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About Jimmy

About Jimmy



Jimmy had always thought that it was lucky for him to find a beautiful, well built and highly educated girlfriend like Lydia on his own. Therefore, in love, he always tried his best to think for her and believed that he had done everything he could. The two had been in love for four years, and they were classmates in college. It was time to get married. Urged by his girlfriend, he gathered his courage and bought a lot of gifts to visit her parents with Lydia. Unexpectedly, as soon as he entered the room and called out his parents, Lydia's father grabbed the gift he brought and threw it out. His mother even prepared a broom to drive him away. Lydia was so angry that she cried and pleaded with her parents. Jimmy walked out of Lydia's house in a daze.
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Jimmy had always thought that it was lucky for him to find a beautiful, well built and highly educated girlfriend like Lydia on his own. Therefore, in love, he always tried his best to think for her and believed that he had done everything he could.

The two had been in love for four years, and they were classmates in college. It was time to get married.

Urged by his girlfriend, he gathered his courage and bought a lot of gifts to visit her parents with Lydia.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he entered the room and called out his parents, Lydia's father grabbed the gift he brought and threw it out. His mother even prepared a broom to drive him away.

Lydia was so angry that she cried and pleaded with her parents. Jimmy walked out of Lydia's house in a daze.

Behind her, Lydia was arguing with her parents

"What do you like about him? His father is not a good man. Don't you know that he doesn't have a decent career and he must be the same kind of person with his father? Are you stupid? You will regret after marrying him..."

Walking on the road, Jimmy felt helpless and burst into laughter.

It was useless to cry or beg. It's no doubt that the result was the same.

What Lydia's parents did today meant that there was no room for negotiation. In that case, why should they blame themselves.

Back in the rental house, Jimmy's phone rang. It was Lydia.

"Jimmy, don't mind what happened today. My parents will allow us to be together after they know you."

"It's useless!"

"You don't even want to work hard?"

"I'm willing to do anything for you. But you can see your parents' attitude. What do you think I should do to make them have no prejudice against me?"

Jimmy tried his best to calm himself down, but his heart seemed to be empty all of a sudden.

It was really sad. He had sacrificed everything for four years in exchange for the current situation. He could do nothing but to hold on

He could only blame himself for being incapable.

To be honest, Lydia's parents might have exaggerated her behavior, but if it was his own daughter, she would probably not agree to marry a person from a family like him. The difference was that the way they married would be euphemistic, but the ending would be the same.

After hanging up the phone, Jimmy fell asleep.

After waking up, he changed his clothes and washed his face. In the mirror, he saw a pale and handsome face. Perhaps this was his only advantage. Of course, this advantage was more like a irony to Jimmy.

She turned on her phone and saw many messages from Lydia.

She didn't care about his family, money or anything else. She only cared about him.

Jimmy put away his phone and went to the night shift.

He knew Lydia well. She was a good girl, but she lacked her own ideas. In other words, she didn't have the courage to do something paranoid with him, so no matter how confident and sweet she was, Jimmy didn't dare to take it seriously. Besides, he had delayed Lydia for four years. If the two of them would break up sooner or later, it was better to take advantage of this to break up completely.

Jimmy was supposed to be a training partner. In short, he needed some technical skills to cooperate with the boxers with protective equipment. The working place was a Boxing Gym named OVERLORD, which was also a very famous place in the city. Recently, he had chosen some powerful boxers to participate in a very formal competition, which caused all the irrelEvant people in the boxing field to have a month off.

A holiday meant no income. Jimmy couldn't afford to wait, so he found a part-time job and worked as a waiter in a night club from eight o'clock in the evening to the early morning.

Jimmy was working at a bar street in the downtown. L night club

Every night, neon lights were dazzling and electronic music could be heard everywhere. When they came here, they would really understand what night was like in a modern city.

Jimmy's job in L night club was the simplest kind of waiter. He would pay his salary by hour, with tips but no commission. Although he was a part-time worker, he could earn one hundred dollars a night. Because he was not good at socializing, some part-time employees who joined him had already earned a lot of money.

In fact, men and women were the same. They were more handsome, sweet tongued and had a lower bottom line. Jimmy had only worked here for a few days, but he had seen several people who had abandoned their main business because of making money here.

"Jimmy, there is a guest call in room 241 on the second floor. Go and have a look!"

As soon as he changed her clothes, the director's voice came from the intercom.

Jimmy pressed the inter phone to receive it, but he felt something was wrong instinctively.

The private rooms of L night club were roughly divided into three grades. The first floor was a place for ordinary people to spend, and the second floor was a place with high consumption. It was usually some high-end white-collar and businessmen.

The third floor was the most expensive. Because of the high price, there were not many people going there. Normally, the night club would not open for several days, so the majority of night clubs were on the first floor and two floors.

