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CEO William’s Sweetheart

CEO William’s Sweetheart



  Eva was drugged and had a night stand with the elegant president William. After her escape, Eva gave birth to two lovely babies. A few years later, William looked at the miniature version of himself with a blanked mind
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Universe Hotel, the most luxurious and high—end hotel in Perth.

In room 2201, a woman in a red dress was lying on the bed. It was as gorgeous as fire red, pure as snow white, and naturally tempted.

The woman on the bed slowly opened her eyes, feeling the rush of impulses in her body. Her expression changed.

She was drugged?

What made her even more trembled was that at this moment, a man was standing in front of the bed, his eyes staring at her.

There was a big camera in front of the bed!

Even though she had always been calm, she felt a cold sweat.

Tomorrow was the day of her engagement. She knew that they would not let go, but she did not expect them to do this to her! It was so cruel!

"Wake up? Then let's start." The man smiled gloomily and approached her, playing with a fruit knife.

Cold—blooded, cruel and violent.

"Buddy, that woman is awake." There was still someone in the bathroom.

Eva secretly exhaled, her personality decided that even in such a situation, she could never sit still.

The next moment, she suddenly jumped off the bed and yanked up the sheets.

She took advantage of this opportunity and quickly ran to the balcony, thinking that if it was not too high, she would jump down.

This was her only path at the moment.

But she opened the window and looked down. She couldn't help but take a sigh of relief.

At this height, if he jumped, his bones would probably have fallen into scum.

The man stared at her fiercely. "This is the 22nd floor. You jumped on it. I received the money today.

However, the next moment, he saw that she still climbed up the window. Without a moment of hesitation, he jumped on it.

On the 22nd floor, just jump in?

The man's expression quickly ran towards the balcony, only to realize that she did not jump down, but jumped into the next room through the balcony. For some reason, the design of the balcony in the two rooms was very close. It was on.

"Boss, that's the room for William." The man who ran over from the bathroom suddenly changed his face.

At night, in Perth, no one dared to mess with them.

The man's face became even more ugly.

There was no light in the next room. Eva thought that there was no one, but the moment she jumped out, she hit a man's chest.

The man should have just taken a shower and wore only one nightgown, because she had suddenly smashed, retreated, stumbled, and suddenly the only pajamas on the man had already been torn off.

Then, William fell onto her bed naked, and her body was tightly pressed against him.

This scene was hot and exciting.

The man's breath was a little cold, but it had a unique and intoxicating taste. It filled her breath and instantly wrapped her up.