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The Doctor's Wife

The Doctor's Wife



Book 1: The Red Side of Dr. Greene. You can find the story in my profile. ***** "Don't touch me, Alexander!" To my surprise, she flicks my hand away with all her force. Whoa... It's her first time to call me by my full name, and it seriously ignited something deep inside me. "I like it better when you call me like that..." I try to ease her out of the heavy atmosphere while reaching out to her again, but this time, she starts having some illusion, mistaking my chest to be a punching bag. "Baby...baby! S-stop..." I block her punches using my palms. I'm not sure if she really has the strength of a cute fetus, or she just doesn't want to hurt my yummy chest. "Tomorrow? Because you're tired today? Really? Tired of having sex with another woman? How is she, huh? Flexible unlike me? You haven't even seen me dance!" Wait, what? "Baby—" I am about to explain everything to her but she's not letting me speak. She keeps on talking about an imaginary woman she thought I fucked today and apparently doesn't have any plans to shut up, leaving me no choice but to push her against the wall, pin her arms over her head and crush my lips against hers. ------------------------------------------------------------ College student Emily Maxwell's life took a 360-degree turn when her dangerous menstrual problem was "treated" by Dr. Alexander "Xander" Greene. She thought that she could finally live happily ever after with the man of her dreams, but little did she know that being engaged to the hottest gynaecologist alive comes with a price......a dangerous price.
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Author's Note: This is the sequel to my first book: The Red Side of Dr. Greene. You can find the book from my profile.


"Baby..." I groggily murmur as I try to grope for my fiance's soft body beside me, but I have only found what seems to be a fluffy little ball and not my Emily. I have no idea what the current time is, but judging from the way the soft warmth of the sunlight coming through the glass windows touches my skin, I know it's time to wake up.

I don't open my eyes yet, not until the smell of coffee and bacon hits my nose and makes my stomach churn which prompts me to shoot up from the bed.


I turn to the purring sound and realize that it was actually my literal kitten that I have felt a few seconds ago.

Meowly Cyrus is currently licking her ass clean as she sits on Emily's space on the bed like a boss. She gives me a sassy kitty sneer when I squeeze her little head before moving out of the bed.

I look through the glass floor-to-ceiling windows around me and squint at the beautiful sight of the sea outside. Just the thought of my girl in the kitchen preparing my breakfast sends my blood circulation in turmoil...

...every damn morning.

I suddenly feel so alive and energized. I walk towards my closet and put my white shirt on, as I am only wearing my sky blue pajama bottoms.

After quickly brushing my teeth, I walk out of my room and look for her. My face lights up upon seeing her ethereal form contained in my plain white shirt huge enough for her body but perfect enough to give a delectable sight of those thighs and endless legs, those legs that make me crumble before my very own knees.

She is currently standing in front of the stove in the kitchen frying something, in which the sight always warms my chest in the morning. I've had a lot of women tried to cook breakfast for me before, but I had always shunned them away, as I was fully aware that it was just their way to spend more time with me...

And I didn't want any of them. I didn't want to commit to another girl, again...until Emily came.

My brow rises when she slightly bends over to get her carton of milk from the steel fridge beside her.

Good heavens, that ass...

I can see the outline of the bottom creases of her ass cheeks, making some indecent thoughts race their way inside my brain.

I lean back on the wall as I ogle her alluring backside while she's pouring milk into her glass. Her dark locks were scooped up into a loose bun, allowing some escaped tendrils to curl over the smooth of her nape. Oh, how I want to bury my face on it the whole day.


No, no. Scratch that.

My Emily...

I step forward but I stop in my track when she starts moving her ass in a weird humping manner. I tilt my head on one side as my lips curve up in a half-odd wondering smile.

"See that, Meowly? You should twerk like this. Oh yes, Baby. Like this. Get it?" I can hear her murmuring those words, making me raise an eyebrow. My eyes automatically drop to the floor to see my cat looking up at her. The sweet feline has no idea what the hell is her master's girlfriend doing.

My smile evolves into an amused grin.