For a part-time worker like Jimmy, the two floor was a place where he longed to work. The salary would naturally be higher if the guest was generous and generous. He had been serving the first floor all the time. If the supervisor suddenly asked him to serve the private room on the two floor, everyone would think it was a good thing, but Jimmy didn't think so.

Jimmy refused his arrangement because of an unreasonable request when he first joined the company. Since then, the director had been making trouble for him. Now it was his turn to do such a good thing. It was so unreal.

But in the workplace, it was useless to think about it. If he wanted to continue to work here, he had to follow the arrangement of the director.

After getting the fruit platter and the wine, Jimmy walked towards room 241.

"Brother, be careful. I heard that the guest of room 241 is Angela..."

Alan, who was also serving on the second floor, reminded Jimmy that they had passed by in a hurry.

Jimmy's heart sank. Angela? No wonder the manager asked him to serve her.

The name Angela was very famous in the night club and even in the nearby night club.

It was not a good reputation, but a cunning and vicious woman. She liked to play with young men the most. Generally, the people she liked didn't have a good result. In L night club, Jimmy heard that several employees were forced to resign by her money and power. He remembered clearly that it was a new employee who had a conflict because she didn't obey the excessive demands made by Angela. The bodyguard broke his leg. The way he threw the money on the man's face left a deep impression on Jimmy.

It should be said that Angela was not welcomed in any night club, but there was no night club that would not allow her to enter. The reason was that Angela was a rich person who spent money like dirt, and her family was also unfathomable.

Jimmy felt uneasy and finally calmed down. He went to room 241 and knocked on the door.

"Come in!"A woman's voice sounded from the room.

Angela's typical sharp voice came from inside. A short and fat woman with greasy face appeared in Jimmy's mind.

He had seen Angela, a woman who didn't deserve her name at all.

It could be said that she had all the shortcomings in a woman's appearance, short, black, fat, small eyes

It was hard to imagine how much God hated a woman to make her look so bad.

Jimmy lowered his head and walked in.

In addition to Angela, there was a young man and two bodyguards in the room. The music was playing, and the two of them were singing a love song together.

Without much observation, Jimmy put the fruit plate and the wine on the table honestly. After doing it silently, he turned around and wanted to leave.

"Wait a minute!" Angela stopped Jimmy.

"Miss Angela." Jimmy stared at Angela's feet and saw Angela walking towards him with short legs.

Angela lowered her head in front of Jimmy. As she approached, Jimmy could see her even if she lowered her head.

"Are you new here? Why haven't I seen you before?" Angela asked.

"Yes, miss. I'm a part-time worker."Jimmy answered her question.

Now that Angela had seen clearly Jimmy's face, her little eyes flashed. Although her features were not too delicate, they looked unusually handsome when they were combined. Combined with his figure and temperament, there was a very eye-catching smell.

More importantly, Angela had seen a lot of men, so she could judge other aspects of a man by her eyesight. Compared with the handsome man she brought, Jimmy was undoubtedly more suitable for her.

"Come and sit with me for a while!"

Angela took her handbag, took a stack of money and handed it to Jimmy.

Jimmy hesitated. He knew that for some people, disagreement meant offending, and if they agreed, they might make more trouble.

He didn't take the money and replied politely, "Miss, there are too much..."

"I have a lot of money. Take it!" Angela pulled open Jimmy's collar and threw the money into Jimmy's clothes. She grabbed Jimmy's hand and sat on the sofa. The handsome man who was singing with Angela consciously moved some seats for the two of them.

Jimmy didn't discriminate against ugly women. When it came to beautiful women, he would politely avoid eye contact with them. But now he was forced to be so close to Angela. He couldn't look straight at her face, nor was he polite... Especially when Angela spoke, the unintentional smell made Jimmy hold her breath.

Angela's eyes were full of provocation. Of course she knew what she looked like. Many men looked at her the same way as Jimmy, but the results were different. Some men enjoyed riches and honour, and some of them accidentally encountered a car accident or were beaten half dead.

"Let's play a game. Let's come together!" she picked up the cards

"Sister, is it a big risk for the loser?"

The handsome man came over flatteringly.

When Jimmy heard that Angela was going to play the game, he knew that something bad was going to happen. The so-called big adventure game was actually not too simple, and the purpose was to provide an appropriate reason for some inappropriate things.

Jimmy didn't want to offend this woman, so he had to agree reluctantly.

The game began.

Obviously, Angela was good at playing cards. Jimmy lost in the first round.

Before Angela could say anything, he consciously drank three glasses of beer. The glass was very exquisite and beautiful, but its capacity was not small at all. A bottle of beer could only be filled with one glass.

Angela smiled secretly and continued to play cards.

Obviously, Jimmy was still unlucky. He lost again. He frowned and picked up the three glasses of wine he had poured in advance.

Jimmy thought he was so unlucky. No matter how hard he tried, he would always lose.

