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Dad, Marry My Mum!

Dad, Marry My Mum!


Sherry Zhang set up a booth and she was selling spicy hot pot in the night fair. One night, her booth was accidentally hit by a luxury car, and the man rolled down the window and showed his face. It’s the president of the largest company in the city. She didn’t take this episode to her heart and continued her simple life. But one day, the president invited her to one of the most luxurious hotels in the city, and made a propose: “Would you be the mother of my child?” She refused him at first. But for the sake of the beloved little girl, who called her mom, at first sight, she agreed. However...
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Sherry Zhang rode her bicycle into the Imperial Court Hotel, which was the top hotel in T City. The hotel security guard was stunned as he saw her, presumably have not seen anyone rode a bicycle toward the Imperial Court Hotel.

"Ms. Zhang, you have arrived. Our Third Young Master is waiting for you inside." As soon as Sherry parked the bicycle, a man who looked like a bodyguard came over and invited her politely to enter the hotel.

She did not speak and followed the bodyguard into the hotel silently.

Imperial Court Hotel was designated luxuriously and magnificently. It was the hotel under Mu's Corporation, which owned by the largest wealthy family in the city. Anyhow, Sherry was not attracted by the hotel's grandeur at all.

Every movement of hers was observed by an anonymous man ever since she followed the bodyguard to enter the hotel.

"Mom, mom..."

The young girl who was held in the man's arms sat together in front of the surveillance camera were keep staring at Sherry. She leaned forward when she saw her through the surveillance video, her beautiful little face that full of eagerness, constantly stepped closer to Sherry who was on the screen and called out for "Mom, mom."

"Moya." The man called softly to the girl and held the child tightly, fearing that the child would fall over. A nanny who stood beside him asked respectfully, "Third Young Master, leave the youngest miss to me."

"She wants to have a look at her 'mom' and let her be, I will just hold her." The man responded to the nanny in a low voice.

The nanny intended to tell that Sherry was indeed not Moya's mother, but she dared not to express it since the child's mother died unexpectedly a year ago in a car crash. Third Young Master had deep affection towards his wife and mentioning her will remind him of the deep sorrow.

"Mom, mom."

Moya kept screaming and struggling with her body, very much wanting to pounce on the screen.

The man had to put some extra effort to hold the child.

The nanny watched the scene heartily.

The reason Moya called out to Sherry to be her mother was due to a scene a few days ago, where Third Young Master took his daughter Moya, who was only one and a half years old went out together since he hardly had spared time to be with her. While passing through the largest night market in T City, his car almost hit a cart with a stroller selling spicy skewers at night stalls and the owner of the cart was Sherry.

It was a small and unexpected incident initially. After all, they did not bump into each other. But no one expected the little child who never spoke out could literally call "Mum" when she saw Sherry across the window and cried out for her badly.

He was surprised and shocked for his daughter's cries, as she would dash toward a stranger, who looked completely different from her mother.

Moya cried a few days in a row and no one could help it. This caused her father to send someone to find out Sherry's contact number and arranged for the meet at the Imperial Court Hotel.

Other than the nanny, there were four bodyguards dressed in suits and leather in this room. Two of them stood not far behind the man and another two stood at the room's entrance.

Outside the door was guarded by the manager of the Imperial Court Hotel.

The pomp was great and the atmosphere was tense because the man who held the little girl was the head President of Mu's Corporation, the Third Young Master, Richard Mu.

Sherry followed the bodyguard to the large room in which Richard was in, and the manager took her in. When she entered, he waved his hand, indicated everyone to leave the room.

Once Sherry saw the surveillance video in front of Richard, she just had a glance at it as she moved her gaze to the little girl. Moya was adorable and had a fair complexion. A pair of black eyes of Moya's were pure and dribbled around. The pink dress on her petite body had made her even more lovely and caused Sherry to fell in love with this child from her first sight.

"Mom, mom."

When Moya saw Sherry, she immediately struggled in her father's arms. Richard released his hand at the right time so that Moya can slip to the ground. She staggered and trotted, then held Sherry's calf with her little hand and kept shouting with her face upward, "Mom, Mom."

The child's voice was tender and crisp and this caused Sherry's heart melted. She bent down and took Moya into her arms, kissed Moya's little face lovingly, as a credit to be called Mom.


Moya cuddled her arms tightly around Sherry's neck and seemed to be very intimate. This caused Sherry unable to express that she was not the mother of Moya.

Richard turned and his deep black eyes fixed on Sherry. She had a natural beauty even dressed plainly, with just pale blue T-shirt and beige cropped trousers.

"While most of the children were able to call out to their mother at around their seven months, Moya only did it at her one and a half years old which was the event in a few days ago." Richard did not go nearer, his low voice felt the pain for his daughter.

While looking at the cutie in her arms, Sherry casually asked, "Where is her mother?"

Richard pursed his lips and his dark eyes tinged with pain. The gaze at her seemed to have a sense of resentment, but it was flickered. He then replied to her in a low tone, "She died in a car accident that took place a year ago."

Upon hearing this, Sherry looked up at Richard and just happened to catch the sorrow in his eyes. Knew that he was so heartbroken over his wife's departure and apologetically said, "I am sorry, I did not know about it."

Richard said nothing, looked at his daughter who was still holding Sherry in her arms with a gentle gaze. His view differed frequently and finally said in a warm and sullen tone, "I almost ran into you in the night market a few days ago, did you remember?"

Sherry nodded.

She could remember the scene as Richard had rolled down the car window at that moment. He then glared at her coldly, in which the glance was unforgettable for days.

"Ever since Moya saw you that day, she started calling her mother and took you as her mother. She cried unceasingly and kept yelling for her mother, this could not be coaxed by anyone. I have hired many nannies to take care of her, and my family even loved her like a jewel in the palm of their hand, but she could only speak when she saw you. I guess that is what you two are meant to be."

Richard's explanation was still sober, and his voice was very pleasant, as mellow as wine, which sounded intoxicating.

After listening to his explanation, Sherry was a bit surprised that a one-and-a-half-year-old child treated a strange woman for a mother with a single glance. She then looked down and stared at the baby in her arms, whose lovely appearance softened her heart again.

She gently nudged Moya's little hand around her neck, kissed again her small face with love and compassion. She smiled, "I just love the child at my first glance." She then continued and examined while looking at Richard, "Do you want to hire me as a nanny?"

Richard then pursed his lips again, seemed contemplated on the way he should bring it up.

Sherry could not wait for an answer and her sight fell back to the little girl in his arms. Moya, who had cried for many days finally saw her mother. Now she clung tightly and refused to let go of her mother, worried that her mother will leave her after her hand loosened.

"Ms. Zhang, please have a seat." Richard invited Sherry to sit down suddenly.

The two had never introduced themselves but Richard knew Sherry by name. Since the youngest miss of Mu's family regarded Sherry as her mother, Richard would definitely inquire about her name.

"Mr. Mu, you may speak directly if there is any." Sherry walked to the sofa while carried Moya in her arms.

She recognized Richard, the president of Mu's family, who had been on television and in newspapers, which recognized by the public as well.

He walked over and sat opposite Sherry and looked at her with his dark eyes. He then tugged his lips to squeeze a sentence: "Ms. Zhang, I want to have you to be Moya's mother."

Sherry was shocked.

The words by him were sounded truly like a marriage proposal...