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Mr. Leng, It's an Sexual Abstinence Love

Mr. Leng, It's an Sexual Abstinence Love



He was a well-known villain in A City, and also the leader of the business community. He had a short temper and was very fickle, yet he pointed out that he wanted to marry her, the destitute daughter who had been kicked out of the family, as well as his single mother. After the marriage, he said: She is only a decoration, a casual wife, two people do not interfere with each other. As long as she and her son had a place to stay, then she would have no other wives. Yet, she had a casual meal with another man, exchanged a few words with him, and even glanced at him a few times. He always wanted to sully her and even beat him up, hooting that she was his wife … What about the 'non-interference' agreement?
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"Uncle Wen, I beg you. Please let me go in and see my mother." Xu Zi tugged onto the butler Uncle Wen's sleeve and begged.

Uncle Wen pulled back his sleeves coldly. Towards the young miss who had been kicked out of the Xu Family, he no longer had the respect he used to have.

He raised his chin and squeezed out the words from his nostrils, "The madam said that she will no longer open the door for you. Go away. If Eldest Wife is sick, we will ask the doctor to treat her."

With that, Uncle Wen turned around and left while instructing the security personnel, "Close the door!"

"Uncle Wen, Uncle Wen …" Xu Zi rushed forward, but was pushed away by the security guards.

"Bam!" With a loud noise, the Xu Family's door was mercilessly closed by the security guards.

Xu Zi threw herself onto the door and shook the door hard, begging, "Please open the door. Let me in to see my mother. I'm begging you."

No one paid any attention to her.

Xu Zi's voice was a little hoarse.

After a long while, she turned around in pain and ran headfirst into someone's arms, causing her to retreat in shock. Her feet staggered and she almost fell down. That person hooked his arm around her waist, preventing her from kissing the ground.

Lifting her eyes, she met a pair of sinister black eyes.

She quickly took two steps back and lowered her eyes to the ground, taking this opportunity to adjust her mood. Very quickly, she raised her eyes, and politely thanked the man, "Shaoyu, thank you for just now."

The man who supported her was the old neighbor of the Xu Family, and also the Fourth Young Master of their sworn enemy, Leng Shaoyu. Leng Shaoyu and Xu Zi had known each other since childhood, and they grew up together, so they could be considered as childhood friends. But Leng Shaoyu always bullied Xu Zi.

Leng Shaoyu pursed his lips and did not say a word. He stared at her for a long time before raising his eyes to look at the door which was tightly shut.

"What's going on?"

Xu Zi followed his gaze and looked at the door of Xu Family. With pain in her eyes, she said softly, "My mother is sick, I want to go in to see her, but, I am unable to."

Leng Shaoyu frowned, and then he pursed his lips tightly. His turned his eyes from the door back to Xu Zi and asked coldly, "How do you know your mother is sick?"

"Xu Yan told me." Xu Yan was her second uncle's daughter, and was one year younger than she was.

Leng Shaoyu scoffed heavily, "Back then you were kicked out of your home, and that old granny of yours said that no one was allowed to interact with you anymore. It appeared that Xu Yan had a deep affection for you."

She purposely told her about her mother's illness to worry her, but she was unable to cure it.

Xu Zi heard the meaning behind his words and her heart swept with grief. She was kicked out of her home, how could she threaten her cousin's status?

"Let's go."

Leng Shaoyu suddenly pulled her hand.

Like a frightened bird, Xu Zi shook off his hand and took a few steps back, successfully attracting Leng Shaoyu's cold stare.

"Shao...Shaoyu, where are you going?" Xu Zi forced herself to calm down and looked at him.

Leng Shaoyu looked at her sinisterly. He liked to pucker his lips, and he didn't really like to answer her questions.

A few minutes later, he walked past her and said coldly, "Your mother is not in Xu Family. She is very sick this time and has been sent to downtown hospital for a long time."

Xu Zi's face revealed an expression of anticipation. If her mother wasn't in Xu Family, would she be able to see her mother?

Leng Shaoyu intentionally blew her enthusiasm, and continued, "Your grandmother has sent people to guard her. Without your grandmother's consent, you won't be able to see her. I originally wanted to bring you to see her. Since you reject my kind intentions, then I won't meddle in your business. After all, our two families are enemies, so we don't have any friendship of neighbors."