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My Darling is A Healing Angel

My Darling is A Healing Angel



  She was the daughter of the royal preceptor in power. Her father did not like her, and her mother died early. She an engagement with the emperor, who, however, refused to marry her, thinking she did not behave or enjoying the appearance as the first lady. He was a well-known powerful man as an emperor, who attracted many hot girls.
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  Cyrene Giles was awake!

  In July, the scorching sun was burning. Even if he stayed in a cool room, it was too hot, but he lay on the bed, covered with a blanket, and Cyrene Giles felt that his whole body was chilly. Her cold teeth trembled.

  “am I still alive?” she felt faint. Cyrene was weak and struggled to open her eyes.

  She had been blown to pieces with the warship. How could she still be alive?

  "What happened?" Cyrene tried to recall something, but she couldn't remember what had happened after the explosion. It seemed that the memory was blank. The only thing she could be sure of was that she could not be rescued.

  "Forget it, I don't want it anymore!" Cyrene Giles gave up thinking and prepared to get up to investigate his environment. But when her left hand touched the bed, there was a sharp pain in her wrist.

  "His ..." Cyrene took a deep breath and fell back unprepared. Her head rested on the bed.

  However, Cyrene was stunned by the memories that flowed out of her mind before she could even scream.

  He was dead and his previous body had been blown into pieces. Now, it was Cyrene Giles, the eldest daughter of the Apocalypse family.

  Her father was a teacher of the current emperor of the Qing Dynasty, and her status was unparalleled. Her mother died from obstructed labor. Her stepmother was her aunt, a charming and gentle woman.

  And she herself ...

  Without giving Cyrene much time to think about it, the door opened and a middle—aged man rushed in and pulled her off the bed indiscriminately: "Cyrene open, you're so brave! ! "

  "Ah ..." Cyrene shouted, trying to protect her head while she fell. She pondered: Damn it, why I was so weak!?

  The man casually threw her on the ground and screamed at her "You little beast, the marriage is the Emperor’s will. What's up to your sister? Who gave you the courage to threaten your sister with death? Your sister is a princess. It has nothing to do with not being a queen. You don't even look at yourself.

  "You ... bastard!" Cyrene Giles shouted at him angrily. This was the first time that she hadn't been bullied by anyone since she was an adult!

  She had Cyrene Giles record it!

  "Bastard? You little bastard, who dared to call me a bastard? Who gave you the guts?" The middle—aged man gritted his teeth and lifted his foot to kick her.

  "You're enough!" Cyrene turned around on the ground with a quick reaction. She stood up with much effort and stunned at the in front of her. The man seemed a familiar one but also strange.

  The memories that belonged to the original body owner told him that this was her father, the present emperor’ s teacher, Ji Xian Ji. The man was so courtly and elegant to others but cruel to her.

  "You, you dare to talk to me like this,.You! Go to the hell” The middle—aged man was extremely angry and slapped Cyrene Giles’s face hard.

  "Stop ..." Cyrene Giles instinctively raised his hand to block it, but the moment he raised his hand, he realized that his left hand was not at all strong.

  Oops, she forgot that there was a wound on her left wrist and that she had lost too much blood.

  "Phh ..." Cyrene Giles was a little slower, so she was hit by the teacher, and her body was crooked. She took a few steps to stand on the bedpost.

  His left cheek was aching. Cyrene got so furious that she wanted to stand up to fight. However, she was so physically weak that she even couldn’t defend, let alone fight.

  Cyrene spit out the blood in her mouth, hid her left hand behind her body. She stared at the Emperor’s teacher: "What do you want?" Bastard man, is this the original body owner's father?

  Stepping into the room, he said nothing but to beat and went mad at his daughter, Was this a father’s attitude towards his daughter?

  Mr. Giles was lucky because she would not be weak. Otherwise, he would be miserable!

  She, Cyrene Giles, was not one who’s is easily been bullied!

  "What do I want? You should be the one who asked me. What do you want? The Emperor’s decision for this marriage has already been made. What else do you want? Why not marry? look at how you look now, King, no one else will marry you, except The Duke of North Lanka? "Mr. Giles pointed at Cyrene Giles's right cheek and looked disgusted.

  There was a slap—sized black spot on Cyrene Giles's right face, which burned on her face, ruining her delicate appearance. However, at this moment, Cyrene had no idea what to do.

  "King of the North Yan?" Cyrene was stunned. There was a moment of chaos in her mind as if he had broken a piece.

  "Don't pretend to be a little girl. You can be the Empress because of the defect on your face. Your engagement with the emperor has been called off. Don't look for death in my House. You'll have to wait until you get married to The Royal House of North Lanka. "

  "He, the emperor ..." Cyrene was on the spot. A raging memory flowed into Cyrene Giles's mind. Cyrene had not reacted yet, and his right hand covered his face.

  She had a marriage contract with the Emperor, which was dissolved ten days ago for the reason of her ugliness and lack of the Empress’s manner.

  It is said that she was ugly because there was a big black spot on her right face. This black spot was not born but was a sequela of the original prince trying drugs.

  A few months ago, the Emperor was poisoned, and the doctors were helpless. The original body—owner, who had practiced medicine for fifteen years, went to the palace to try to solve the emperor's poison and save his life, but eventually ruined her appearance.

  Three days ago, the Emperor gave her to the Duke of North Lanka as a Princess because of her sister's words.

  “What?you dare to dissatisfied with the Emperor?" Giles looked at Cyrene with disgust, destroying his refined and steady temperament.

  Cyrene did not answer immediately. Instead, she stared at Giles’s without any emotion in her black eyes. Her eyes like a sword pointing at Giles, making him uneasy. Then she slowly said: "How dare I am dissatisfied with the emperor? As the Apocalyptic people, I am willing to save the emperor from death. "

  This was the original body owner's most genuine thought. She did not regret disfiguring her life to save the emperor, nor did she hate the emperor's remorse for marriage.

  the Royal House of North Lanka, that was not a good place to go.

  If it was a month ago, she would be the object of jealousy of the whole city, but now the world would only sympathize with her. The Duke of North Lanka, who held military power, is facing enemies not the battlefield. Although he had an outstanding reputation, and an unparalleled position in the Empire, she wanted to marry him had to prepare to become a widow at any time.

  However, being a widow was not the worst thing. The worst thing was that the rule of The Royal House of North Lanka was that Princess North Lanka and the Duck of North Lanka did not seek to live together, but to seek common death!

  To put it bluntly, once the Duke died, his Princess had to be buried!