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The Legend of Kingdom

The Legend of Kingdom



After 27 years of the Yi Dynasty, when the Feather Emperor was in a state of disarray, the Crown Prince was determined to consolidate the imperial power. The first step was to abolish the intelligence organization, which relied heavily on the military. The First Prince, who was sealed in history, with a beauty who had hidden her past, the Lord of the Dragon-kind who had plotted the arrangement of the sea, and the River Channel who had a fanatical faith, all stepped onto the stage of history one by one. A lonely road of royal authority was slowly being paved under their feet …
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During the twenty—seven years of Yi Dynasty, the human clan of the Han Province rebelled. They left the Northern County without permission and invaded the Ning Province, approaching aggressively.

Ever since the Yi Dynasty began, the six clans submitted to Xue Xiao Yi and respected him as the master of the World, and he was even known as the Feather Emperor. However, for twenty—two years, the Feather Emperor was not in the imperial court and stay away from the capital and live in seclusion in the Meditation Pavilion. All the matters in the kingdom would be decided by Crown Prince Xue Yin Shu, and the situation would be smooth and the people would live in peace.

Until the chaos in the Han Province, Xue Yin Shu led his army and led it to the MieYun Pass to pacify them.

In September, the Mie Yun Pass was covered with a thin layer of snow. When he stretched out his hand, he could feel the instantly melting coldness. It is pure and cold,just like the wings Feather man used to feel the power of the moon.

The army of the bird clan was stationed outside the city gates of Ning Province, facing off against the human clan rebel army. Inside the main camp, a white—haired Feather man was tapping his knuckles on the side of the table, seemingly deep in thought. His hair was tied up high, and he was dressed in a tight—fitting shirt. Apart from the silver embroidered emblem of the white thorns on his left shoulder, which proved that he was one of the most distinguished members of the dynasty, his attire was not different from that of any other soldier ready to go to war.

The curtain of the tent was lifted, and a trace of the intent of the wind and snow rushed in. Sire, someone from Qing captal has arrived! "

Xue Yin Shu's heart skipped a beat and he suddenly stood up. A black figure stepped into the tent and pulled off the hood, revealing a face that was no longer young. Xue Yin Shu was startled. "Master Tang, why are you here?"

The person smiled, bowed to him and said: Sire has summoned 'Luna Cabinet for service, how can Tang Luo not come?

"You came alone?"

Tang Luo did not answer, tacitly agreeing.

Facing the expected reaction, Xue Yin Shu was disappointed. He slowly sat down, the light in his eyes had dimmed, and only lightly said: "I am requesting Luna Cabinet's help, but I do not dare to work here."

"Sire," Tang Luo stared at him intently, "I also specialize in using detective power, so I can do whatever you want Luna Cabinet membersto do."

"Oh? You dare to use the detective power? Then, does my lord know how to move stealthily? Do you know how to hide the special body appearance of the Feather man—bird man? Do you know how to escape when your trail is exposed? " With that, Xue Yin Shu completely retracted his smile, "Could it be that Master thinks that with just the detective power, you can easily obtain important military information from the human army?"

Tang Luo was the number one scholar in the imperial court, and had been living in the imperial court for a long time. Although he was well—versed in observing and discovering the secrets of accretion, he had no experience in fighting with people or secretly fighting with enemies. He was unable to respond to any of what Xue Yin Shu had said. It was true that he could use his own mental strength to control other objects, and sense everything that was discovered in the detective power, but in a dangerous situation, it would probably be impossible for him to achieve perfection on his own.

He stared fixedly at the crown prince in front of him, his shining eyes revealed his determination, "Sire, please give me a chance, I will definitely find out what Sire wants. I will not refuse it even if I die nine times!"

The passionate look in his eyes made Xue Yin Shu have an illusion. It was like if he did not agree to it, something would break. But he suppressed the emotions at the bottom of his heart, and endured it. He no longer looked at Tang Luo, and stood up to look at the large public opinion map that he had constantly seen.

Outside this chilly MieYun Pass, where the two armies faced off against each other, the most eye—catching thing in the main camp of the Yi dynasty was not the map of the surrounding area, but the public image of the entire World — Tang Luo's eyes revealed a complicated expression.

Xue Yin Shu's finger swept across the vast rivers and mountains, and finally stopped at the north Jinbei Corridor as he said softly, "I remember teacher saying that twenty—seven years ago, the great war of Luna Cabinet was held here, and that was also the great battle of my father's name."

Tang Luo's gaze grew distant and the tiredness from the bumpy days also seemed to have dissipated. He reminisced about it as he lowered his eyes and said, "Yes. In the battle of Zhong Province, your father led the allied army of the three families, and they suffered a great defeat to the imperial army, breaking the last force that could contend against the Schroeder's disease. Finally, the three continents and six clans submitted wholeheartedly, and the Feather became the supreme master of the World.

