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Love You More Than You Expected

Love You More Than You Expected



  If Warren Smart is asked:” Which memory do you want to forget.” He definitely will utter a cry:” All about that woman!!” As a miraculous Titan in the business world, it’s indeed a blinding stain on his awesome frame being fooled two times by the woman. The first time, his precious love poem was rejected by her. The second time, he was tempted to bed by her, marrying her was the only available option before him. The awful woman—Taylor Watson! After marriage, he treats her with extreme indifference and coldness, but she is numb to these. However, sometimes she can’t understand him either. She was also forced to marry him. When she just spared few more moments with her boss after work, he will buy the entire company she worked in. She just had a slight fever, he will buy the whole hospital she saw the doctor. Taylor stares at sky, is he still the Warren she knows.
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In the middle of the night, there were no lights in the house, only the city's lights illuminated the corner of the window.

When Warren Smart came home, Taylor Watson was standing in front of the window with red wine in his hands, his face flushed, his facial features a little cold, and his tall body pulled out a fuzzy shadow at the corner of the window.

The winter wind blew the skin a little, and Warren Smart just stepped into the door, and Taylor Watson felt an undisturbed cold.

There was a sound of closing the door behind her, she knew that it was him who had returned.

She put down the wine glass, walked to the porch with a dizzy head, took slippers to him, and then took his briefcase and put it carefully.

Until she has done everything skillfully, she has never looked at the man directly. So, she doesn’t know, that man, at this moment a thin lip was tapping displeasingly.

There was a faint smell of red wine in the air.

Frowning his displeased frown, he turned the light on.

The sudden light was dazzling, and Taylor Watson narrowed his eyes slightly. Then I realized that I was already familiar with everything in this home so that I could walk freely without turning on the lights.

The movement was slightly stunned, pressing down a sour heart. Then she turned around and went to bed.

Warren Smart stared at her intently, until she finished all the movements. With a frown on his face, he tossed his tie anxiously, his eyes dark and unpredictable standing three steps away from the bedside.

Taylor Watson's closed eyes, her right eyelid jumped without warning, and felt two hot sights on her head, her eyebrows frowned.

People rumored that the left eye jumped fortune, and the right eye jumped for disaster.

I almost turned over subconsciously, but was pulled by my wrist without warning, and then a tall body covered.


The lip was kissed without warning, Taylor Watson's eyes opened sharply, and he subconsciously grasped the sheets under him. After staggering, his body became stiff.

Warren Smart's narrow eyes narrowed for a moment, a sneer of sneer appeared on the unusually beautiful face, and suddenly the mischievous force bit the delicious lips.

"His ..." Taylor Watson was in pain, and a bloody smell spread across the lip cavity. She opened her eyes and met Warren Smart's playful eyes.

Warren Smart licked the blood on her lips sexy, and the laughter in the corner of her mouth showed ridicule, and the dim light covered his half face, like a bloodthirsty blood demon in the night.

Taylor Watson was pale, staring directly at his cold and handsome face, and slowly clenched his fingers on both sides, "Enough? If it is enough, I want to sleep."

For the past two years, they have been safe and sound, but as sharp as Taylor Watson, she noticed the strangeness of that man tonight.

Warren Smart smiled coldly, and the rough fingertips gently rubbed the wound on her lip, Taylor Watson stubbornly tilted her head to one side, and closed her eyes in pain.

She felt it, twitching her wrist, shaking slightly. She always behaved in front of him like a beautiful and obedient doll. As long as he thought, she almost never refused, let alone a soft word for mercy.

The rebellious psychology, the more Taylor Watson was, the more Warren Smart wanted to tear the beautiful and perfect mask on her face.

Taylor Watson knew the man's mind, but he clenched his teeth and refused to make himself sound.

Warren Smart suddenly felt irritable, pinching her sharp chin with a big palm, forcing her to face herself, "Mrs. Smart, I haven't seen you for two months, I thought you would miss me. Or ... you have long forgotten about yourself Madam's identity, huh? "

Warren Smart was forced to look up and glanced subconsciously, seeing the white shirt he wore today with a distinctive red mark on his neckline.

My heart paused for a while.

Taylor Watson trembled at the corners of her mouth, but with an impeccable smile, "How come? In a few days it will be our second anniversary of marriage, and I always remember it."

"How do you want to live?"

There was a dim glance flashing across the bottom of Taylor Watson's eyes, and it was too fast for people to see. She looked into his eyes and said softly, "As long as you are happy, I can cooperate."

"Really?" Warren Smart asked casually.

Warren Smart nodded, he did not speak, and she did not want to say more.

Silence, between them, is always the best way to get along.

The man in front of me like a sea of ​​thoughts, Taylor Watson had no way to guess his mind, and he never knew it.

If she did not mention it today, she really seems to be forgetting. It turns out that, unknowingly, they have been married for two years. However, the number of times he has returned to this so—called "home" in the past two years is very few.

Warren Smart thought, and pulled the corner of her mouth lightly.

The sad thing about this marriage is that she loves him, but he doesn't love her.

So now, when she thought about the wedding two years ago, Irony was more than happiness. Sometimes, Taylor Watson even thought, if everything can really come again, will she choose to marry Warren Smart?

Both hands against Warren Smart on the side of the bed, did not let go of the slightest change in expression on her face, watching her unconscious movement at this moment, the smile at the corner of her mouth became colder.

Maybe he didn't even realize he was annoyed by her slightly ironic expression.

They was silent, deadlocked for a long time.

Warren Smart just wanted to ask if he was going to take a bath first, and Warren Smart suddenly hoarsely spit out a word without saying, "In a few days, she will be back."