woman's mesmerizing eyes were misty, and her hair that was long and silky tumbled to the side of the pillow casually.

He thought to himself that he hated women who would use any means to get close to him ! He shook his head and he wanted to push this woman away. However, he hugged her tighter instinctively.

Who was this woman? Was she one of the many girls who had deliberately planned to climb onto his bed? Was it someone who had given him a gift in order to curry favor with him? Or was it some other plot?

Regardless of the reason, his chaotic mind really didn't have the energy to think too much. The instincts of his body were beyond his control. After cleaning up the mess tonight, was there any need to worry about her causing trouble?

He seemed to be In a trance. The tiny face in front of him seemed to merge with a certain face in his memory, becoming more identical and clearer.

"Li...ly?" His words were somewhat inarticulate, and his mind was becoming muddled. The strong efficacy of the drug was like that of a venomous snake, and this poison was being aggressive within his body. His body, which was as solid as steel, trembled slightly involuntarily.