"Twerk it like Meowly baby." The upper part of her body is working on my eggs...on the frying pan, while the lower down is somewhat dancing, fully unaware that a pair of delighted eyes are currently set on her.

Oh, can she be more adorable? I admit her little dance is kind of painful to my eyes, and so does to something inside my crotch right now, and it is not helping my libido. We haven't had sex for the past week because she had her period, and most probably until now.

And the lady has the guts to wear revealing clothes like that when she's currently a total cockblock.

What a fucking beautiful life I have.

Emily Maxwell has that sophisticatedly innocent face and a body that will make you melt like hot chocolate on the sunny morning. There's more to her than that, and it has been a pleasure knowing my future wife more and more each day...

I actually proposed to her last month, and I was tearfully happy that she said yes. A part of me expected that she would say no, as she is still young, and no doubt utterly new to these...things. She hasn't even graduated yet, but the thought of her graduating soon made me decide to make her mine forever, as early as possible.

She is just so naive and innocent which I find annoying at first but then it grew on me. In fact, I found it adorable in the long run.

Probably because you have fallen in love with her?

And when she said yes, I was surprised at how happy I was upon hearing it. I have never been happy since my mother died, and for the past year of bliss with Emily, I have finally found the content in my life. I certainly can't pinpoint the exact reason why I am so into her, but I am pretty damn sure that losing her is the scariest thing ever. I know it does, because I have experienced it before, and I would not allow it to happen ever again. It scared the shit out of me.

Since then, I promised myself to take care of her and every inch of her...every damn day. She successfully resurrected the red side of me that has died a long time ago and now, I will show her how intense the way I love a woman.

Meowly walks away, totally ignoring what Emily is blabbering about, prompting her to stop her little dance and continue making my breakfast. I smell bacon and eggs, along with my coffee.

I didn't speak a word. Instead, I walk up to her as slowly and discreetly as I can, and the moment I touch her waist, an endearing, soft gasp comes out of her lips.

She didn't turn her head to me. Instead, she just lifts her head from the mug of coffee she is preparing and smiles.

"My Adonis is up..." she utters in her just-woke-up voice that I always find sexy.

"Uh-hmm..." I lean in closer and press my nose on the side of her neck which feels so soft and smells so intoxicating. It's like a mix between strawberries and vanilla, my favorite scent ever since I met this woman.

My hands sensually move to grope her body, feeling her warmth all over.

Her breathing hastens.

"Are you hungry?" she manages to ask as she stirs my hot coffee, carefully mixing the sugar in it. I always like my coffee with some extra sugar in it and a bit of milk. For the past year, she has fully mastered the perfect blending for my taste buds.

I just continue to breathe her in.

"How was your sleep?" she gives me a sideways glance.

"It was great, as usual, as long as you're beside me." I genuinely say. In a swift movement, I turn her around to face me.

Oh, how lucky I am to be able to see this beautiful face every day. I tuck a wisp of her dirty blonde fringe from her forehead and look into her face.

"Have I told you that you look as dazzling as the morning sun over that bluish hue of the lake?"

She lifts the mug and offers it to me as she lets out a soft giggle. "Since when did you become poetic, Alexander Greene?"

"FYI, I was a geek during my high school days."

She blinks. "Oh really?"

"I can show you my pictures in my old albums sometimes. It's in our old house." I tell her.

"Please do. I would love to see you in your glasses and braces. We can also visit your dad at the same time..."

The smile on my face fades. My dad and I are not totally okay yet, but at least, we're civil to each other. Maybe, I need some more time to bring back our closeness...

"You're growing your beard again." She changes the topic as the back of her fingers plays the stubbles in my jaw. She probably has noticed a slight change in my mood.

"Why, don't you like it?" I ask. I take another sip on my coffee and bore my gaze into her beautiful brown irises that are peeking into mine.

"I do. You look like a fetus if you don't have it." she scrunches her nose as she said that and swiftly turns her back on me to get some plates.

My eyes drop once again to her round butt. The way her ass cheeks move against the thin fabric of my shirt is instigating something inside my pants. It's like she's not wearing any panties.

