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The Return of Sword Master

The Return of Sword Master

Author:Meng Bai


Feng Ziyue, the one and only Lord of Sword, has broadened the field single-handedly. It is rumored that when he comes from the West with his sword, the whole world is under his feet. Regardless of his achievements in Kendo, he is still forced to be separated from his family. His life is invincible while regretful. He gets a book of oracle in the ultimate myths of Kung Fu, accidentally. And because of this book Communion with Cosmos, he is under the attack of numerous Kung Fu masters and is under the danger of being silenced. Surprisingly, he wakes up to discover the clock has ticked back for 30 years and he has become a teenage boy again. Now that there is a chance to make up for everything, he will not miss it. And the peak of Kendo shall breakthrough once again.
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It is deep into the night, lights of Changming Tower still sparkle in the suburb of Wuyang City.

The tower is a symbol of Wanjian Villa, embodying admirations to the lord of Kendo from the people.

Wanjian Villa in Wuyang city is where the Lord of Sword, Feng Ziyue lives. He lost his eyesight, his left arm and parents when he was young. Regardless of his misfortunes, miracles dwelled on him at the same time., Hhe had come to realize the essence of Way of Swords and had never lost a fight with his sword, to anybody, anywhere.

Twenty years ago, he was crowned the Lord of Swords.

Now Feng Ziyue is standing at the top of Changming Tower in Wuyang city. H, his left leave is empty with no arm and thus is full of wind. Tonight, the wind is blowing very hard.

He's no longer young and naïve. Time has crept onto his stern and good—looking face;, a long and deep scar meanders above his eyelids which makes him mysterious and worn. He hides his sword in its shield. It is just a regular and plain sword but in the eyes of Kung Fu masters, the blade itself glimmers. At this particular moment, the sword vibrates remotely with the moon, as it is longing for blood after countless fights.

A sealed book opens itself in front of Ziyue’s face and a rainfall of golden letters fall from the sky. The stunning lights of diamonds light up half of the nightfall and blur it with shimmering gold. Although he is not able to witness the miracle, his heart is pouncing at the same pace with the syllables of this oracle, and through which he is able to feel this book with heart.

"Communion with Cosmos!"

This is the legendary book of secret Kung Fu manuscripts, and it is the origin of all those bloodsheds for the past ten years. It falls into Ziyue Feng's hand by accident.

Communion with Cosmos is the key to a brand new world of Kendo practicing, Ziyue has reached a much higher and deeper understanding after reading it. If he could have met this book twenty years ago, Ziyue is confident to transcend everybody and everything. Is it even possible to reach the dimension of a broken world and become the god.

However Ziyue is no longer able to cultivate his strength.

Feng Ziyue had hurt his Qi in lower belly many years ago, and all his meridians were shattered so he was no longer able to practice Qi anymore. Taking a sharp turn in life, he immersed himself in The Way of Swords ever since. It is exactly his pure focus on the Way of Swords which has made it possible for him to reach the extremes and ultimately using it to fight against Qi. In history, he is the very first person to break out the Field of Primordial without Qi.

"Even if I could not practice this book, it is still a pleasure to hold it in hand and to take a glance at the essence of Kung Fu."

Holding this book in hand, he has felt the same vibration over and over at nights with a full moon. He has memorized and contemplated over every word and finds it extremely abstruse. Once in a while when he wakes up from dreams, he cannot help thinking where and what he would be if he was able to practice this book back then.

However, this might be his last night with this book of oracle.

It is true that people who possess fortune and talents are more susceptible to sufferings. Ever since Ziyue got hold of this precious book, eremitic Kung Fu masters showed up one after another. All they want is this book, and for tonight, it is the date of a duel.

Life and death must be judged and blood must be seen tonight.

The moon is cold and the wind is even colder.

All of a sudden, a shadow casts on Feng Ziyue's face and the sword on his back vibrates nervously. Shimmering gold lights shrink into an ordinary book with three strong characters on its cover: Communion with Cosmos.

"What's coming will come!" A cold smile lingers around Ziyue Feng's mouth.

Mysterious shadows emerge from all directions and move around swiftly and elegantly. Judging from their outfit and ornament, those people are Kung Fu masters with distinguished status for sure.

Almost all Kung Fu masters have gathered here on this particular night.

Wuying, Bugui, Qianmo, Panguo, Xiaoxiang… Rivals of Ziyue's are all within ten miles around. Not even so many people would show up at a Kung Fu Convention, as some of the rivals are considered legendary figures in the field of Qi and they're even beyond Kung Fu masters.

Those people have achieved such extreme levels of Kung Fu that they can move swiftly toward Ziyue within a few breaths.