At that time, the alliance army that Xue Xiao Yi led was actually weak. The three clans all had their own plans and named it a alliance. As for the human empire's' Pingzhuang ', it was ambitious and imposing, although there were famous generals in the three clans' allied army, Xue Xiao Yi, who was born in a noble family, did not stay in the military. He had always traveled and was adept at wonders, and had never before commanded a war himself.

However, in such a situation, the allied army had completely annihilated the imperial army without much difficulty. The reason for this was that the allied army received the news beforehand about almost every tactical arrangement of the army.

The Luna Cabinet that was loyal to Xue Xiao Yi had sent seventeen of his men to the various camps in the imperial army to gather and relay information regarding the various forces. Under these circumstances, the generals of the allied army were not mediocre. With the speed of the chess piece, they easily swallowed the large dragon that was the Pingchang Army.

However, no one would think that this was their own achievement. They would feel deep reverence for the Luna Cabinet, an intelligence organization.

The people of the world only knew that there was nothing the Luna Cabinet didn't know, but very few people knew the origins behind it. The only thing they knew was that the Luna Cabinet only belonged to the Feather's Crown Prince, Xue Xiao Yi.

Even … Until now, it still belonged to Xue Xiao Yi alone. Xue Yin Shu had taken over almost all military affairs, and only understanding it might not even be enough.

Looking at Tang Luo, Xue Yin Shu said coldly, "I remember that those seventeen Luna Cabinet memberss all died, right?"

"Yes." Tang Luo laughed despondently, "You know, they do not have any unfathomable ability. They are just exchanging their lives for information regarding the military. If you overuse the detective power, they will definitely die from the exhaustion of their mental energy. "

"So, this is the reason why not even a single Luna Cabinet member in the Your Majesty is willing to transfer them to me?"

"No, no!" Tang Luo said anxiously, "Don't think too much about it Sire, it's not that there will definitely be damage done just by performing military tasks, it's just that … Now that all Luna Cabinet members are scattered throughout the World, we cannot mobilize them for the time being … "

"A moment?" Xue Yin Shu's voice slightly rose, "Master Tang, two months ago, I informed the entire Your Majesty about this matter, and even today, am I still unable to mobilize this information?"

Tang Luo was speechless. Xue Yin Shu continued, "Teacher, you came alone to help me because you knew that this battle would be dangerous. I understand that. "But …" A hint of sadness appeared on his face, " Your Majesty, this kind of battle where victory and no loss is allowed, is not comparable to the 'truth' that he was looking for."

After the unification of the World, Feather Emperor—the chif of bird man, had become more and more immersed in mysterious matters, searching all over for the strange objects that were scattered throughout the place, and even five years ago, he had abandoned the imperial court and returned to Qing Capital. No one knew what he was looking for, but the powerful Luna Cabinet s had all been used for this method.

Tang Luo was the one who was in charge of Luna Cabinet member's name list, and was also the one who directly gave them the order. However, if he did not have Xue Xiao Yi's orders, he could not randomly dispatch his men from the Luna Cabinet. Tang Luo was also a Luna Cabinet member, but he had never received any training related to scouting. He had come today with the great determination of facing danger in the enemy camp, yet...

"I really can …"

Tang Luo still wanted to say something, but Xue Yin Shu interrupted his request.

"Don't say anymore!" His voice carried the majesty of a ruler, "Tang Luo, if you really want to rely on a weak scholar like you to trample the road ahead of us, how will you bring honor to the warriors of the three armies of Feather?"

Amidst the reprimand, Tang Luo closed his eyes and opened them once again with a smile on his lips: "Actually, Your Majesty doesn't need Luna Cabinet."

Xue Yin Shu did not answer.

"Actually, Sire did not even need to lead the Lanzhou's Imperial Guards to lead the army. The army could have defended the people of Ning Prefecture against the people of Han Province. After all, even the MieYun Pass had not fallen." Tang Luo looked at him, "But before Sire went to battle, he requested for Luna Cabinet member's transfer, why?"

"Why?" Xue Yin Shu took a few steps forward, passed Tang Luo, reached out with her hand, and forcefully opened the curtain. The wind blew in, making his voice even colder.

"Because, our threat does not only come from the people of the Han Province." His tone was cold. "If the Hanning Line were to be opened, the counties would surely be stirred. It will be too late to do anything by the time the rebellion begins. "

"So, for the sake of such a possibility, the Sire went all out, using all the elites of the imperial court to enter a dangerous place?"

"You may never know how many ambitious people the World has." When it came to the root of such political disagreements, Xue Yin Shu was not willing to argue any further, "In short, I don't need Luna Cabinet member's help. I will do it even if you do not let one person and one person into the MieYun Pass. Regardless of whether there are Luna Cabinet s or not, "he took a deep breath," I, will win. "

Crown Prince Xue Yin Shu led his troops out of the MieYun Pass, and in the second month, the two armies fought. The Crown Prince brought the relatives of the Fierce Wings Battalion to take the Northern Capital General Tie Lianhe.

Yi Chao promised the Tie Family that they would return to the Northern Capital, and that they would not pursue the matter further. So far, Hanzhou had been settled.