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My Boss Lady

My Boss Lady


"I must waste money!" The poor young man accidentally entered into a magic system named "Prodigal", and this sentence has been become his pet phrase since that. Setting: You're a useless prodigal. Task: You must spend 100 million dollar within 48 hours. Rule: You'll get 1 point of full attributes and 250 points if you win. If you fail, the punishment is unknown. Looking at the task of the interface of the system "Prodigal", Nicholas Windsor reluctantly waved his hands: "It's not my real intention, but I have to waste money as the task required!"
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  The weather in June was hot. On the street, a young man aged about 24 years old was holding a stack of resumes in his hand. The young man had just stepped out of the biggest company in State bay, the Initial Corporation Inc, and he was still thinking about what had just happened.

  "I'm sorry, someone has already taken over the position you applied for."

  The young man's face looked terrible. He seemed to have sensed a hint of contempt and ridicule in the interviewer's voice.

  In fact, he had applied for this position yesterday. It could be said that he did fairly well in the interview. Today, he was supposed to come to fill in some information about himself, but something unexpected happened.

  He knew that it was because a nephew of a member of senior management wanting this same position, and hence he was kicked out miserably.

  "D*mn, such a snobbish person!" The young man let out a sigh and said.

  This year was his last year at the university. Most of his classmates had found jobs. He planned to join the best company in Statebay so that his classmates would look up to him. Unfortunately, there was a change at the last moment.


  His phone rang. The young man took out his phone, looked at the caller ID, and a gentle smile appeared on his face.

  "Susan." The young man's voice was very gentle. It was his girlfriend, Susan Cain, who was calling him.

  "Nicholas." A very light voice came from the phone. "Did you... fail the interview?"

  Nicholas Windsor was slightly startled. Although Nicholas didn't understand how Susan came to know this, Nicholas Windsor still replied with some disappointment, "Yes."

  After an awkward pause, Nicholas Windsor said indignantly, "It's all that kid’s fault – he used his relationship with the senior management to take the position from me. Otherwise, I'll definitely succeed in the interview!"

  Thinking of the guy who got his job using such dirty methods, Nicholas Windsor was pissed off.

  "Nicholas, let's break up," Susan Cain said softly after being silent for almost 30 seconds.

  "Break-up?" Nicholas Windsor did not react for a moment, and then his voice began to waver. "Susan, are you kidding? It's not the first of April today."

  After a pause, Nicholas added quickly, "I know you're blaming me for not finding a job. But Susan please, give me some time, I'll find a better job..."

  Before he could finish his words, Susan interrupted him. "Nicholas Windsor, let’s break up. It is not working out between us."

  "What's wrong between us?" Nicholas Windsor asked bitterly.

  "Boy, let me tell you what is wrong between you two." Another man's voice through from the phone, "It’s because you are poor and you don't have a prestigious family background. Is it clear enough to say that?"

  "Who are you?" Nicholas Windsor frowned and said angrily, "Where's Susan? I want to speak to her!"

  "Ha-ha, I'm Susan's boyfriend. Susan won’t be talking to you anymore." The man laughed loudly and then stopped. His voice was full of ridicule. "By the way, I forgot to tell you - I'm the one who took your job!"

  After saying that, the man hung up the phone. Nicholas Windsor was stunned for a few seconds and subconsciously wanted to smash the phone, but in the end, he held back. He was angry and had nowhere to vent his anger. He had never thought that someone who robbed him of his position would also snatch his girlfriend too. This was something that any man couldn't tolerate.

  "D*mn it, I must become rich, no matter what it takes!" Nicholas Windsor gnashed his teeth and said word by word.

  "No matter what it takes?" Suddenly, a cold voice came from within his mind, and it almost scared him to death.

  "Who is it?" Nicholas Windsor asked in a trembling voice, cursing in his heart. "What a bad day!"

  "You don't need to know who I am." The cold voice sounded again. "I can make you rich. You only need to answer this - are you willing to make this deal no matter what it takes?"

  "A... rich man?" Nicholas Windsor's voice trembled, and then he took a deep breath, trying to keep his voice as calm as possible. "Can I really become rich?"

  "Yes!" The cold voice answered simply.

  "Then make me rich quickly. I'm willing to face any consequence!" Nicholas Windsor said quickly. To be honest, he didn't believe it, but he still wanted to try his luck. What if this was true?

  As soon as Nicholas Windsor finished his words, he heard a "dong-dong" sound in his mind, and a message appeared in his mind.

  "15:15, the second largest shareholder of Initial Corporation Inc, Will Shane, has transferred his 5% of shares to Nicholas Windsor."

  "A... 5% share!" Nicholas Windsor widened his eyes, and his voice began to tremble. He felt his heart beat faster and faster, and he was in shock!

  "Really?" Nicholas Windsor couldn't believe it, because it had come too suddenly.

  "Are you Mr. Windsor?" Immediately, a man's voice came up abruptly. It was man in his 50s, wearing a black suit, walking towards Nicholas Windsor quickly.

  His voice pulled Nicholas Windsor out of shock. Looking at the stranger before him, Nicholas was very confused. It seemed that he didn't know this man. The man looked very sharp, which made others feel uneasy around him.

  The man was holding a photo in his hand, and looked at it very carefully. Then he looked at Nicholas Windsor and said, "Yes, it's you."

  "You are?" Nicholas Windsor was confused, he then looked at the photo in the man’s hand, and discovered that it was him, Nicholas, in the photo! This surprised him so he asked, "How... how did you get my photo?"

  "Mr. Windsor, let me introduce myself." The man smiled slightly and said, "My name is Gray Wright, and I am a lawyer. You are my client. I have a contract that needs your signature."

  "A contract?" Nicholas Windsor suddenly felt his heart beat faster.

  "Here's the thing." Gray Wright explained, "The 5% of shares held by the second biggest shareholder of the Corporation Inc, Will Shane, had been transferred to you half an hour ago. You only need to sign on it. After that, you will become the second biggest shareholder of Initial Corporation Inc!"

  In fact, when Gray Wright exited the hospital and located Nicholas Windsor, he was shocked. As one of the top lawyers in the country, he had seen and handled many big cases. But today, he encountered something so shocking that he was unable to calm down. It was the news that the second biggest shareholder of Initial Corporation Inc, Will Shane, had transferred all of his 5% of shares of the company to a person called Nicholas Windsor.

  Well, Nicholas Windsor, Gray Wright had never heard of this person. After checking information, Gray Wright found out that he was just a college student who had nothing to do with Will Shane. But in the blink of an eye, Nicholas Windsor’s net worth had become more than 10 billion dollar!

  Will Shane had no children, his wife had died in a car accident a few years ago. He originally planned to set up a charity fund funded by his shares. However, at the last moment before his death, he transferred all his shares to Nicholas Windsor instead. This was the absolute biggest surprise at Initial Corporation Inc now.