Ziyue does not dodge for an inch. He is still the unrivaled Lord of Sword even if he is facing the most fearsome enemies. Ziyue stands still at the top of Changming Tower and allows himself to be surrounded.

"This will be the last fight between Wanjian Villa and your gang. I have dismissed all staff members of the villa and am waiting for your all by myself. Take the book if you can!" With almost all the top Kung Fu Masters in front of him, Ziyue still talks in a cold tone, feeling detached and proud just as when he was still a young boy. He used to see those so—called heroes as ants, and he hasn't changed his mind till today.

Rivals stay silent, their words are bleak anyway.

Ziyue hummed while closing his sleeves, a sword rushes out from the sheath on his back and floats in front of him. It looks just like a shiny spinning top.

He leaps gently with one foot standing on top of the butt of the sword. The whole world is under his eyes and nobody can deny his spirit of a true master.

"Man and sword in one! How can you do this without practicing Qi?" Guan Zhongliu lets out a cry, his face is pale and twisted and his eyes burning with the flame of jealousy and hatred.

Everybody is surprised and cannot believe what they see. They all know that Ziyue has shattered his meridians and thus it is impossible for him to practice Qi. No matter how good his Way of Sword is, he shall not be able to reach its extreme. However, he is able to bring "man and sword in one" back tonight. Even grand Kung Fu masters shall be taunted.

"Brother Guan, we were friends since childhood. It didn't occur to me that it was you who leads the gang to come and compete for this book! Words are redundant and just show me what you've got!" Ziyue lets his sword out first with a laugh.

A fight is a fight, words are all redundant.

Even though Ziyue is aware that every single person of this gang could match him in Kendo or Qi, but he shows no fear.

As long as I have my sword in hand, I am unbeatable. With a hundred or thousand more people, I can still manage to fight.

This is the pride of Feng Ziyue, Lord of the Sword.

The gangsters exchange a few looks between each other and clench their teeth tighter. No room for gossips as they have decided to fight Ziyue with the whole gang. Ziyue is too strong and they can't spare to care about social status or dignity. Everybody takes out his or her piece of weapon and joins the fight.

Boom! Flashes of sword sparkle.

Glamorous sparkles of the sword seem to have become a swirl and suck more than ten top Kung Fu masters into this swirl right away. No sounds of metal crashing into each other, there is only the sound of blade slicing throats open, like wind chimes jingle along the wind, beautiful but creepy.

At this particular moment, the sky has changed its color.

Sparkles of the sword cover hundreds of miles around, nobody is able to escape.

This is the most fearsome battle for the past century. Perhaps some of them are secretly regretting taking part in, only if they had known they have to hand their lives over in exchange for this book. Perhaps if they do, some masters won't join Guan Zhongliu in this battle against Feng Ziyue hesitatingly.

Who could have foreseen that this half—disabled person could manipulate his sword so adroitly as if it were his own body parts?


When sparkles of the sword finally fade away, there are only two people left on top of the Changming Tower.

Ziyue's iron sword has broken into two pieces but he still holds himself up in the air. His white gown is tainted with blood, just like plum blossoms. Three pieces of weapon cut through his chest and have reached his heart. Blades of those pieces appear snow white and stone cold under the moonlight.

"Bravo! I heard you have transcended the ultimate boundaries and indeed." Ziyue coughs and forces out a smile, "With a single sword I have met all the top masters tonight, and I can die without regret now."

His life is slipping away but in order to take it, his rivals lost thirteen lives of top Kung Fu masters.

"With no regrets? How come you end up like this today?" Guan Zhongliu bursts into wild laughters while standing on the opposite side. He is mildly wounded, but obviously none of them is fatal. For now, it seems that they have won this battle against Wanjian Villa.

Guan Zhongliu appears to be extremely awkward however, his laughter does not sound like it of a winner.

Feng Ziyue frowns, "Speaking of regrets, if I have any, it is the fact that you have been hiding away at the back all along. No attacks but only defenses. It is a shame that I could not experience your Way of Phoenix. Well, speaking of which, I never had a chance to fight you after seventeen. What a pity..."

He coughs violently with blood dripping from his mouth. The life of the lord of Kendo is about to end.

"I took the bet and so I'm willing to accept my failure. This book is yours now!"

Life and death, come and go. He's been pursuing Kendo his whole life and there's nothing he cannot let go.

Everyone he wanted to protect is gone. Although he had a chance to witness the essence of the ultimate Way, he was not able to cultivate himself. Last but not least, Wanjian Villa has been wiped out from the world and he has no reason to linger around any longer.