My aroused reflex immediately grab her and hug her from behind, with my hand snaking just above the back of her thighs...

"B-baby, it's too early for that, isn't it?" she stutters her protest as my hand moves up between her cheeks underneath. She unconsciously parts her thighs a bit to accommodate my action.

My eyes widen as I touch her nakedness underneath. "You sly little fox..."

How can she not tell me that her period is over and she's not wearing her panties now?

"Any problem?" she gives me her signature innocent look, seemingly unbothered by my naughty fingers that are now buried between her legs.

Oh, so she wants to play...

"Nothing much," I whisper into her ear. She tenses up when my middle finger reaches for her clit and presses on it.

The sound of her little breathy moan didn't escape my ears.

"Come here." I pick her up and set her on the countertop.

"Xander, we should eat our breakfast first. I'm hungry. " she tries to push me away, but there's a playful smile on her lips.

"I'm actually gonna eat my version of breakfast right now." With hasty movements, I immediately part her legs and set them on the edge of the counter. I then slide my hands from her ankles up to her thighs, my palms savoring the softness and smoothness of her skin.

She throws her arms around my nape and giggles as I kiss her neck.

"Stop being so hot you always make me lose my mind, you naughty girl."

"What did I do wrong?" she purrs with a virginal look on her face. Goodness.

Really, I am still confused if she's playing innocent, or she really is still innocent, and that bewilderment is arousing me. It has always been cuddle nights for us for the past week, and I missed making love to her so badly.

I press my mouth into hers and we start kissing passionately. Her hands are busy on my hair, while mine are fondling her breasts through her shirt, my thumb playing with her swollen nipples. I hold onto the hem of her shirt and pull it up just below her breasts, as I want to tease myself even more. I drag my nose and lips on her tummy, creating wet, sensual circles around her sexy navel.

The sound of her breathy giggles is just making the crotch part of my pajama tent even more.

My phone starts to ring.

"Great," she groans out.

I am about to pull her shirt up to her neck, but the ringing continues.

"Won't you get that?" she asks, catching her breath.

"Forget it. I'm hungry." I pull myself up and reach for her mouth once again but she starts to avoid it.

"Baby, the call..." she reminds.

The phone won't stop ringing.

"Dammit!" I exclaim.

"We have the whole day today, Xander. Check who's calling. Maybe it is something important."

With closed eyes, I momentarily battle with myself, but Emily's words succeeded. I pull away from her with a deep sigh and go to check my phone out.

It is Nichola, the new nurse who replaced Nina. She's an African-American woman in her late thirties who is the total opposite of Nina, as she's sweet, jolly, and the most important thing is, not attracted to me. It should be a protocol in the hospital to give me nurses that are either asexual or are disgusted with my types—handsome, handsome, and oh, extremely good-looking.

Married or not, some women just can't contain their panties in their proper places when they see them.

It is kind of windy here, isn't it, Man?

Of course, I'm just kidding.

"Yes Nichola, anything?" I try my best to hide my displeasure as I finally answer the phone.

"I am sorry to bother you, Dr. Greene, but there's a walk-in patient here."

I roll my eyes. I have strictly fixed my schedules since last year, but some women are just a pain in the ass.

"Emergency?" I ask.

"Nothing serious, I guess," she replies.

"Can you at least tell her that I'm doing my consultations in the afternoon?"

"We have informed her already, but she wants to see you now." Nichola's voice is urgent, inducing my forehead to crease into annoyance.

"What's her name? Do I know her?" She better be a stranger or someone unimportant so it would be easy for me to say no.

"Just wait a sec." Nichola pauses for a few seconds, and I can picture her looking at the chart of the patient.

"Oh right, here it is. Uhm..." she pauses once again. Damn it. Why can't she just say it already?

"Her name is Natalie. Natalie Summers."


My grip on my phone loosens up a bit as I blink at the memories that accompany that name.

I haven't heard of that woman ever since we had that lunch, which I had a great time by the way, and now, she's back.

I wonder what her problem is.