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The couple's revenge

The couple's revenge



  "In her last incarnation, she helped establish the Yunting Entertainment for him, assisting him in taking the family inheritance right. However, on his celebration day, he killed her and her parents. Her whole family was burnt to ash.When she was reborn, she was the eldest daughter of Su family. Just at the wedding banquet, she fell into the sea when escaping from the marriage, making Pei and Su families the latest joke in the business world.Facing her dowry that occupied half of her family property, and her husband, the first Playboy in Haicheng City, if she wanted to avenge her parents and herself, she must save this marriage.However, why was this seemingly credulous husband so profound...She joined with him to wreak revenge, treading the jerks and bitches underfoot. The couple vowed to show their love to the whole world!"
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“Su Zi, now I’ve been the heir of Xia Family. Thank you very much. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be so easy to sit in this position. But Su Zi, you're not from upper—class, so you’re not qualified to marry me. Now I've been engaged to the daughter of Bai Family. What shall I do then? You are so capable that it must be very distressing if you work for my rival's company after your love for me turns to hate."

"Your parents are here, right? That’s great. I don't know whether they know about us. Just in case, I'll let them go with you. Don't blame me. Blame your parents for having such a filial daughter like you."

"You love me so much that you are willing to sacrifice everything for me. Do it again ———go to hell. Farewell, dear Su Zi."

His voice in the phone was still so familiar and gentle, but it was bitterly cold and vicious. The next moment, two vehicles collided head—on as planned, and the fire soared.

Su Zi woke up suddenly and sweated heavily. What she saw was a strange white ward, filled with a pungent odor of disinfectant water. She felt a little dizzy, but...

[Am I alive? What about mom and dad? Are they here, too?]

[No, no, it's not my body. What the hell is going on?]

Su Zi frowned, and countless memory fragments rushed into her mind. It took her a long time to realize what had happened.

It turned out that she was dead and reborn in this body. The owner of the body was called Su Zibao, who was the daughter of Su Family, one of the four biggest families in Haicheng City. Because she was dissatisfied with her family marriage, she jumped into the sea to escape the marriage this morning. Unfortunately, she was drowned, and so Su Zi's soul entered her body.

Su Zi looked around the ward, picked up the remote control near the bedside table and turned on the LCD TV, and changed several channels.

In her last life, she was the director of Yun Ting entertainment, a famous entertainment planner in the field, so the news of her death would be broadcast.

[It's fake! It's all fake! No, Xia Chengye won't do that to me.]

"Ms. Su Zi and her parents were all dead in the accident. We lament..."

Finally, Su Zi's sight fixed on the TV. Her white and slender fingers tightly clutched the white sheet, and she trembled uncontrollably.

It was true. It was not a nightmare. Her boyfriend, who had been in love for eight years, planned a careful car accident which killed her and her parents. And all this, just because he wanted to be engaged to the daughter of Bai Family.

Su Zi had known Xia Chengye for eight years and thought she would marry him one day. But after he took advantage of her to get the inheritance of Xia Family, the first thing he did was to kill her and marry another rich woman who had a similar family as his.

Eight years of love turned out a hoax, and she was just like a joke——— Never figuring out that he was so indifferent and ungrateful. She had been his secret girlfriend for eight years and sacrificed everything for it.

How intolerable!

[Xia Chengye, God didn’t let me die, so I swear I, Su Zi, must revenge for my parents and myself in this life.]

"Gee, how can there be a TV voice! Baby! Baby, you wake up!" A lady pushed the door and came in, and said delightedly.

Su Zi looked at her and knew from this body’s memory that she was the mother Lin Xuejiao.

The original owner of this body Su Zibao was a stupid and domineering young girl, and Lin Xuejiao indulged her a lot. Su Zibao used to be a delinquent playgirl and made a lot of trouble in high school. It was Lin Xuejiao who helped her clean up the mess. The mother and daughter had a very good relationship.

Su Zibao was innocent but bad—tempered, arrogant and stupid. She was always fooled by people around her, unconsciously offending others. She was a joke in Haicheng City.

Su Zibao's father, Su Guoqiang, was rigid and serious. He was regretful that his daughter did not live up to his expectations, so he sent her to study abroad, hoping she would make some progress. Unexpectedly, she was also calculated there. A man, who was arranged by someone, deliberately approached Su Zibao and made her infatuated with him to such a degree that she swore she would only marry this bad guy in her life.

Indeed, Su Zibao had been engaged to the third son of Pei Family when she was a child and she was forced back to get married this time. However, she preferred to die rather than marry him. Su Zi felt faint and dizzy when she thought about it. How on earth did she fall into the sea? How couldn’t she just remember what happened next? Was there any secret?

Su Zibao also had a younger sister called Su Jiaxin, who, like Su Zibao in many ways, had no intention and was stupid, arrogant and annoying. Their parents didn’t love each anymore, so apart from them, his father still had a son and a daughter with another woman.

Su Guoqiang loved the illegitimate children more than Su Zibao and her sister.

Just when she was thinking of Su Zibao, she suddenly fainted away again.