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Freeloader Boss:My Unexploited Adorable Wife

Freeloader Boss:My Unexploited Adorable Wife



With the company on the brink of death, she was forced to sign a three-year agreement with a man and became his captive lover. She had no emotions and could only ask for it endlessly. Even though she knew that the other party was only looking at her as a toy, she still couldn't stop herself from falling into depravity. After three years, she wanted to leave, but a man grabbed her wrist. His deep voice rang in her ears, "Don't leave. As my woman, I can give you anything you want." She wanted to run, but he kept pressing on. Did he see her as a playmate, or was he really in love with her?
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is not something you can afford.


Zhi Zun – Sea City's most luxurious gold cave.

Under the dim light, the woman had her back against the wall. She was wearing an azure cheongsam, and her entire person looked a bit rag and sexy.

When her phone rang, she immediately picked up and said: Xin Ai, where are you?

"Du du …"

The other party's signal was poor. After a series of intermittent murmurs, the phone automatically hung up.

Suspicion flashed across Ye An Ran's heart. Half an hour ago, she received a message from Xin Ai that he was being pestered, so she did not dare to come out to the room that was hiding. She was told to come to pick him up, but when she opened the door, it was actually …

"Hurry up and find her. How dare is she to hurt boss, don't let her escape …"

At the same time, the sound of messy footsteps came from the corridor. Ye An Ran didn't have time to think about it, so he lifted his skirt and ran in the opposite direction.

After running for a short distance, Ye An Ran suddenly saw a few figures moving at the end of the corridor.

The footsteps of the two groups of people got closer and closer. They could see her after just one turn!

She had rushed to the private box to find Xin Ai just now, but when she opened the door, a man had pounced on her and tore off her clothes without giving any explanation … She struggled "accidentally" to injure the man's vital parts.

A chill crept up the soles of his feet as he thought of the man he had glanced at as he fled.

Jin Wu, the most powerful person under Sea City, she would definitely lose a layer of skin if she was caught red—handed.

In a panic, Ye An Ran turned around and saw the only private room at the end of the corridor. The slightly opened door revealed a faint darkness, which was mysterious and filled with unknown.

"Ranking 08, Zhi Zun."

When she saw the number on the carved solid wood panel, her hand, which she had placed on the doorknob to open the door, stopped. A look of hesitation flashed across her face.

The 08 of Zhi Zun 6 was the only room of the entire Supreme Club that had the name of the clubhouse, which was the most luxurious and mysterious room.

It was said that this room was specially made for the backstage behind Zhi Zun's back, so this room would not open to public.

It was said that no outsider had entered this room, and no one had ever seen a person walk out.

If the rumors were true, then she had somehow broken in now. It was hard to predict her misfortune.

"Come on, I just saw her turn into that corridor."

The footsteps drew closer and closer. The previous group of people had chased after them while talking.

Ye An Ran bit his lower lip, took a deep breath in and pushed the door open as he walked in.

In a dilemma, she would rather take a step forward and rush into the unknown. It would be better to die than wait for the known tragedy behind her.

Pushing open the private room's door and entering inside, Ye An Ran saw that the entire room was pitch—black, the curtains were drawn back, and not even a trace of moonlight could be seen.

Fortunately …

With a sigh of relief, she locked the door from the inside and slid onto the carpet with her exhausted back against the door.

Could it be that the group of people outside were the same group of people that Xin Ai mentioned in her text message to detain her? Then where is Xin Ai now?

It couldn't be that they found her in the box, which was why they blocked her way in.

But how could Xin Ai, who was going to school properly, offend these people? Unless...

There was no one in the room, Ye An Ran was gasping for breath, her head was in a mess.

She was so nervous that she could hear the buzzing noise in her ears, but she didn't notice it either. Her deep and light eyes that were not far away from her were alarmed when she came in, and they directly landed on her body.

His little prey had finally arrived.

The man shook the glass cup in his hand and sat on the leather sofa with his legs crossed. After seeing who it was, his dark eyes turned even darker and his lips curved up in a faint smile.

The person outside did not see anyone in the corridor, so the sound of footsteps could be heard. Separated by the door, Ye An Ran heard the sound of people knocking on the door.

If this went on, she would soon be found!

She could only try to find a place to hide.

Ye An Ran did not dare to turn on the light casually, and followed along his instincts. However, she accidentally tripped on something, causing her to lose control of her balance and fall forward.

Caught off guard, Ye An Ran fell to her knees, and then fell face first onto the sofa in front of him.

With an extremely low grunt, it was unknown if it was that he was too nervous, or that the pain from his knee hitting the ground was extremely hard to concentrate in, but Ye An Ran did not notice this fleeting and light sound.

In the darkness, the man looked down at the woman who was kneeling before him.

Her hand buried between his legs, and her face was down. The warm shallow breath belongs to woman gushing to his private part through the skinny suit pant. Lonely man and woman in such a dark and tranquil environment, in such a posture that made one's imagination run wildly, the man's breathing couldn't help but become heavier.

It seems that something stick her… ….

Ye An Ran anxiously shrank back as the sound of knocking came from outside the door. She anxiously hid and tried to prop herself up.

"Don't move!" Her wrist was gripped by a cold hand, and the man's deep, magnetic, and restrained silence was like a thunderclap in this silent dark room. And he said "You can't afford to keep moving."

A vaguely familiar voice sounded, causing Ye An Ran to be stunned for a moment. Then, in the next moment, she violently woke up and retreated a few steps, only to realize that her entire body was lying on the man's body, and her face was on his waist, her hands press the down part, which was so soft that did not seem were legs but …

When he realized why the man's breath was not right and where her hand was pressed, something exploded in her head.

At the same time, the door behind her was knocked several times. No one responded and it was slammed open.

At the same time as the door was forced open, someone pressed on the light in the room.

The black clothed bodyguard aggressively rushed in, but the scene he saw left him in a daze...

Under the charming light, a pair of head and neck intertwined and overlapped on the sofa. The man was followed by the woman, while the woman revealed a snow—white skin which formed a sharp visual contrast with the black leather sofa beneath them.

Before the door was broken open and someone rushed in, it proved that the scene was so hot accord to the kiss on the man’s face.

The throwing man in the door was smashed open someone rushed in the moment, the man in his arms tightly hidden under his own body, but the half—hidden half—dew how can not cover the spring light impact on the door several men's visual nerves, they canot help but swallow a mouthful of water.

"What are you looking at? "Get off— —" The man's pitch—black eyes were filled with anger as he spoke in a low and cold voice. The person in his embrace couldn't help but shrink back.

Even if they had not seen it, they had heard that Zhi Zun's private booths were only open to VIP guests. Anyone who could enter was either rich or noble, and they had disturbed his business, they would not dare to continue offending them.

A few bodyguards at the door quickly glanced at the woman beneath the man. Her long hair covered her face, but from the looks of her, it was unlikely that she was the one they were looking for.

The little woman curled up on the sofa, trapped by the man's arms and body, opened her eyes when she heard the door close.

When Ye An Ran saw the man's perfect face, she feel heart tightened and pushed the man away in the next second.