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Our Love Has Died

Our Love Has Died


She is a humble maid in the palace, has regarded as a woman disaster who has been accused of betrayal, which caused 100,000 soldiers’ death in the exotic country. He is the supreme emperor of this country. Although, he has saved her life from the fatal charge because of love, he also has been torturing her into the ice-cold hell because of her disloyalty. The night, he married his queen, she was not only heartbroken serving in front of their bed, but also found that she had fallen into a terrible conspiracy and trap...
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Changle Palace with carved beams and painted buildings shining under the mottled moonlight.

The sultry voice of decadent lust came faintly from the palace.

On the dragon bed, Susan had no trace, and her charming white body was covered with purple marks.

"Your majesty, it's hurt ... please let me go ..."

The man she called his majesty is Alex Lu, the master of this country.

The man's big palm suddenly grabbed her black hair and a violent streak flashed across his face, "I have never wronged you before. Why do you collude with the outsiders to destroy my country?"

He asked coldly, but the movements beneath him did not stop, and huge heat reached her deepest place.

"No ... I didn't ... ah ..."

Her voice trembled, not until she unfinished her last sound, her body was filled with unutterable pain and joy. She silently accepted with a frowning.

Gradually, her eyebrow and eyes became lustful, which makes Alex Lu became angry.


He raised his hand and grabbed Susan's snow-white neck, "because of you, all our 100,000 soldiers died in the blood! Hundreds of thousands of people died in this way in the hands of your Susan! According to Chu's law, I should cut you to pieces! "

Hundreds of dead bodies fell and of the blood were shed in thousands of miles. The scene just like happened yesterday.

His hands tightened slowly.

"Your majesty, I didn't betray you ... ahem ..." The big hand stuck Susan's neck, making her very uncomfortable, her eyes closed, intermittently explained, "your majesty, I have never ... never stolen imperial edict, really not ..."

Seeing Susan going to faint, Alex Lu release her at once.

Even if she had caused the 100,000 of his elite soldiers killed, he still could not kill her in purpose!

He looked coldly at the woman beneath him, put on his dragon robe and threw the door away.

Susan struggled to prop herself up and exhaled. She lay prone on the dragon bed and looked obsessively at the direction Alex Lu was leaving.

A little while later, eunuch Mr.Li came in with the medicine bowl,"drink it."

His words drew a long tail sound, and in this silent palace there were all his echoes.

Even after hundreds of times, Susan could not help but shrink into the depths of the dragon bed when she saw the thick, black and sticky traditional Chinese medicine, which emitted an unpleasant smell.

"Miss. Susan, as your majesty wanted you, it is your blessing. But your majesty should make his favors equal to all his wives, you don't deserve that. If you don't want to, then don't blame that I will treat you rudely ... "

Susan bit her lip and stepped forward to take the medicine bowl. As soon as her eyes closed, she gulped down the medicine.

Bitter medicine into her intestine, the lower abdomen there was a faint colic.

This is a very cold medicine to pay tribute to the suzerain as Chu's dynasty from the western regions. Taking it afterwards can prevent conception, while taking it for a long time will make the women difficult to conceive children.

She has taken this medicine countless times.

She lowered her eyelids and felt an indescribable pain in her heart.

Mr.Li took out a long red paint ruler, opened Susan's mouth and squinted to see if there was any medicine residue in her mouth. After the time of half a cup of tea, he said, "let's go."

Susan got up from the dragon bed and walked back to her commadation with heavy steps.

Walking out of the hall, she saw many maids adorning Changle Palace with red silk cloths and red lanterns.

The crowd was not surprised to see her coming out of his majesty's bedroom. Only a small maid scoffed.

"The emperor is going to marry Miss. Shang, the sister of General Shang. As the queen, she ordered us to pick up the Changle Palace overnight, in order to welcome the queen's coronation ceremony in seven days latter ... Susan, you are the maid of Changle Palace, and then you have to serve the Empress. Instead of wandering around here, it is better to go back and ponder the future empress's preferences ... "

Susan turned pale and almost fell to the ground.