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My Sweet Second Marriage

My Sweet Second Marriage


Eudora has been married for three years. Her husband never touched her but he had many affairs with other women. To revenge her unfaithful husband, she planned to have a one-night stand with the dirtiest and ugliest person. Therefore, she chose a beggar-like man who was covered with blood. Unexpectedly, this man was Amos, the most successful businessman in the world. He used to be allergic to women. However, he could not forget the passionate night he spent with Eudora when he was seriously injured. He swore he would find her. By accident, they met again, but Eudora could not recognize Amos. With an evil smile on his face, Amos tightened his grip on Eudora and pressed her against the wall. "You took advantage of me that night. And now it's my turn!"
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"Felix, I can't take it anymore... ah..."

"Little one, you are telling me that you can't take it anymore now, huh?"

And they went for another round yet again. Eudora George suppressed the urge to vomit and turned off the surveillance camera.

That was her husband, Felix Meyer. They had been married for three years but he never once touched her. He'd rather indulge himself in alcohol and women outside.

There was a knock on the door. Her mother-in-law, Laura Westin, shouted from outside, "Why are you hiding in the room again? Are you rebelling because Felix is not home? You’ve been married for three years and you can't even bear him a child. Why are you being so unreasonable? Why didn't you come out and cook? Do you want to starve me to death? "

'It even takes two hands to clap. Giving birth to a child isn't something that I can do alone. Am I supposed to reproduce on my own?' Eudora thought.

Eudora suppressed her nauseated feeling and opened the door and headed to the kitchen.

Ever since she married into the Meyer family, her life had been nothing but a living hell. She gave up her independence and the opportunity to build her career. She gave up everything she had. She thought that as long as she tried hard enough, she would win Felix's heart. It seemed that despite giving her all, the only thing she earned was his family's growing hatred towards her.

Who would care about the sadness in her heart?

"Ah! Eudora, are you crazy? I asked you to cook! Instead you are mixing your blood with the dishes! Are you trying to disgust me to death?"

She heard Laura’s nagging and realised that she had just cut her finger. But she didn't feel any pain at all.

She looked at the bright red blood dripping from her finger, and then at her mother-in-law's disgusted look, she suddenly screamed in desperation. She felt so wronged.

It was late at night.

Eudora walked along the narrow and deserted street with a numb expression on her face, but there was a feeling of relief in her heart.

She had unknowingly wandered to the ghettos in Rosaville City. There were rubbish and incomplete constructions everywhere.

The area was filled with the homeless, beggars and drunks. The Meyer family didn't like her, but they refuse to grant her a divorce. Since they were being so mean, it's payback time.

She was planning to lose her virginity to the dirtiest and ugliest person she could find on the streets.


She heard moaning from the dark corner and Eudora walked over bravely.

Under the dim streetlight, a man was lying there. His clothes were covered with blood, his face ruined by cuts and bruises.

'Fights happen very frequently in this impoverished area. He must be a delinquent.' Eudora thought.

Eudora clenched her teeth and reached out to unbutton the man's shirt. She could feel her heart beating violently as she unbuttoned the first and second button.

The man's firm chest was exposed and she could feel him tremble at her every touch.

When she reached the last button, she suddenly heard a faint voice. "What are you doing?"

Eudora shivered. The man opened his eyes and stared at her, his eyes as sharp as an eagle's. At that very moment, Eudora wanted to escape. But when she thought of how the Meyer family members had mistreated her all this while, she held back.

"What do you think?" Her soft hands simply unbuttoned the last button and she slowly reached into the man's chest, rubbing his raw skin.

The sudden intimacy made the man's body tense up. Eudora removed the final barrier between the two of them and pressed her entire body against the man.

It was as though the man was entranced by the unique fragrance and softness of the woman touching him, he found himself unable to resist the gentle but somewhat unskilled touch of the woman lying above him. He couldn't take it anymore and grabbed her. "Woman, you asked for it."

At the moment when he finally thrusted into her, a teardrop rolled down from the corner of Eudora's eye. The man suddenly stopped.

He gently kissed the woman's tears away and patiently held her hand as he slowly brought her to climax.