Angela's expression became more and more unhappy. The purpose of playing the game was to be happy. This guy didn't allow her to make any request, only drinking.

She was not in a hurry. Did he want to drink? Then let him drink as much as he wanted.

After drinking a lot, Jimmy rushed to the bathroom.

Beer, drunk but also intoxicating.

She staggered back to Angela and said, "sister, I can't drink anymore!"

Angela said meaningfully, "I can't afford it."

Jimmy was too drunk to think too much and turned away.


The sound of wine bottles falling on the ground behind her rang out. Angela, who was originally calm, suddenly changed into another person. "How dare you talk to me like that? Do you want to leave? Drink up all these wine and I'll let you go."

Jimmy looked back and found more than 20 bottles

In an instant, two bodyguards behind Angela walked towards him. One of them stepped forward and pressed his arm, forcing him to kneel on the ground. The other pulled his hair and forced Jimmy to raise her head.

Angela took the bottle and forced him to drink it.

Jimmy's mind was in a trance and his chest was heaving.

There was always someone who would trample on another person without scruple, thinking that he was really the God who could control everything.

As Angela got closer and closer, a bottle of wine approached her.

Jimmy's eyes turned red.

He grabbed a man's hair behind him and pulled it down hard. At the same time, he twisted his body and got rid of the control of his arm. Then he stood up.

Although he was drunk, he instinctively resisted.

Few people knew that his father, who looked like a lunatic in other people's eyes, used to be a founding member of the Boxing Association. Jimmy had been taught how to fight and be beaten since childhood, although he had seldom fought with anyone.

She let out a scream. A man's hair was pulled a lot by Jimmy.

Then Jimmy kicked another man on the knee.

At this moment, the situation was reversed.

The little handsome man shouted beside, "do you know who miss Angela is? If you can get out of the night club today, you will be awesome!"

Jimmy sobered up and said, "miss Angela, please let me go..."

Suddenly,with a snap!

Angela raised her hand and slapped Jimmy in the face

The two bodyguards who had been hit by Jimmy suddenly realized what had happened. The two of them pounced on Jimmy at the same time.

Angela stepped back and said, "call him. I'll be responsible for anything."

The two bodyguards were professional hitmen, and their movements and strength were very difficult to deal with. If Jimmy was not drunk, these two bodyguards were not worth mentioning. But in this situation, Jimmy's face and abdomen were quickly hit many times.

In particular, the guy whose scalp was scratched by Jimmy was very painful. He picked up a bottle of wine and threw it on Jimmy's forehead.

Blood seeped out and blurred Jimmy's sight. He couldn't help but hit the door of the night club.

The alcohol numbed his painful nerves, so he could only mechanically open the door and run out.

"Catch him!"

Angela gave orders angrily and picked up her phone at the same time, "stop the door of the night club!"

The guests on the second floor, including the waiters, heard the sound of room 241. Those who knew the inside story only felt pity, but those who didn't know the inside story were watching jokes and bustling at the door.

This kind of thing rarely happened in entertainment places, but it was not rare either.

Alan and Jimmy worked part-time in this night club at the same time. The two of them had similar characters and had a good relationship with each other.

Seeing this, Alan went to the bathroom quietly.

He didn't dare to dissuade or help. What he could do was to call the police, hoping that Jimmy could hold on until the police came.

Jimmy couldn't run faster than the two fully awake people. The distance between them was getting closer and closer. What made him even more desperate was that when he was about to go downstairs, messy footsteps were heard at the same time. At least five or six people rushed over, and they were also Angela's people.

The situation was so urgent that he went into a room. Several women who were watching the fun screamed. Jimmy tried his best to pull the table to block the door, and the chaotic sound of smashing the door and scolding followed.

The women retreated to a corner, and someone took out his mobile phone and called the police in a hurry.

The blocked door didn't work at all. The table was knocked back and Jimmy couldn't resist it alone.

He looked around and found that the room of the night club was airtight without even a window.

The door was knocked open little by little, and Jimmy quickly stepped aside.

In the harsh sound, the table was overturned by several people, and people rushed in.

Without any reaction, Jimmy fell to the ground, curled up and covered his head, letting these people beat him.

It seemed that Jimmy's body was no longer hers, and his mind was gradually fading away.

If it went on like this, he was not sure if he would die here.

After a long time, they stopped.

A familiar figure walked towards him. It was Angela.

She squatted down and slapped Jimmy's face with her fat palm. "Are you happy?"

Jimmy had no strength to move, but he was still driven by an invisible impulse. He suddenly jumped up from the ground and grabbed Angela's neck.

No one had expected such a change. When the bodyguard beside her was about to step forward, Jimmy grabbed a bottle and smashed it on Angela's head without hesitation. The remaining sharp bottle was against Angela's neck.

"Who dares to move again?"

Angela was very angry, but she was also very scared.