As the winner, Guan Zhongliu lets out some creepy laughter.

Feng Ziyue coughs gently and spits out bubbles of blood. Guan Zhongliu is one of his dearest friends since childhood, and he can't figure out why the relationship between them has gone this wrong. He can't figure out why this friend has turned so against him. Ziyue has always stayed generous and pitiful toward this childhood friend, but he can never imagine that he would lose his own life to this guy and the gang of top masters Guan Zhongliu has brought here tonight.

Guan Zhongliu bends down and picks up the book on the ground. He caresses the cover with a mocking smile on his face. What a vicious look of a villain.

He stares at Feng Ziyue, who is almost inanimate, with hatred, grievance and contempt in his eyes.

"You shall not pity me. I knew you are a genius and that I could never reach your height in my life when you were only seventeen. Even if I played tricks to blind your eyes and break your arm, and I even had your meridians shattered, I still never can reach your height, not even close."

Hearing the confession, Ziyue shivered with astonishment, "What did you just say?"

He suffered from blindness, lost his arm and had all his meridians shattered at an early age, and thus could no longer cultivate Qi anymore. He thought those were all just accidents but now he has come to realize that Guan Zhongliu is the man behind all these.

Those words strike him like thunders. He has been in a peaceful state after reading the book, but he can no longer stay calm after hearing what Guan Zhongliu said.

Astonished and angry, when Feng Ziyue starts to reflect on his childhood sufferings, it seems like Guan Zhongliu was in each of the pictures.

That's not all. Guan Zhongliu puts on a cold smile and is determined to torture Ziyue before his death. "Do you still remember your biggest regret in your life? Your parents' death? If it were not for my help as an informant, how do you think people from Tianwaitian could locate them so easily?"

What? Feng Ziyue roars with more anger and fear than he felt when he was fighting more than ten top KongfuKung Fu masters just now. All feelings have come to gather inside him, "You…I treat you well. Why would you do such thing…"

"You ask me why?" Guan Zhongliu's face has become so twisted and he barks like an animal, "Because you're stronger than me! Because you're No.1 in this world! I should be the Lord of Kendo! And you're just son of a bitch."


Feng Ziyue is furious. He almost sees bloodsheds with his own eyes even if he has been blind for more than twenty years.

"Besides…Do you still remember Xiaodie?"

Guan Zhongliu's voice turns calm and cold, "She was mine! She was mine! Since you took her from me…"

He grinds his teeth and makes lots of weird sounds, just like a zombie.

"Then I'll have to destroy her as well…"

"You go fuck yourself!"

Ziyue has never cursed like this ever since teenage, now he is full of rage and streams of blood erupt from tiny wounds all over his body.

He forces himself to practice Communion with Cosmos, gathering his last breath to push the sword forward.

Blood as the sword! Kill!

And all come to one single sword.

This is the strongest move in his life as the Lord of Sword. He burns his life and soul to feed this invincible sword.

At the last moment of his life, he seems to break into another whole new level of Kendo. And he is very close to the ultimate realm of Kendo without knowing it.

Guan Zhongliu dissolves into blood powders under such strong attack, this clown has only enjoyed his victory briefly and is then killed by the anger of the Lord of Sword. It never occurred to him that Feng Ziyue could still manage to fight back after being wounded so badly. After all he is at the same level: they have both reached the field of Shadowless Kendo.

With bones shattered and flesh smashed into pieces, Guan Zhongliu is down before he realizes it.

He doesn’t even have time to display a surprising look and the smile still lingers around his mouth when he is smashed by sparkles of that sword. The only thing he has left in this world now is a shed of disgusting blood.

Too much cunning in plotting and scheming is the cause of one's own undoing! This sentence best describes the life of the ugly villain!

In the meanwhile, Feng Ziyue falls from the 99th floor of Changming tower.

With his blood drained, his life has come to a stop.

Feng Ziyue falls like a feather in the wind. Sinking deep into cold, darkness, despair and loneliness, he can only hear the sound of wind blowing hard during his last journey of this life.

It should not be a regretful night for him, but at this particular moment, he is soaked with regrets.

As the Lord of Sword, he is played by a snitch and has wasted his life after all.

For the past 30 years, the sword was his only companion and he dies alone with no family members or lovers around. No matter how fast his sword is, he is always slow in saving any of his family members or friend. This has been his biggest regret hidden deep at the bottom of his heart, and it has come to an explosion right before his death.

If only he could live once more.

This is his last wish before the Lord of Sword joins the arms of death.

This night, the city of Wuyang vanishes, Changming tower collapses, the Lord of sWORD dies and the book of oracle Communion with Cosmos disappears. What a night!